How to create a successful profile?


To create your professional profile you must identify what you can do, what you like and what you are really good at. Try writing a list for each of them.

Once you are clear about the things that make you stand out, you can move on to build your professional profile. Review the examples and try to build yours.

When you are building your profile you should be very descriptive in terms of experience. Do not forget to add adjectives that allow you to talk about your personality, which is also important to include. Remember that recruiters want to know about your professional experience but also how you are on a personal level.

Now it´s your turn to write your professional profile using the model we saw in this class. Use the discussion board so that we can help you improve it, and also for other colleagues to get to know you. You never know if there will be a recruiter out there!

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I can

  • Programing in Java (Android, Desktop with JavaFX and Swing and Backend with Spring Boot and Hibernate), Go, Python and PHP
  • Writing tutorials and articles
  • I use linux (ArchLinux) in machine personal

I like

  • Linux (my distribution favorite is ArchLinux)
  • Programing in Go and Java
  • Machine Learning
  • To write tutorials and articles (

I am very good at

  • In Linux
  • In programing

My profile

  • Junior developer with experience in Java (Android, Desktop and Backend)
  • I have extensive experience in SysAdmin Linux

I am curious, proactive, determined, goal-oriented, very good at working and collaborating with people

¿Lo hice bien? 😃

Backend Developer with experience in Python and Django, knowledge HTML, CSS. Goal-oriented, curious and collaborative, very good at teamwork. Has a Bachelor’s degree in secondary education but always learning about programming and technology

Let me know if this is ok or not. I’m not really sure 🤔

I can …

  • program web’s applications
  • creating content through blogs or social networking
  • to fast learn and apply it
  • to learn easily languages like english

I like …

  • always to do something
  • to study and learn all about technology
  • going to events like seminars or congresses
  • to read books and share experiences or knowledges with my friends
  • to learn languages such as english or korean.

I am very good at …

  • solve problems using the logic
  • lead a workteam
  • crate ideas and do it reality
  • program informatics solution

My Professional Profile would be

Senior Developer and Graphics Designer with extensive experience in Analisys,Design, Development and Improvement of Rich Internet Applications and Hybrid Mobile Apps as well as leading dev teams. Have been working on IT job positions for more than 20 years. I have a Bachelor degree in Computers Engineering and additional studies in Project Managment and Higher Education teaching. Outgoing, thoughful, respectful, curious, collaborative, creative, sociable enough, quite good at writing technical reports and formal communications. Open minded about new technologies and good at dealing with stressful scenarios.

… kind of

💪I can

  • Create good content
  • Write
  • Design wireframes, flows, prototypes, mockups
  • Learn everything

❤️ I like

  • Teaching
  • Helping (I like better helping others than myself)
  • Learning

💪 I’m very good at

  • Finding problems and propose solutions
  • Making the first step
  • Networking

Systems Engineer with knowledge in systems analysis and design, programming, databases such as sql and mysql server, information security, project and network management. Junior developer with experience in backend (java, php, c #) and frontend (js, html, css) using frameworks such as Bootstrap, Propeller and Material Design; with competences: responsibility, commitment, constant learning, perseverance, creativity in which it is reflected through innovative ideas in the organization where I work contributing to its improvement and good development.

Junior Full Stack Web Developer and Project Manager, with 2 years of experience in Php, Java, C#, JavaScript, HTML5, Css and also Frameworks like Vuejs, Bootstrap and Laravel. I also work with Git, Node and Npm. Proactive, Outstanding and very good at working with international clients and managing teams.

I am a electronic technician with over two years of experience, I am a team player, I am a hart worker, I am positive person, I am a fast learner and I always go the extra mile.

Sale and project manager with over 2 years oriented in Domotic
Outgoing, cheerfull, and curious very good at working and collaborating with people. Degree in Automation engineering.

Software developer expert in back-ed with over 3 years of work in make solutions, support, new features and maintenance of software.Outgoing, curious , proactive determined and goal-oriented very good atworking and collaborating whith people . Has bachelor’s degree in computer engeenier.

CREO and SolidWorks designer and Keyshot illustrator with over 3 years of work in curriculum. Proactive, curious and cheerful at work. Has a Engineer´s Degree in Telecommunications and Electronic.

Professional Profile:
Junior Software Developer experienced with Javascript, React. Curious, focused, determined, and goal-oriented. Systems engineer student.

In the minute 6:15 …Why is correct to write "Has a degree in “something”? Is not necessary to write the subject (She, He) before the “has”?

Security Analyst with over 3 years of work with Security Information and Event Managment (SIEM) solution as Alienvault OSSIM and with experience in the implamatation of safety security system information under the ISO 27001. Goal-oriented, proactive and cheerful very good at working and collaborating with people. Has a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunication Systems Engineering.

Junior frontend developer with experience in Angular 4 and Vaadin 8.
Junior backend developer with experience in Java 8 and Python 3.6

My example :3

I’m technical in systems, but I dedicate to web programming and I know HTML, CSS and JavaScript, also I know frameworks as Angular and preprocessing css as Sass. I like to work in teams and I learn very fast.

I have experience in the technical area of computers, I like everything related to technology and to work with it. I have experience in designing page with wordpress and managing google ads campaigns. I want to deepen my knowledge with the web development course. I am curious and I like to investigate how things work., I have good communication and collaboration with people.

I can:

  • Imagine the plan of a project and the things and processes I need to take into account to do it.
  • Write argumentative texts, make hypothesis and create stories.
  • Lay out counter arguments of the thesis that I or other people create.
  • Teach people I know.
    I like:
  • To participate in robotics events.
  • To refuse other people’s arguments and discuss with other people.
  • To make projects about technology topics.
  • To ask myself and other people about random things I don’t know.
  • To read stories and philosophy.
  • Programming, and constructing robots.
    I am very good at:
  • Making the logical reasoning and analysis of a situation or problem.
  • Making hypothesis with strong arguments and based on theories that are related.
  • Making the design and structure of a project.
  • Teamwork.

I can

  • Design

  • Write

  • Create content

  • Create web sites

I like

  • study and learn all about technology

  • travel to know about culture and history

  • Read books and try to share knowledges with my friends.

  • Learn about marketing and social media.

I am very good at

  • Solve problems using the creativity

  • Talk in public

  • like community manager

Junior frontend developer with experience in MERN. 1 year of experencie in web development. Systems and Comunications Enginner. Passionate for lear every day something new and goal oriented.

Im a Communications and marketing professional with experience in social media managing, marketing strategies, content creation and communications strategies.

I consider myself a outgoing, positive, result oriented, good at working in teams and capable to create and mantain social and professional relationships.

I graduated with a communications major and minored in marketing and digital marketing.

Junior frontend programmer/ developer with not experience as i’m just beginning in this world.

Possesses​​ ​experience​ ​and​ ​knowledge​ ​of​ ​all​ ​aspects​ ​of​ ​the business process, marketing and branding.
Fundamental knowledge in programming languages like Python and C. Analytical​ ​and​ ​creative​ ​thinker​ ​with​ ​an​ ​ability​ ​to​ ​develop​ ​effective​ ​and​ ​efficient​ ​solutions. Strong​ ​written​ ​and​ ​verbal​ ​communications. Quick​ ​learner​ ​with​ ​a​ ​passion​ ​towards​ ​new​ ​technologies. Self-disciplined​. Interested in project management with agile methodologies. Passionate about data science.

Versatile graphic designer and illustrator, with experience in creating digital products to social media and branding. Outgoing, creative, proactive and curious. Appreciates challages and opportunities to learn and to discover new things. Can easily communicate with colleagues and clients. Has a master’s in Information Design (infodesign).

Experience in public administration with over 3 years of work in simplification of procedures
, cybersecurity and digital transformation. Outgoing, determined and goal-oriented, very good at working and proactive. Has a Master`s Degree in Business Administration.

Experienced QA with over 12 years of work in writing and design test cases, in making software test, in making of system analysis. Organized, curious, outgoing, goal -oriented, very good at working in a teamwork, with continuous learning capacity. Has a technological specialization in database management and security and is systems engineer.

Dance expert with over 15 years of international work; event planning and producer and junior economist. Proactive, cheerful with tons of personality and goal oriented.

Experienced bachelor degree as developer and english student with over 3 years of studying in different path of this two fields. Chief and goal-oriented very good leading and supporting teammates. Even has´nt a degree but working hard to get it.

Experienced in mechanical and electrical maintenance in differente companies. I am a Bachellor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and I like to make maintenance plans through MS Project, mechanical design, drawing. I have excellente attitude with people specially technical relationship.

Backend developer with 5 years of experience in Java, SQL data bases and JavaScript. Proactive, determined and analytical, good at working in teams.

Junior software developer with experience in PHP and Laravel. Sociable, persistent and determined. Highly skilled in writing compositions, giving speeches, teamwork and solving problems in no time.

Student in business administration, currently I am a secretary in an office and I am a technician in Human Resources, in addition to that I like music and singing, I am very friendly and dedicated to my jobs and projects.

Ux designer with deep knowledge on information architecture, analysis of user research and extensive experience on designing products for platforms like iOS, android and web with over 4 years working in product solutions. Proactive, goal-oriented, disruptive and very good at working and collaborating with people.

Is this a good description?
Do you recommend me any improvement?

Experienced Designer with illustrating and 3d modeling skills with over 2 years of work. Proactive and very responsible for the projects that I got into it. I have multiple certifications on the field of design and also a few of marketing

Experienced in sales and marketing with over 5 years of work in sales, marketing, ecomerce and project managment. Curious, proactive, goal-oriented and structured, very- good at working with multidiciplinary teams, customer relationship, project managment, strategic and analitical thinking.

Experienced in sales and customer service in different companies, actually I am study a Bachellor Degree in Logistic and I am learn English. Outgoing, proactive, determined and goal-oriented, I am very good at working with people and I have good relationships

I can

  • Illustrate
  • Design
  • Modeling in 3D
    I like
  • Marketing
  • Writing
  • Making strategies
    I’m very good at
  • Illustrate
  • Computer support
  • Design

One year experienced in quality process and process mapping. Cheerful, proactive and very good working and collaborating with people. Industrial engineering student, interested in the technology and design, fan of Japanese animation and video games.

Experience backend developer with over 13 years of work in JAVA, Web Services and frameworks like Spring, Hibernate and Struts.
Proactive, curious, determined and goal-oriented, very good at collaborating with people.
Has a bachelor degree Computer systems.

I can manage projects
I can training people
I can implement technology projects

I like to do research
I like to participate in international conferences
I like to working in international environments

I am very good at researching, consultancy, and technology

I’m teacher and consultant, my profession is very different i’m zootechnist, but my experience is in a sales, marketing and business.
I like research, organize and participed in events.
I’m corious, proactive, sociable and goal oriented.
I’m very good at teaching and support teams.

Experienced to manage and implemented IT infrastucture, with 10+ years working to give users support for manufacture industry and finace companies. outstanding, focused and goal-oriented, I have a bachellor degree in informatica and telecomunications and diferent course on data bases and cisco systems. I am working to impruve my developer skills and bases on git and github.

Hello, my name is Javier.

I can:

  • Program in Java, Typescript and Dart.
  • Analyze the mockups.
  • Adapt to team.

I lite to:

  • Create projects in Angular.
  • Learn new technologies.
  • Work in Home Office.

I’m very good at:

  • Angular Frontend.
  • Work under pressure.
  • Detecting anomalies in the UI.

I can speak English. I like teaching. I am gold at getting añomg with people. My profile Is I am English Teacher at Instituto Nacional de Ilobasco with Experiencie un developing English Festival. I also have experience un Virtual clases.

I can

  • analyze information
  • design presentations
  • work in teams

I like

  • analyze information
  • design presentation
  • visualize data

I’m very good at

  • problem solving
  • work in teams
  • lead teams

My profile
Strategic planning oriented PR and data analyst with 5 years of work in projects and leading teams. Goal-oriented, analytical and proactive, very good at working and collaborating with people to enhance processes and information.

I can use the technology to solve problems, I can program hardware devices, and like to do my job by researching the best technology that can be the best solution for the customer, I’m very good at this task, that’s an overview of myself but in deep I can develop applications with Amazon Web Services, Azure and Serverless. At this moment I’m working as a Junior Backend Developer. Finally, I like to be an optimistic engineer and charming person.
I will be waiting for your comments, best regards.

My professional profile:

Experienced web developer and deep knowledge on .Net y ASP NET technologies.


En el web site vas a encontrar gente nativa que quiere aprender español y te pueden ayudar con tu ingles


Electrical engineer of the University of La Salle, with abilities analyzing failures on the electric power systems, designing and interpreting circuits and curves of some protection of equipment.
Outgoing, curious, determinate, and proactive person developing the different tasks and projects assigned, with the objective to bring and give ideas to reach a viable and good solution with the teamwork. Has experience using simulation and design software such as Matlab-Simulink, Etap, OrCad, AutoCad, and the different Microsoft Office programs.


  • Experienced Senior Programmer wtih deep knowledge on systems with over 13 years of work in tech. Proactive, determined and goal-oriented, very good at working and collaborating with people. Has a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Engineering and Computer Science.

I CAN: read good books, read emotions, create content, organizing projects and teams
I LIKE: read good books, always learn something new, do exercise, participate in events, work with teams, talking with people,
i’M VERY GOOD AT: thinking, organizing teams, visualizing structures, analyzing things, manage data, being honest.

I can:
code, design architect, manage project.

I like:
Linux, programming, Machine Learning, data science,
programming mobile.

I am very good at:
Linux and programming.

Experienced programming desktop and full-stack with over over 10 years of work in curriculum and online courses. Determined and goal-oriented very good at working and collaborating with people. Has a master’s degree in information technology management and a varierity of online courses about information technology in platzi.

My profile:
Cartoonist I´m inspired by the cinemaand Japanese animation. Experienced in creating content, disciplined to start projects and finish it. Proactive and goal oriented, very good at working and collaborating with people.

Junior Frontend Developer with around a year of experience in HTML, CSS, JS and libraries / frameworks such as React and Vue.
Curious, cheerful, good at collaborating with people.
Software Engineering Student.

Proactive Integral Chef with over 4 years of experience in baking desserts. Curious and cheerful very good at working, collaborating with people, self learning and eager to learn new things. Has a Certificate in Creating Content.

Hi Everybody, my experience profile:

Experienced technology consultant with over 16 years of work in CRM software implementation for financial institutions in LATAM. Goal-oriented, proactive, customer-centered value oriented and very good working in teams. Has a MBA and a Computer Engineering bachelor.

Goal-oriented professor with deep knowledge in mechanical design. Outgoing, curious and creative, and a good team player. Has a Ph.D. in Automatic Control.

Junior Accountant with over 2 years of work in taxes. Proactive, cheerful and a good team player. Has a bachelor’s degree in Accounting.

What can I do
• Talk to people
• Share knowledge, teach
• Program basic web development
• Control and solve problems
I like
• Web programming and development
• Software support
• Digital Marketing
Im very good at
• Im very good at researching, consultancy
• Self learning
- Communication and social relationships

I can

  • Learn fast
  • Implement solutions
  • Teach things related to programming

I like

  • Work with talent people
  • Lead teams
  • Create exciting projects

I’m very good at

  • Research for best solutions
  • Program web applications

I’m a Frontend Developer with high knowledge at backend and database programming, eager, curious and determined about implement great solutions collaborating with talent people.

I like math, technilogy and science.
I’m a Mechanical Engineer. Now I’m a Plant Operator.
I want to be operations chief. And later a Plant Manager in a power plant.

I can implement web services in Java language applying the Spring Boot framework and I can work under Agile methodologies using the Attlassian’s collaborative tool suit.
I like to work under Test Driven Development philosophy that assurance the software quality from at the beginning of the projects, and also helps to improve the agile methods with the automation and continuous integration or the software life cycle.
I’m very good at evaluating and finding solution in the software development issues, and also at analyzing information and finding the best way to host it in a data base.
Junior Backend developer in Java language applying the Spring Boot framework and JPA hybernate , with wide experience over 6 years of working in different role in the software life cycle, such as a developer and as a great complement quality assurance analyst that allows working under Agile methodologies using the Attlassian’s collaborative tool suite. Self-taught, ​determined, goal oriented, very good at working in collaborative and multidisciplinary teams. Has a Specialization in software engineering

Experienced in teaching for primary, secondary, technical, and professional education, also an instructional designer with over 6 years of work in virtual education, pedagogical material development, and style correction. Determined and goal-oriented, developing solutions, and working in a creative way. I Have a Degree in education.

Senior full-stack developer with extensive experience in .Net Framework. Curious, proactive, goal-oriented, and very good at solving problems. Has a Master’s Degree in Computer Science.

Experienced developer and professional support over 5 years participating in the complete development life cycle. Extensive experience in relational databases using sql. Proactive, goal-oriented and self-learning working with minimal direction and able to work independently or in team. Bachelor degree in computer system.

I can prgramming in python
I can creat infrastructure in AWS
I can programming a robot
I can programming a microcontroller

I like speaking about technology
I like read about science
I like research a new framework
I like learn about AI and ML

Experienced en Software developer and software architecture.
I have 5 years of experience in IT. I learned programming microcontrollers and Backend. Also I knowledge in 3D disign, mechanical, electronic and electric disign. I like work in my projects and that motivates me to keep growing.

Experienced bilingual education expert and instructional designer with over 10 years of work in curriculum and pedagogical material design for English teaching and learning processes. Eager to learn about new educational technologies (A.I.) and methodologies, goal-oriented, with strong problem-solving abilities, team-work and leadership.

Growth and marketing expert with 2 years experience in digital marketing, sales, storer and research. Curious, determined and goal-oriented, good in what I do.

Hi everyone! Here is my professional profile. 😃
Ariel is an entrepreneur with formal education in Business Administration, a Digital Product Management Specialization at the University of Virginia, and over 10 years in the IT industry. He has a proactive, analytic, and data-and-results-oriented profile, and is passionate about startups.

I Can: Design Photoshop & Illustrator, programming
I Like: mac, linux, learn new tech
I am Very Good: Programming in Swift, Laravel, React

My profile : mobile developer

Hi, I can

  • Create programs to my work
  • Looking tuotiales and videos
  • To learn easily languages like englkish

I like

  • Learning
  • Work with teams
  • Travel

I am very goo at

  • Linux and programming
  • Create program informatic
  • Lisenting

I Can

  • write
  • create content
  • communicate my ideas

I like

  • to learn new things
  • to find innovative solutions
  • to meet new people

I am very good at

  • solving problems through logical thinking and creativity
  • communicating effectively and working with teams
Junior frontend developer with experience in HTML, CSS and JS. Outgoing, skilled in team work, eager to learn, goal-oriented. Has a bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering and postgraduate studies related to Environmental Management.

Business administrator
Experiences in commercial areas and customer service. I am changing profession to the frontend developer, I know web protocols like HTML 5, CSS, and a bit of JavaScript.

I can:
• Communicate information well with a large audience
• create new operational processes
• learn with great ease

I like
• study a lot of English and programming topics
• Listen to people and be solution-oriented
• Do new things

I am very good at
• On the computer, it makes it easier for me to learn programs.
• Compiling information and modeling strategic prospecting
• in adapting to changes

I can: teach, programming, give solutions about network devices, make music, make amazing covers
I like to: work with teams, research, learn and teach and produce music
I’m good at: programming, talking and writing

Junior telecomunications and electronics engineer with experience in networks. Cheerful, outgoing, determinated and goal-oriented, very good at working and collaborating with people. Degree in Electronics & Telecommunications Engeeniering.

I’m a Junior frontend developer, I have experience creating landing pages using HTML, CSS, JavaScript. I’m creative and competitive person, I get good results when I work in a group of people. I consider by myself a responsible and honest person.

What do you think about my description?

_i am growth and marketing expert with strong commutications leadership.
_growth and markething expert with experience in creation of inbound and outbound campigns
_communications leader with content marketing strategies .
well besides that i’m and outgoing person who knows the importance of networking in any field , very proactive person , cheerful and a natural born motivator . 5 years in E- commerce plataforms and social media seller , digital marketing degree ,in platzi .that is my profile

Hello Everyone!

<h5>I can…</h5>
  • Teach
  • Create simple web sites
  • Work in teams or individually
  • Use Git
<h5>I like…</h5>
  • Teach
  • Informatic Security
  • A. I. and machine learning
  • Data Science
<h5>I am very good at…</h5>
  • Solve problems using the logic
  • Teaching
  • Reading, Listening and Writing in English (Soon Talking too)
    I´m a student of Web Development, English, what want to learn Informatic Security, A. I. and Machine Learning and Data Science 😄😃

This class helped me to complete my LinkedIn profile

I have experience of 2 years leading multidisciplinary teams at the IEEE student branch of Ricardo Palma University.
Familiarity with learning models as linear regression algorithm and logistic regression algorithm.
Knowledge in libraries as Numpy, Pandas and Scikit Learn.
Curious, self-taught, good team player and I love it never stop learning.

is it good?? I’m not sure

I can …

develop web pages
develop database in SQL
edit photos

I like …

listen to songs in English
solve problems
search more information on internet
create content

I am very good at …

developing web systems
microsoft office
speaking and writing in English

Procurement analyst and logistics manager with experience in reliability and risk management projects. Proactive, sociable and goal-oriented very good at working and collaborating with people. Has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

i can drive, write well, communicate effectively,
i like to speech in public, give motivational messages, give power to people
im very well in sports, editing media, creating content, modify things, reparing devices, building things too

  • I can.

Creating good content, writing, creating marketing and sales tools.

  • I like.

Teaching, learning, helping others than myself.

  • I’m very good at.

Communication, researching, using the inbound tools.

Hi, i want to present the information that i have in my Linkedin profile, to chek if it’s correct:

"For 11 years I worked in Occupational Risk Prevention, to improve the conditions of workers in all kinds of sectors, I lerned to negotiate and setting limits, overcoming my own frustrations, helping colleagues to teaming up and involving them in decision-making, in short, the business structures, the methodologies of their teams, and the approach and development of projects.

But in this profession you have to learn day by day. It was on one of those days, learning, when I touched on certain topics that awoke in my desire to undertake. A few years ago I left my old profession to start a new career as a developer.

Currently I continue to expand my knowledge as a proud student of 42.

Javascript ES6, React, MongoDB, Express, Node-js, HTML5, CSS, SCSS, Handlebars, Bootstrap, React-Bootstrap, C. "

Sales Executive with experience in Social Media Management and Sales. Proactive and goal-oriented, very good at working with and leading teams. Has a bachelors degree in Mechatronics Engineering and certificates in Digital Marketing and Sales.

I can

  • Programming in javascript, and React, reactNative, Angular, Vue, Paython.
  • Organize teams for an specific project
  • Work with teams and individual too

I like

  • Work with teams
  • Programming forever, to do projects for companies.
  • Study english

I am very good at

  • High level of self-learning
  • Organize my time to many tasks
  • Program in React and React Native

Estudent of Humans Resource and Business Administration, with 3 years estadiying english and japanese. Sociable and goal-oriented, excellent teamwork. Has a Certificate of Proficiency in the Japanese language and TOEFL exam.

I Can
I Like to participate in events
I Like learn a other persons
I am very goog at reading and writing poetry

Engineering student with knowledge in Javascript, Python,Go, MySql, MongoDB,Java and C#. Outgoing goal-oriented, and determined. I like to research how new technologies work.

Junior frontend developer with knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript, capable of handle VueJs, materialize and bootstrap frameworks. Outgoing, self-taught and determined to achieve goals, opened to learn new things by doing research of it.

Something like that? 😄

Certified Scrum Master with main experience on Software Development Projects for almost 7 years, with special focus on Cloud implementation and Apps development. Outgoing, proactive and goal-oriented, very good at working on multi-cultural enviroments. Has a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering.

I can Draw in Illustrator
I like Math
I am very good at writing and teaching math to my daughter.

My professional Profile:

Communications Leader with experience in Education Software and Sales.
I am a person very Proactive, Sociable, and convincing.

I can program and design any software.
I like research new technologies.
I’m very good at web development.

Greetings everyone!

I can…

  • Create ideas very fast for problem solving.
  • Teach others easily.
  • Document software with precise descriptions.

I like…

  • Analyze how software works
  • Programming in Python 3.x
  • Making network connections

I’m very good at…

  • Listening people and giving advice
  • Helping companies to comply in legal requirements regarding labour regulations

Professional profile:
Busines Management professional with wide experience in Human Resources Management. Working for over 3 years in technology companies recruiting both technical and non-technical profiles in the field of Web Development (Frontend, Backend, UI/UX Design). Determined to achieve goals with deadlines, open to acquire new knowledge, ease for learning technology and with strong sense of ethics.

i am a person with experience in programer and design of page web. i can drive lenguages as Javascript and phyton but also have experience programer in CSS3 and HTML. am person intuitive and i like haver challenges what inprove my skiils in the world of tec and the programetion

tuve que buscar algunas palabras que no sabia!
díganme si esta bien?

Senior developer backend and frontend with experience in Vue, Javascript, Aws, Python, Php, MySql, MongoDb, DynamoDB with over 6 years of work. Outgoing, determined and goal-oriented, always learning about programming and technology

Hi everyone!

I’m a Graphic Designer with experience in illustration, editorial design and branding; I have knowledge also in motion graphics, photography and web design. Self-taught, curious, creative and collaborative; determined for continue learning and share my wisdom, also I’m very good for team work.


I can:
Create content
Dev with front-end technologies
Use command line in GNU/Linux
Design interfaces

I like:
To Participate in events
To create content

I’m very good at:

Frontend developer with experience in web design, javascript and wordpress sites. Bachelor in education of computer science, master in planning and educational management with experience in virtual education. Curious and determined.

Junior backend developer with experience in python, django and odoo. Persevering and cheerful, very good at working in team and learning new topics.