Glossary - How to create a professional profile?



Analysis: Detailed examination of something

Bachelor degree: Is an undergraduate degree awarded by universities

Backend developer: A programmer who creates the backend of a website, software or information system

Business: A commercial activity

Careers: An occupation undertaken for a significant period of time

CEO - Chief executive officer: The highest ranking person in a company or other institution

Cheerful: Happy and optimistic

City of residence: The city where a person lives

Collaborate: To work jointly with someone

Colleagues: A person with whom you work

Communications: The act of exchanging information

Company: A commercial business

Confident: Feeling or believing trust in oneself

Content marketing: A type of marketing which is focused on creating content to attract clients

Copy-writing: Act of writing text for advertising purposes

Curriculum Vitae - CV: A brief account of a person’s, qualifications, and previous occupations

Curious: Eager to know and learn things

CTO - Chief technology officer: The person in charge of technology operations within a company

Descriptive: A detailed characterization of something

Design: A plan or drawing that shows the functionalities of something

Designer: A person who plans the functionalities of something

Determined: Having a firm decision or thought about something

Draw: Produce a diagram of a person, an animal or an object

Entrepreneur: A person who owns a business or company

Experience: The events a person has lived and that has left impression

Event: A thing that happens or takes place

Feedback: Information about the performance of a person in a given task

Fields: A particular branch of study

Frontend developer: A developer who creates websites or web applications with which the user can interact directly

Goal-oriented: Focused on achieving one objective only

Graduate education: Degrees obtained after the bachelor education

Growth: Something that has grown over time

Growth team: The team that is in charge of expanding the value of a company

Job: A paid position of regular employment

Junior: Low or lower in rank and status

Illustrator: A person who draws and creates pictures

Improve: To make or become better

Interview: A meeting of people face to face

Leader: A person who commands a group

Logic: Reasoning conducted according to strict parameters of validity

Marketing professional: A person who is in charge of running marketing campaigns

Master’s degree: A degree awarded by university upon the completion of a course of study demonstrating master knowledge of a field

Portfolio: A folder which contains samples of work, like drawings, projects and outcomes

Position: The role that a person assumes in a company

Product areas: The area in charge of developing a product

Proactive: Controlling the situation and proposing new solutions

Professional profile: A short description of a person in their professional dimension

Programmer: A person who writes computer programs

Project: An enterprise that is planned to achieve a goal

Project Manager: The person in charge of a project

Organize: Arrange something systematically

Outgoing: Friendly and sociable

Outstanding: Exceptionally good

Recognition: The acknowledgement of a person within a given field

Research: The systematic study of a field

Sales: The exchange of commodities for money

Sensitive: Highly responsive or susceptible

Senior: With high or higher rank

Skill: The ability to do something

Speciality: A subject of study or line of work

Social networks: A network of social interactions. A website dedicated to social interactions

Social relationships: Any relation between two individuals

Sociable: Willing to talk, interact with others and engage in social activities

Software: Programs used by a computer

Start-up: A newly established business

Strategy: A plan to achieve a specific goal

Strengths: The things a person considers his or her qualities

Stress: The state of mental tension

Support professional: A professional in charge of assisting customers

Talent: Natural aptitude or skill

Task: An activity to be done

Teamwork: The action of a group, especially when is effective

Tech-world: Industry of technology

UI designer: The person in charge of designing the interface for the user

Update: Bring something to a new version

UX designer: The person in charge of designing the user experience

Visualize: Form a mental image of a person, an object or an event

Wardrobe: A person’s entire collection of clothes

Weaknesses: The things that a person considers he or she needs to work on

Webinars: A seminar conducted over the internet

Workflows: A sequence of processes to complete a specific task

Workplace: The physical place in which a person performs his or her work

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Hello guys, the best way to learn all this words is by practicing, an amazing way to do it is by imagining you have different professional profiles, here is my example.

professional profile for an engineering student :
My name is José Mendoza I am currently studying an engineering major. I would love to start my career in the tech-world as a backend developer. My most remarkable skills as a programmer is to visualize issues in code, to be a teamworker and follow workflows.

professional profile for a lawyer :
_I am José Mendoza, Lawyer at Platzi, my main task as a lawyer in the tech-industry are, to provide analysis, feedback and legal advices to the CTO and CEO of Platzi. I need to constantly update my skills by doing research and visualizing the upcoming challenges.
I hope you like it guys, enjoy and feel free to use these texts as a template.

Hi everyone,

It¬īs necessary to put this words in context because in this way you can assimilate more fluently. Thanks teacher for this glossary, I recommend to every body read a lot in page like: We can cover two skill:

  • Practice english
  • Stay in touch about was is happening in world-tech.

Kinds Regards

My Strategy is to turn weakness into strengths

i don¬īt know what write at this moment,but only will say thanks.

Nowadays, more companies in the world are researching professionals in Latin America with our talent in different careers, but more and more in Tech-world, without matter our city of residence, since we are at the virtuality age.
For this reason, we must develop or update our CV to show off most of our strengths, and if is possible to try to make up our weaknesses.
Soft skills are related about some knowledge that we have learnt through the time, like experiences but these ones are neither caught at universities nor imparted by a teacher. However, more companies are more focused in those kinds of skills than harder ones. For instance, analytic, confident, collaborative, cheerful, communicative, curious, determined, goal-oriented, logical, leadership, proactive, organized, outstanding, sociable and teamwork are categorized as soft ones.
On the other hand, we find hard skills, they are everything related to strengths that have been caught at a university and more of then we can get a degree or certificate, such as programmer, backend developer, frontend developer, UI / UX designer, bachelor degree, graduate education and master’s degree.
Nevertheless, if you don’t really fell comfortable finding a job, why not starting your own business as an entrepreneur of a start-up.
All in all, we must visualize us becoming as the next CTO or CEO position of the most recolonized IT company of the world, exported from Latin America.

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Important: Think in English, Prractice all time, Listen music in English, Watch TV in Englis !

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En el web site vas a encontrar gente nativa que quiere aprender espa√Īol y te pueden ayudar con tu ingles


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What’s the difference between a CV and a resume?


the list might be huge but I bet that once you start your path in the tech world It’ll become easy to understand those words and use them in the everyday routine.

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Eighty two professional words with meanings in english that, help us to increase our vocabulary, to create a professional profile.

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My strategy is to look for job opportunities in sites in the United States, Canada and Europe

¬ŅIt is a Start-up A newly established business?


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Why did we use Curiculum Viate insted of Resume?

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When a person stop being Junior at his job?

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Explain the better way who I am like professional and show the best skills I have.

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To read different posts online, books and news help us to improve our vocabulary and keep us updated with important events.

Nice exercise, now the idea is to use new words in our regular environment. Be curious and cheerful is the clue.

Yeah! I completely agree with you, we need to improve our CV profile twice for year at least. The world’s changing everyday, we can’t forget it.

Just a suggestion, It would be a lot better if you could present this same glossary in different formats (short videos, flashcards, images, audio, etc) so that we can interiorize it better.

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In our enterprise exists backend and frontend developers, backend dedicates all the time on creating microservices and manage data in order to serve all information to applications throw API. Frontend dedicates their time on developing great and professional screens that the users interact every day.

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