What will you learn in this course?


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Solo eleminen la mala palabra y el meme es perfecto

New course? much to learn? 鈥
Here we go again!!! 鈺帮紙鈥碘枴鈥诧級鈺馃槇

Cuando inicias el 4to curso y a煤n est谩 viendo Greetings

El que a visto la pel铆cula entender谩 jaja 馃槢

What will you learn in this course?

The speed is a bit high, but the introduction is good. 馃槂

New sentences and word for my:
鈥渘o matter the language鈥

  • matter

鈥測ou need to be polite鈥

  • polite

鈥渉ow have you been鈥

  • been

鈥渟ee you soon鈥

  • soon

鈥渨hen you meet someone you need to introduce yourself鈥

  • someone

鈥測ou will be able to talk about your personal information鈥

  • able

鈥減rovide your contact information鈥

  • provide

鈥渦seful expressions鈥

  • useful

鈥測ou have surely heard鈥

  • surely

鈥渢o get the most out鈥

  • most

鈥渒eep in mind鈥

  • keep

鈥渄iscipline begins don鈥檛 give up鈥

  • begins

  • give up

En Android no hay subt铆tulos??

That鈥檚 a good introduction

I want learn English for get my dreams. I love that phrase: " When motivation ends, discipline begins


Here we go again鈥


隆oh! I do not understand anything

Let麓s do it!!

When motivation ends, discipline begins.


Let`s do it!!!

Thanks for this class.
I hope to learn a lot in this course 馃挌
Greetings, teacher Paula 馃槂


Here we go!

I want learn english for travel and learn more, I鈥檓 Mexican, if I express better please, tell me. Thank you so much.

I was playing the video with 1.5 speed, so i thougth:


Continue learning go go go 馃槂


Never stop learning 馃挭馃徎馃槉

I love this voice, it鈥檚 so clear and understandable 馃憣馃棧锔

Tengo muchas ganas de hacer este curso, estoy muy entusiasmadoooooooooooooooooo


Les麓t go

Iniciamos otro curso!!!

I will do my best to learn English and not stop learning.

Yess i really want to improve my english 馃榿

excellent start

The road continues to open, learning English is not only an obligation but an option to meet your goals and face the rules of a new world where having a second language is necessary.

I got to the basics in this new class of Professor Paula but I know that one course is not enough because I know that this is a base and I myself must build my way, I am going to learn English: day and night, every day except Sundays, I will see movies in English, I will sing songs in English, I will listen to the podcast in English and read to him in English but I will continue the English route of Platzi because my goal is to overcome the basic level and reach the intermediate level.

One step forward and at the same time without looking back is my motto.

The path of my redemption continues and I will do my best to learn English and I will never but never stop learning.


Great introduction, I am excited about the course.
#NeverStopLearning 鉂わ笍

Hello everyone! I鈥檓 starting on Platzi with this course!

To learn again

鈥淲hen motivation ends, dicipline begins.鈥

This course looks cool, I want to keep growing in my English !!

隆I鈥檓 so excited to begin this course!

Buen contenido pero demasiado r谩pido, creo que los anteriores cursos a este se entend铆an un poquito mejor ya que el listening se complica un poco m谩s ac谩, pero a esperar las clases que vienen por delante.


ok, let鈥檚 started!

Para personas que no tengan nada de conocimientos no sirve porque la narraci贸n es en ingl茅s tambi茅n, ser铆a bueno que explicaran en espa帽ol, se supone que es un curso de fundamentos. Gracias

1. What will you learn in this course?

In this course we are gonna improve our Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.
I loved this introduction, so I add here the final screen:

馃懢 Feel free to correct me 馃懢

I have a 鈥淒eja vu鈥 right now! You too?

Dear Juliana I love to help you but I only speak Italian and I live in M茅xico, of course that is not a problem with the help of technology Can you text me please, My phone number is 2722150418

Go 馃槃

When motivation ends, discipline begins!!

Love this 鈥︹渨hen motivation ends, discipline begins.鈥 Good luck!

good morning!!!

I need to learn English, I need to learn English, I need to learn English!!! >.<!

And! Here we go!

Good afternoon, my name is Rodrigo Carrillo and I鈥檓 an university student

Never give up

Saludos gente, para activar subtitulos hay un boton "CC con el que pueden activarlos

I want to learn englihs for job and traveling

Here we go!

Si no lo han tomado, les recomiendo que tomen el taller de Jess. Excelente taller y muy muy pr谩ctico.

I want to keep improving my English, specifically my pronunciation

I liked that last sentence 鈥淒on鈥檛 give up鈥


I try to learn english before and I can not do it but this courses are very good

Buen inicio!

Starting the course!

Great introduction!

I麓m ready to continue learning english

Nice Intro!

I鈥檓 so excited for this course. I鈥檓 learning english since three weeks, and I think that it鈥檚 the best way to start. Thanks!

It鈥檚 a very good introduction.

Good introduction 馃槃

Go, go go!!!

We start!

To have better oportunities.

I love this introduction, is one of all the betters.

im excited for this course, i think that for me the expressions are difficult but im here for learn.

this is a resume

I鈥檓 ready for this course!

Here we go again.
Let麓s start.

Ok, let鈥檚 do it.

reading, speaking, listening, writing, wonderful


Hi, I鈥檓 never going to stop learning

I like this class because it鈥檚 very visual.

more more greetings

Ok, let麓s do this.

thank you very much

espero aprender mucho en esta parte del curso


Discipline begins!!

ready to learn

To start a new course!


good i like this course

this is an interesting course


Here we go!

I want to learn English because I want to travel around the world and grow up in my carreer