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Welcome to this course, I wish you the best in your next job interview💚

Is a pleasure to hear, when people speaks so clear like this profesor, so nice 😃

Me gusta la actitud positiva y motivadora de la teacher Carolina

Hablar inglés aumenta nuestras posibilidades laborales; así que este curso además de ayudarnos a desarrollar habilidades para ser bilingüe, nos dará pautas para afrontar una entrevista en inglés.

Ready to learn and improve my english ❤️

😉 “Practice until you drop tired, then practice ten more minutes.”

To improve faster it’s better not using subtitles so you force your listening skills

Let’s start!!!

I love the work on the sub, behind that I bet there is a lot of people

How could I join to PlatziEnglish event??

The english school has a lot of activities, thats really helpful, I hope the other schools won’t get behind

im so nervous i need to improve my english to get a new job!

Very good

Great!, Let’s see what you got

Thanks !! Great welcoming!!

i am amazed about this

Let’s start with the course!! #NeverStopLearning

I’m so excited to begin 😄

Team #CourseForWeek come on!!!

this is amazing!!! ❤️

I understood everything, very clear pronunciation, I’m excited to start the course

Here we go, Lest go baby!

I have an interview in 2 days! I have to get prepared

Something I really appreciate from this teacher is her no-anxiety mood, it’s something I need to develop to express me better in English.

I’d recently discover that even if you have an advance English level, you really need a good training to nail an interview (as if it were something new, I know).
You might speak and understand the language, but during the interview, the words might not come to your head and mouth when you need them the most.
The sentences might be a complete disaster when facing the questions…
I’m grateful for this course. We really need this preparation if we want to get a great job with an international company.
We can do it, guys! 😃

I’m very excited for this course. I need prepared for Platzi associates, wish me luck! 😀

The teacher has great pronunciation. This course looks awesome.

Hi Colleagues, I want to share my notes of the course, maybe can be useful to complement your own notes and knowledge

im so nervous, i’m watching this course because i have my first interview today aaaaaah

Course objectives

  • Learn how to prepare for a job interview
  • Be prepared to answer interview questions
  • Know the types of interviews
  • Identify best practices you can apply during interviews


  • Complete ALL the activities in the course as well as the project
  • Imitate my pronunciation out loud
  • Record yourself answering the common interview questions
  • Practice as much as you can
  • Join our #PlatziEnglish events
El CC ttaducción no está activado para Android. Me es imposible poder seguir con el curso sin el CC traducción a texto.
El CC traduccion no funiona, no tengo nivel de ingléd avanzado para entender lo que comunican agradecere activen el CC el curso en sistemas operativos Android.

I’m just applying for a remote possition so I need to take this course! Thanks to Platzi and Carolina for this course


Tomorrow I have a job interview in english, wish me luck!
(yes, I am starting this course a day before 😂)

Speaking English is very important to get better job opportunities.

I fell in love many times in Platzi English Academy

Excited for this course!

Great introduction instructor Carolina, I will take advantage of the classes and it will be a pleasure to be part of this course.

Ooo! I have already taken all the basic courses, I can understand this video and I have an interview next week, I’m going to take the risk of taking this course, I hope to learn a lot.

I hope improve my speaking skil

Ready for this course! 😊

Hi! Teacher Carolina, my name is Isaí Reyes, I am insterested in your course. Thanks!

Excellent, i am excited

I’m excited to begin! let’s start!

I want subtitles in the APP please.

I liked the class!!. thank you .

Tengo miedo. 🥶
thank you ...

Thanks, i’m exited to get through this course.

Great!, let’s go.

Another one 😃

let’s start

It’s a pleasure to be here to learn more about this amazing language.