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Cover letter: 1 page document that you should send with your resume to persuade the hiring manager to read it.

Complimentary closing: a word or words that come immediately before the signature of a letter to express the sender’s respect for the recipient. For example: Sincerely or Regards.

Professional experience: an experience that you obtain from a profession. It should be included in your resume in order from current to previous.

Hiring manager: the person responsible for hiring employees, to fill open job positions in a company.

LinkedIn: a social networking site that helps you create professional connections according to common areas and interests, as well as you find job opportunities.

Professional Profile: it is a brief summary of your skills, qualifications, strengths, and relevant professional experience.

Resume or Resumé: a formal presentation in a 1 or 2 page document, in which a job applicant showcases his or her contact information, professional summary, relevant work experience, education, skills and qualifications.

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Un poco más de vocabulario 😄

Un tip: Adapten su LinkedIn al inglés. En sus perfiles verán la opción de traducir la información y podrán ir ítem por ítem agregándola en inglés. Quien vea el perfil podrá seleccionar el idioma.

En ingles americano, el phrasal veb ** lay off ** refiere a despedir por causas ajenas al desempeño de los trabajadores, si no mas bien por circunstancias de reducción de personal, ajustes de presupuesto, etc. En las noticias en ingles pueden leer ejemplos como Many people have been laid off due to the lockdown, causing unemployment rate increase".

We know the importance to learn new vocabulary, however it’s important to know how to pronounce these new words.
Platzi should be considered necessary what these readings have an audio. It will be very helpful in order to get better our pronunciation.

After several months I´ll have a job interview. I am really excited and nervous. I just need to keep calm and be sure of my answers

A tip: You share your profiles on LinkedIn, as Spanish as English section, only in English. It’s more interesting for the recruiters. I say it thanks to my experience in the looking for my new challenge.

Recomendación para programadores, GitHub ya cuenta con páginas de perfil especial para mostrar como portafolio y resume.

What do you recommend the most, to have your CV/Resume only in English or both in English and your native language? I ask this because some times I think that there are certain positions or recruiters than do not feel so comfortable with only the English format. Thanks in advance.

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Yo can make this documents if ypu go to the course of cv and portfolio

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I can see some comments from two years ago… I don’t know how this platform works…

I always use Regards, but i´ve seen some people using Cheers, in which context do you use them?

Good advices, I should correct the order of my professional experience. I’m showing them backwards.

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All these words are really important to know!

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I didn’t know “Complimentary closing” was the concept for those final words.

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How many importance does the cover letter have? I made one many months before but I have not uploaded

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