Introduction to software development


In this lesson you will learn about: Customer’s Inception, User Stories, Developing Iterations, Customer Feedback(PDF).

Challenge: using your new knowledge of Software Development, answer a Multiple Choice Quiz to reinforce your concepts.

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Dear students: Remember that there are subtitles available if you need them 💚

Very interesting class. Just a little dense, it could be divided into different videos.
I have to take a lot of notes but the game in the last part was great. Thanks.

this was exactly what I needed to improve my web development lessons, thanks a lot!

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No olviden dar una estrella 😒 n.n bye!

I loved the teacher’s approach about Software Development: “It’s all about creating great software that makes your Customer happy”

Great class and the final game is awesome!! 2/3 🤷‍♂️


  • Customer’s inception
  • User stories
  • Iterations as part of a development process

Software development

  • Create great software that makes your customer happy

How does it start**?
Customer inception

  • Customer has an idea and is asking you to materialize it
  • Deadline
  • Budget

User Stories

  • Individual task’s that the software has to do

  • Initial requirement: Group of actions that the software has to do

  • Title, description, priority rating, and estimate


  • The repetition of a process
  • Discussion of progress
  • Get feedback
  • After a number of iterations, you hit a milestone

**Game: **

  1. User Stories
  2. Iterations
  3. Costumer Inception

The Who am I game is awesome for a final recap, to appropriate in a better way the concepts.

These types of courses are excellent as they motivate us to strive to understand and follow the thread of the class. For more courses like this 🚩💡

Si a alguien se le facilita más hay una opción para agregar subtítulos, esto les facilitara más si tienen algún inconveniente solo escuchando. | if someone makes it easier to understand by watching there is an option to add subtitles, this will make it easier for someone who has any inconvenience for just listening.

I want to share with all of you two of my favorite english pronunciation channels pronunciation with Emma and Amigos ingleses. Although they are focused in british pronunciation they provide very useful tips.

Very interesting class, I think I’ll learn a lot of things I hope pot on practice all concepts.

The main ideas are well defined, that makes it easy to learn. Excellent! I have a good omen for this course.

What an amazing idea! Hope in the future we can find most of all the platzi courses in this format. English is one of the main steps for our success! Can you imagine learning through Platzi development languages and frameworks immediately in english? that’s definitely what we are needing. Thanks Platzi.

I can't believe that accent... thank you🙌

nice!!! I love it!!!

Great lesson, thanks! I like the pdf files shared.

I really like the dynamic and the way the teacher explains the concepts. High expectations with this course.

Roughly: aproximadamente
Prior to that: antes De eso
Inception: inicio
Paramount: primordial

Core Concepts:

**Inception **: Initial idea of the cliente about any product that he wants or need (it can be clear or not)
User Stories: It is the list of task that I need complete to make or create the product
Iterations: It is a range of time which I use to complete a task set, after this I show the progress to client and we discuss about it.

Another concepts:

  • deadline : day in which the product must be done.

  • budget: how much money need to a plan

  • assumptions: Something that you accept as a true; You will never have assumptions, this must be discuss with your client

  • milestone : important event in the project.

The teacher has an amazing pronunciation, I dare say you have the best pronunciation in Platzi haha. Congratulations!

Here we go … with all the desire to learn a lot. !!! 😃

This course will be great!!!

Go ahead!!!

Very interesting the user stories

Nice !

I love this course. It’s awesome… I hope to learn much…

Por que son subtitulos generados automaticamente? ff

Great class! I liked so much. 3/3 answers in the little game… perfect!

turn off subtitles guys 😃

Nice course, I needed it. Go go go

Oh, this is going to be a challenging course, and it’s what I need to level up.

I liked a lot playing who am i?

Nice class, It’s very important to interact with the students, so the comment section and the teacher’s dynamic asking about topics are great, Thanks!

Great lesson, I understood everything B) …

I was needing this course 😃

Introduction to software development

Software development

Software development is all about… Creating great software that makes your customer happy.

Customer’s inception

The customer needs software.

It’s your job to take steps to transform an intangible idea into working, deliverable software.

Constant communication with your client is “key”.

User stories

Build the initial requirement - a group of actions the software has to perform.

Listen to your customer!

What is an iteration?

The repetition of a process; it’s a period after which you get together with the client and discuss your progress.

A milestone or checkpoint.


Have iterations once you have completed the user stories in the period (normally one month).

Meet with the customer and discuss your progress.

Show your customer your working code.

User stories is the same as use cases in software engineering? .

I didn’t the priority scale! Great to know this.

I loved it! 💚
Very dense, It’s taken me roughly 30 minutes to take tones but I completely understood the concepts. This can help me if a have a freelance project and how to handle the process.

Excited to start this new course!

Two other questions we could include when we are getting customer feedback:

  • “Who is going to use your software?”
  • “Are there any similar software you’d like to have as a reference?” (I come from the audiovisual field and we always use a similar question).

I love this course!!!
it’s just like a school class of software development, ¡¡¡IN ENGLISH!!!

For the first class of this course, let me tell you that is a very descriptive introduction that really helps.

I love this class, excelent intro…


His english is amazing! So easy to understand,

I am Marketing Manager for a Tech Company in Europe. I’m creating english content for developers!!! I hope this course help me a lot to learn more about this curious and interesting world!

this course is a great idea.

Great teacher here!!

The game was an excellent idea.

I use a lot of post-its for my projects but I have never used priority scores, that was interesting

I had never heard about those terms

I like these videos, there are lots of technical terms.

I would like to have the transcription in English not in spanish or maybe to be able to make the switch

The game was so cool ❤️

The game was very useful to wrap up the lesson.

Nice, these mini-games are an interesting way to learn, thanks.

Great lesson, I love the way you speak and I sure that in this course I will learn too much, I’m so excited. Thank you teacher 😄

I like to dance

This course will be amazing and challenging!..

Nice introduction, superb explanation, amazing teacher, what a course! Some customers will always look for a cheap and quick-delivery product, starting with a vague idea, that's why communication is essential. Always ask, ask, ask, and never leave gaps when it comes to iterations.

Great class, but i have confused when he said “Who am I?” or “Who I am?” Are both correct?

I loved this lesson!

<h3>¿What’s Software Development?</h3>

Software development is the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks, or other software components. Software development is a process of writing and maintaining the source code, but in a broader sense, it includes all that is involved between the conception of the desired software through to the final manifestation of the software, sometimes in a planned and structured process. Therefore, software development may include research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that result in software products.

Finally i was waiting this course to get better my english along with my career as a mobile developer.

Love the who am I? game, great lesson! Thank you

I loved the game ❣

This course is right from the beginning so powerful! there’s a lot to learn thanks!!

I liked that from the first class it goes directly to the content, I think that some courses sin the extensive presentation of the teacher

Hi there guys;

@Carlos, great idea about the “Multiple Choice Quiz”. I think it helps a lot for improving our knowledge and skills.


Is important you define with your costumer how much time is gonna be use it for the feed backs in order to clarifying and do not be annoying.

I understood everything 😮 :3