Customer-oriented requirements and important concepts for iteration cycles


In this lesson you will learn about: Accurate communication, Idea Brainstorming, User stories, Estimates, Design Thinking (PDF)

Challenge: using your knowledge of Customer Oriented requirements answer this Multiple Choice Quiz to reinforce your concepts.

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Questions for the bicycle store: Is there a particular way in which you want to sort the bikes? How will your customers pay? Will it be a international store with shipping? Do you want to have an option of choosing multiple languages? Which languages would you like to have in your website? Is there a specific palette of colors you would like to use? Will there be spare parts for the bikes? Do you want a responsive website? ...

Design Thinking summary ūüėĄ

Working, functional software is the primary measure of progress.
Such a great line.

would you like to sell your bikes for all ages?
will your customers contact you by Facebook, Instragram or another way?
What kind of payment method do you prefer?

Brainstorming objective is getting good requirements that will create great results and great software.

Do you have already your company logo?
What kinds of bicycles do you want to sell?
Do you want to have the option to register and log in?
Do you want to have the option to add discount coupons?
What methods of payment do you want to have?

I could ask some questions like: How many languages ‚Äč‚Äčshould the website support? How will the customer filter their search? What forms of payment do you want to be available? Do you want to have a blog within the website? What other items do you want to sell on the website? Do you want us to use a specific color combination? Do you want a special section for people who want to sell you their bikes?

What type of bicycles will you sell? What type of payment would you take? You have a logo or icon in your startup that is symbolic? Depending on the logo i will build a palette of colors in your website.

What questions do you think you could ask if we take the bicycle online sales as an example?
Do you use a shipping method to deliver your bicycles?
What payment methods are you willing to use?
what kind of product filters should your bicycle store implement?

-Will user be able to buy as a guest? Or it’s mandatory to create an account?

  • Will user be able to favorite an item?
  • What will be the business‚Äô name?
    -Do you already have a domain?

5 questions for the bicycle online sales app:

  1. What are the categories of bicycles?
  2. Do you want to support different languages in the app?
  3. How many users do you think the app will have?
  4. Do you want to support online payment?
  5. Can the user customize their bicycle?

Thank you for the PDF!

I like those quizzes a lot.

How many types of bicycles are you want to sell? Are you going to sell for all ages?
What kind of payment are you going to accept?
What kind of shipping are you going to offer?

Questions to client:

- Do you want the bikes to have a video with a 360 degree view in an automatic or manual action?

- You want the bikes to have the option to add accessories on the same screen of ‚ÄúCustomize your bike‚ÄĚ

Goals for this lesson

  1. Accurate communication - Comunicación precisa
  2. Idea brainstorming - Lluvia de ideas
  3. User stories -historias de usuarios
  4. Estimates - Estimaciones


Accurate communication - Comunicación precisa

Customer requirements / Understanding the customer.

At the beginning some information might still be unclear - go back to the customer and clarify.

Get info on requirements. Think of everything you need before you start building the software.


  • How many different types of bicycles does the software have to support?
  • Should the software allow any changes to color or model once the bicycles been purchased.
  • Does the software have an administrator interface to make changes.
  • will the software have to talk other systems? PayPal or others.


A session designed to express ideas about the project design. Any idea can be expressed.

Promote the right atmosphere the right atmosphere to avoid having a foggy or muffled session.

  • The objective of Brainstorming is getting good requirements that will create great results and great software.
  • You can also try Brainstorming and observation as a complement to Brainstorming to gather good requirements.

User stories

User stories should describe one thing that the software needs to do as the software needs to do for the customer, they must be short.

Written using language that the customer understands…

avoid using technical terms


After your initial requirement capture stage you will have clear user stories.

The customer will then want to know when those stories will be built.

How long will it take to complete the project? (Estimation)

Fulfill: realize
Sort out: classifier

How many kinds of bicycles do you have?
Do you have your delivery?
Do you have any additional services?
Do you have customizing service?
Could the client build his bicycle from zero?
Do you sell parts or only bicycles?

Maybe could be the way of delivery and methods of pay of the bicycles…

What questions do you think you could ask if we take the bicycle online sales as an example?
What is your favorite site of sales?
Why that is your favorite site?
What kind of think do don’t like of your favorite site?
What is first requirement?

Hi everyone:

I think that completing the questions of my mates, for don’t repeat, we would make us great team players.

I complement with these questions:

¬ŅDo you think to use a database for save your customers?
¬ŅWhich database would you be disposed to use?
¬ŅHow much money do you have estimated to invest?

Thanks to everything for your comments.

A few question for the bicycle store:

  1. How long do you need the project to be ready?
  1. Would you like to sell to a target audiences?
  1. Would you like to implement some
    business characteristics like bicycle recycling,
    reconditioned units or customized products?
  1. Would you like to consider a
    Design proposal from a professional designer?
  1. Would you like to include some characteristics
    like route tracking or daily tips?

Do you have any plans to have offers, discounts and promotions so that they website can be more interesing?

I think they could be: ¬Ņhow will the bicycles sells?

Questions: What do you want, when do you want it by, do you have any UI design done, what is the main language that will be used, and lastly, what day of the week can you meet with me to see some features developed?

Customer requirements are essential. Let’s remember the paradox of: How the programmer saw it, how the systems engineer designed it, how the project manager delivered it, and … what the client wanted.


Do you want a responsive website or an app?

do you have some technologies in mind or do you want some advice I mean servers, database, programming languages??
Do you have any idea about how do you want your website or do you want any advice?
How do you want your website looks if you were the costumer?
what type of clients do you want to reach?
Do you have a one limit to sell the bikes per period or time?
what type of payment platform do you want? Do you want handle transfers, deposits, paypal, cryptocurrencies?
Your market is regional, national or international?
Will you take over the delivery market or do you already have a supplier?
How do you want the project design?

Questions for the bicycle store:

  • Can the customer add customized elements to the bike? Let‚Äôs say, change a bike‚Äôs tires for bigger ones.
  • Would you like to add a banner on the landing page to direct customers to sales or special offers?
  • Do you have a community? If so, how is It going to be integrated into your platform? I imagine there might be a calendar to include bike-related events or a forum
  • Can your customers review the products on the webpage?
  • Does your site support gift cards or discount codes?
  • Would you like to sell bike insurance policies?

A problem that I can apply Design Thinking is a special device to find any kind of thing like keys, the cellphone, the glasses, etc.

It is very important to understand what want your customer.
Think of everything you need before you start building the software.

What is the most important component that you need in the web page? What payment methods do you want to implement? Would you like that the costumers can sign up with their social media account?

How many bikes do you want sale?
You will contact your customers via Facebook or another Social Network?
How many countries do you want bikes sale?

how long, could be a one item on website?

<First of all, I need to understand the essential of the business:>

Thanks for the little quizzes. These help a lot!

Questions for the bicycle store:

  • How will customers pay for a bicycle?
  • Can the custumer change something in the bicycle? or
  • Can the customer additional some product in the buy experience?
  • How many days the bicycle arrives in the house¬īs buyer?
  • The website will have a live chat to help people in the sales process?

For me, the first question is about the sections of the online store, for instance, the route bicycles or the mountain ones, the next question would be like Pay methods? Shipping? Multilanguage? The favorite color? or the color of the company? The company’s mission and vision? or maybe, do you have any idea of the design or do you have a maquette for the website?


  • Accurate communication
  • Idea brainstorming
  • User Stories
  • Estimates

Accurate Communication

  • Being exact, precise
  • Customer requirements
  • Clarify everything

Bicycle sales:

  • Discount shipping?
  • Return policy?
  • Cupon codes?

Idea Brainstorming

  • A session designed to express ideas about the project design
  • Promote the right atmosphere

User Stories

  • Working, functional software is the primary measure of progress
  • Helps sort out what is most important
  • Short, simple language
  • AS A ---- I WANTO TO ---- SO I CAN ----


  • How long will it take to develop all the user stories?
  • Sum of all the time you will take to build the user stories

For te user stories about the bicycle,
the most frequent questions would be:
The number of bikes that are normally kept in inventory?
What kind of information do you require to make decisions?
What type of online payment does the system intend to make?

Desing tinking is a effective way to solve troubles because it focuses on the needs of the user.

How can register a customer? Will the register have a cost? How your customer pay the bicycle? It will be by cash, in store or pay System ? Will the software be available in English and Spanish ?

Will you have local sales or are you planning going international? Are the bikes customized, so the clients will have options to choose from? Are you going to include accessories for biking?

-What kind of bicycles do you want to sell?
-What kind of service do you want to offer?
-Who will be your clients?
-Can you explain to me all the features of your product?
-Could you explain to me what kind of process do you want to offer?

- Do you want to display suggested bikes according to the first bike selected by the user? - Will the page display a menu with multiple payment options? - Can the customer review an order before it's being paid?

I think it would be my questions:
How many bicycles can the platform sale at the same time?
What are the payment methods?
Will it sell spare parts or just the entire bicycle?
Is it have a guarantee? How does it work?

Questions for bycicle: what would be your main market? Will it be for kids/adults/ professional players? what would be the bycicle specifications needed for that certain market?

Some questions to ask for the bicycle store:

What are the features of your bicycles?
What is the most important feature of your bicycles and how would you want to show that in your page?
Which features would you like to include on the search section?
Do you need a rating system for your bicycles?
Will you need to create offers?
How should work the offers?
Do you need to interact with your customer through your page?
Which information do you need from your customer?

And more… going to the details for every section of your software its very important!

would you like a review of all the bicycle that we sold

How many parts could a unit have?

What kind of things the website shouldn¬īt have?

As a user I want to

The questions that I think I could ask to the costumer, if I make him website bicycle online sales are:

  1. Do you like that your client can do any changes to color or model in the product?
  2. Will the software to communicate with other system, like Paypal or Google maps?
  3. Will the software allow change the languages?
  4. Do you like sell your products all over the world or only a specific place or country?
  5. Do you like that your software make a sales analysis?
  6. Do you like that we apply SEO on your web site?

This could be an example of design thinking applied to ‚ÄúA way to prevent bicycle thef?‚ÄĚ:
A padlock that uses your fingerprint to open.
An app that shows your bicycle position using a gps.
A ‚Äútransforming bicycle‚ÄĚ that stops the thief.
Thank you for this great class, teacher!

questions for the customer about the bycicle Ecommerce:
Do you need an app or a website?
What kind of bicycles are you selling?
What are the bicycle categories you need to be shown so the customer can choose from?
Does the client needs an account before start choosing a bicycle from the catalog?
How much would you charge for the shipping?
What type of payment do you need?