How iteration cycles work


In this lesson you will learn about: Iteration cycles, Estimating the whole project. Reaching Consensus in Estimations,Playing Planning Poker (PDF)

Challenge: using your knowledge of Iteration Cycles answer this True or False mini quiz

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iteration cycles


User Stories: define the “WHAT” of your project.
Estimates: define the “WHEN”.
Reaching consensus: Your whole team needs to agree on the time that it will take you agree on the time. Only when you have reached a consensus, can you start developing.

You can create a scrum poker room here

- Iteration cycles
- Estimating the whole project
- Reaching consensus in estimations

Iteration Cycles
Ask: How am I doing?
Get constant feedback

It’s a mini-cycle to produce quality software with requirements, design, code, and test

- Process is a sequence of steps

Estimating the whole project
Duration length should be at the right tempo for your project
- User stories: What
- Estimates: When

Reaching Consensus
- How will your team agree on the estimate
Assumptions: Accepting something without proof

Eliminate assumptions, and agree on Estimates by playing planning poker

<h1>Planning Poker Cards:</h1>

A User Story is placed on
the table and participants use the
cards to estimate the Story.

Cards that are in consensus or are in the majority are taken into consideration and extremes are left for consideration as too few days or too many (Outliers are a concern and should be interviewed.)

Very clear and accurate information!

I find very interesting what you say in this class. You know, it may look obvious, but sometimes we forgot this kind of things when we are on a project, negotiating or even coding. Nice.

Teacher Carlos, it’s an amazing course with excellent teacher, awesome bonus and perfect explanations. Thanks for this opportunity.

I think that planning poker is a really good method not just for planning software but for more activities such team projects

This course is much more than english class 😲 and i love it!

Amazing class, I haven´t taken any courses about scrum yet but I learned the explanation was very clear and the poker planning game looks like a great idea. It has a lot of sense.

Goals for this lesson


  1. Iteration cycles
  2. Estimating the whole project.
  3. Reaching consensus in estimations.

Iteration cycles

The secret to great software is Iterations, and constant communication.

You can’t simply ignore the customer during development.

You get to ask: how am I doing?

Estimating the whole project

Your iteration length should be at the right tempo for your project.

User stories define the “WHAT” of your project.

Estimates define the “WHEN”

This is where the customer asks the big question: how long will it take?

Reaching consensus in estimations

Developers might disagree about estimates.

It is essential your team comes to a consensus, only then can you start estimating accurately.

Eliminate assumptions, have a meeting agree on Estimates by playing planning poker.

Nice class! goog explanation.

I’m so impressed with the way you use to explain every step, excellent service, you deserve five stars lol

Playing Planning (SCRUM) Poker, it is a good document. Thanks.

Iterations make your workflow better!

Is too important to be conscious of what you can do and if you know where is the information that you need or if you need support where you can find it at the moment you estimate the time you are gonna need.

Hi, in my last work I learned about Planning Poker, and we tried to practice with a real project, but when we decided to apply it, my leader didn’t agree with us, and always cut days to our project. He said we had an experience to finish the project in a few days.
I think it’s a good practice but people always worry about when delivering the project and they forget quality.

Thanks for explaining concepts in a way no one can say “I did not understand”!
And thanks also for the Playing Planning Poker text! ✌

Thanks a lot for sharing the PDF, you can use that technique for everything!

Thanks for this quote teacher! I like the way that you explain the concepts! 😃

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Las iteraciones desarrollan el producto a través de una serie de ciclos repetidos que van añadiendo sucesivamente funcionalidad al producto. Al final de cada iteración, se habrá completado un entregable o un conjunto de entregables. Las futuras iteraciones pueden mejorar dichos entregables o crear nuevos.

Great explanation on the PDF, I like that technique

Estimation based on the time each user story will take