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Planning considering priorities


In this lesson you will learn about: Planning considering priorities, Reaching consensus in estimations, Milestones.

Challenge: using your knowledge of Iteration Cycles answer this True or False mini quiz

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Milestone /ˈmajəlˌstoʊn/ (noun)
an important point in the progress or development of something

Gantt chart using milestones

What if the time to complete the project exceeds customer’s expectations? Go back and re-prioritize the user stories with the customer; the customer is responsible for selecting the most relevant user stories to cut the total estimated time, and the least relevant user stories could be developed on further stages.

Teacher, thanks for this opportunity. I am learning very much.

Awesome Teacher!

Good information for dealing with future clients

The client must select user stories priority.


Planning considering priorities


Goals for this lesson

  1. Planning considering priorities.
  2. Milestones.

Planning considering priorities

You should have a meeting with your client, lay out all the user stories and ask her about the order of the priorities.

The select the at of features to be delivered in milestones 1.0


A milestones is about delivering software with baseline functionality.

Don’t try to include fancy functions, instead focus on delivering software that will cover baseline functionality.

Planning considering priorities
- There is no enough time to finish
- Cut user stories
- Priorities user stories with the client

It’s a major release
Delivering software with baseline functionality

Prioritize the user stories and cut off the ones that are not relevant, but it is the responsibility of the developer to make the client understand that not everything is possible in such as short time.

It’s important to set requirements down to earth so there won’t be false expectations

A milestone is a major event we reach on a project