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Prioritizing requirements


In this lesson you will learn about: Achievable development Plan- Prioritizing with the customer, Defining Iterations, VELOCITY- Productive time.

Challenge: using your knowledge of Velocity answer this True or False Quiz

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I’m loving these pdfs!

  1. Which platform do you like to prioritize?
  2. What is your desire deadline?
  3. How many features dod you expect to see in the first milestone?
  • What is the most important
    piece of functionality to you?

  • What are the first features you
    would like to see in the design?

What are your expectations in front of this software?
Do you think that we must include more additional features to the software?

Achievable development plan
Something you can reach
Your goals and the customer goals should be aligned

Help the customer make decisions

Defining Iterations
The shorter, the sooner you can catch modifications or any unexpected details.

You can change the plan before reaching a milestone

VELOCITY - Productive time
Factor all the things that can happen and prevent you from reaching 100% velocity

Is how fast your team can actually work. It’s a percentage

Define 0.7 velocity is a realistic estimate.

I think it is a really important question to ask again to the customer if they want features this will make them think twice to prioritize

A great class!!

Great explanantion!

Employers should consider, velocity in all the projects in which the team is going to work.

you should reach to agreedment with your customer before taking big
decisions like what are the features and functionalities more importants for you.

If I apply the velocity to my life I’d say it is 0.8

What is the principal payment method that you want to have?
Who is your niche of people to who you will sell?

Can we integrate these x user stories into a single one?
Would you prefer an easy-to-use interface, which will take more time to develop, or a common interface in a short time?