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Backlog and Milestone 1.0


In this lesson you will learn about: Backlog, Milestone 1.0

Challenge: using your knowledge of Customer Requirements, answer this mini-quiz

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Hi everyone:

This is an example of the user mapping stories…

In my experience, I recommend this type of board, because I use it and it has been awesome to develop a project in this form.

I recommend the kanban board, because is very easy to use.


This is commonly used in the software development.

And in the real life, hahaha, so, this is an example for you apply it:

Look at mine, I use every day for my tasks.

Thanks Platzi-teacher and Platzi-mates

There are great software tools like JIRA to manage Dev projects 😉

I think the backlog is not the board for see what’s happening in the project, backlog is the place where you can store all the features are not assigned into an iteration yet and the right name of the board is Kanban board. Please correct me if I am wrong.

About backlogs 😃

I love your last phrase… ❤️


Can anyone se the results of the Google form’s quizzes?

Is it correct to say that Trello is a good tool to do this? I’m not a developer btw

Ok, the backlog or porduct backlog is a veryy useful tool in scrum or agile develoment, normally we have a backlog for all the product and we take some items for each iteration… in this way we can prioritize one by one…

that’s a little more of agile that is completly around these videos themes

I wasn´t familiar with the term backlog but I did know the meaning thanks to the Trello couse

In order to be a professional developer, we need to take into account this types of skills.

It’s your software development dashboard
- Sticky notes with different colors
- Keep track on what work is in
○ Pipeline
○ Progress
○ Done

Milestone 1.0
Deliver as early as you can

What happen when the customer needs all user stories at the finish of iteration. The best way to do it, could be hire more personal?

Love it:

💚 All good things must come to an end…💚

Very interesting planning tool in order to follow the results, To Do, Doing and Done