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Stand-up meetings, analyze and design


In this lesson you will learn about: Stand-up meetings, Analyze & Design, Modeling your Design, Burn-Down Rate

Challenge: reinforce your knowledge of Standup meetings and designing and modeling your design by answering this multiple choice quiz

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The bonus PDFs are great for practice the reading 😄 thank you!

Debrief: interrogar
Peers: compañ[email protected]
Readiness : disposición, preparación

Thanks for Bonus of Burndown rate !!

this stand up meetings ar called dailys too

Stand up meeting
- Morning
- Keep everyone in the loop
- Daily

Should cover
- Track your progress
- Update your burn-down rate
- Update tasks
- Yesterday and today
- Issues

Analyze and design
Detect issues and pivot
Be ready and adapt
Modeling your design**
Design so it fits your new requirements

Stand up meeting: it´s a quick meeting every day.

I don’t see it possible to do a stand-up meeting with my team every day, Is it ok to do it once a week?

what about when the meetings are about sales strategies in pandemic times, how is the best approach to the business owner if the person is a nontech and want to move on with their business. Tranks.

Outstanding class!! Thank you for the bonus, it’s really helpful

Excellent, thanks for the pdf

Good, in my work we call it ‘Morning Meeting’ and the time is around fifteen minutes per day .

Great tool the one of the Burn-down rate, it could help to improve the productivity of the team