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Creating deliverable design


In this lesson you will learn about: Refactoring your design, SRP Single Responsibility principle, DRY Don´t Repeat yourself!

Challenge: using your new knowledge of SRP and DRY answer this True or False quiz.

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I want to complement the information with this research that I did it.

This is an image with a SOLID design principles.

It’s an amazing topic.

Definitions are:

And you can do it. You can deepen more.

I love your energy, teacher! the nicest class I’ve ever had… and I really mean EVER

Refactoring your design
Process of modifying the structure of your code, without modifying its behavior.

Allows for a cleaner, readable, and better code.

“If you code it, you own it.”

Single responsibility Principle
All objects have one responsibility, and only one reason to change

Don’t repeat yourself, stupid

Bonus: KISS
Keep it simple, stupid

It’s good to know that these best practices now have an official name 😃

Wow, this class! I’m not a dev yet, but it is very interesting what I’m heading to in the near future.

The DRY password example sounds exactly like mercado pago app.

When I was at first grade of the software engineering career our teacher talked us about the single responsibility principle and he told us about using only functions in our code

Improve your design making refactoring, SRP and DRY.

This training is very good to improve the conversations.

An excellent teacher! I love your explanations!

I remember those tips they gave me before I started programming, it is good to remember them, thank you teacher.

Refactoring is about looking back, finding errors that were not clear at the time, and making corrections

Keep your code DRY

Of course, even after several editing one regrets oneself all the times

You code it, you own it!