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Refactoring, meetings and release


In this lesson you will learn about: Refactoring & stand up meetings, Definition is done, Ship out / Release software with quality and value.

Challenge: using your new knowledge of Deliverable Design answer this mini-quiz

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The link of the quiz corresponds to the class ‚ÄúStand-up meetings, analyze and design‚ÄĚ

Refactoring and Stand Up meetings
Let your peers know about refactorization

  • It should increase cleanness, flexibility, and extensibility

Definition is done
When everything is done.

  • Finished tasks
  • Done refactoring
  • Done any demos and iterations
  • Ready to ship out

Ship Out / Release software with quality and value

  • Aim for quality and value
  • Don‚Äôt get caught up with the idea of realizing perfect software
  • Delivering working, effective software is what pays the bills

Ship out = enviar
Caught up= atratapado, quedar atrapado
Lenghty= largo (i didn¬īt know this word existed)

Make sure to provide the best software your team can make without making your customer wait forever for it. Everybody aims for perfection, but time in the real world is never enough. Do your best within schedule!

Perfect software doesn’t exist.

Do not wait for the perfect software, but for functional software.
I learned this a while ago and it opened my mind, it has helped me a lot since then.

Perfect doesn’t exist, your software should be good enough to work well.

Completely right when the design is good enough and works good enough it’s the moment to ship out!

El código perfecto no existe.