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Handle accidents when building the code and what CI means


In this lesson you will learn how to: Handle accidents when building the code, (CI)Continuous Integration

Challenge: using your knowledge of CI, answer this Mini-Quiz

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Security issues are common when building code.

Sometimes teacher, and It has passed, the developers have problems with code, and they don’t know why. Then, they invested much time and the error was a simple semicolon. That is frustrated, and we think that we have that we do the university again, hahaha.

The modules do not perform as expected, an "untraceable" bug that made everybody crazy, the tasks are taking longer than planned. The greater the team, the number of problems arise if there is bad communication.

Handle accidents when building the code
Problems occur when you deliver faulty code
Solve with:

Continuous Integration
A technique that guarantees the reduction in the impact of conflicts by doing the following

  • Continuously submitting working, runnable software into source control that will be built and tested
  • Using automation to enable source control to build and test the latest versions of the code submitted by the developers

Version control, compiles, and tests

Syntax errors, compilation errors, runtime errors, errors everywhere 😄

The problems with small teams are smaller, the communication is easier so is posible take the problems more fast

Oh I remember that day, when after a couple weeks I finally complete my first webpage with database connection, late night the day before I finally made it, everything was up and running, PHP, HTML and CSS plus a little bit of JS, my first real project in university also the main grade for that subject. I was so proud of my work when the next day it comes to show my posh work, it is not working, and I just tested the day before and everything was good and I had not touched anything since the last test(at that time 2010 I had no idea of git or any kind of tools related), huge surprise, my teacher told me take a look, you have until the end of the class to make it through, I saw everything fine in my code and suddenly I realize the hosting had changed the PHP version that day and my code was broken because of that(It was my fault, it was something that I had to check), unbelievable, yesterday it speaks German and now its French was my first thought, I told my teacher about the issue and just laugh and gave me another day to deliver, I get immerse in the new documentation and found out that I needed to change some functions and that was it. It ends up working as it supposed to be with a little bit of love and anguish.

Avoid Merge Hell is one of the most important problems.

Sometimes, problems arise because of using different versions of some packages.

Continuous Integration (CI) wraps version control, compilation and testing into a single repeatable process.

404 error, the page doesn’t exist, because it is not devoloped yet

when your team made some changes, but the forget save and they send us the code with the same problems like they would not be fixed it.

Most of the time the problems working with teams arise when there’s a lack of communication