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TDD Test-Driven Development


In this lesson you will learn how to: TDD Entails designing Tests first, then Code. Make your code go from Red To Green, Never skip tests!

Challenge: using your knowledge of Test Driven Development answer this True or False Quiz

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For me, it’s one of the best courses in Platzi, in general covers a bunch of terms that every developer must-knows in the labor day by day.

For those who want to delve into the subject. Test Driven Development (TDD) | Crash Course | 2020

Test-Driven Development
Is all about designing tests first, the code it.
Think about testing as a driver

TDD Philosophy: Write test before code

Make your code from red to green
First, write a failing test
Code so you can pass them
Then refactor as a final step

Never skip tests
Automate your test whenever possible

  • Repetitive tasks
  • People vs Computers
  • Do Unit and System Testing

I remember we saw this topic in the introduction to software development class at school, but I didn’t understand it then, now I can see that it was more easy than I thought

This course is amazing, this course is the best so far, I have took many courses and I ´m surpised by the level of this course. The teacher´s level is amazing and his way to explain the topics is very simple, at the same time give us a lot of important and relevant information… I´m very greatedful for this course indeed.

talking about test, is a great idea this cours have little tests in the classes, this way the student alway is “updated”.

This course is awesome!!

That’s right with that advice about first writing text and then code everything is accurate and well established!