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Review: fix your bugs!


In this lesson you will read and remember the concepts we have studied so far.

Challenge: read the concepts and definition of what we have covered so far to reinforce your knowledge.

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A great and complete course, one of the densest I’ve ever done in Platzi

Lifecycle of a bug
- Tester finds
- Tester files a bug report
- Create a story to fix the bug
- Fix the bug
- Check the fix and test
- Update bug report

Release your code to the real world

Continuous delivery - fix functional bugs
- Create stories to fix bugs
- Take into consideration when estimating time
- First fix functional bugs
- Everything revolver about customer-oriented functionality

Estimate bug-fixing effort
Spike test
- Period in which there is an “explosion” in the testing activities
- Random and continuous
- Weed out bugs
- Take a week to do it
- Pick a random sample of test that are failing and try to fix them
- Estimate bug fix rate

Continuous integration test delivery method
Cloud enables a fast delivery method for functionality
Works better when multiple people are working on code, committing to source control

Frequency ensures fast response when a bug comes up

Process for delivering functionality

Thanks for this course, is very complete and very cool! I learned some things important for me.

This course has been awesome, I’m really satisfied with it 😄
As a programmer, I’ve learned a lot about what is around in the software development process and much more perhaps one day when I get to be a teamleader.

You can create custom continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) workflows directly in your GitHub repository with GitHub Actions.

_The Lifecycle of a Bug A tester finds the bug, the tester files a bug
report, you create a story to fix the bug, fix the bug, check the fix and
verify that the fix works, update your bug report.