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Best practices for software development in real life


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All good things must come to an end... Thx for an amazing course Carlos, the reviews the quiz, everything is so well aligned that all the concepts are very clear. Five stars rate!

Thanks a lot, teacher.
This course is one of several I would like to have taken, or to be given, during college.
It’s very useful. Is the kind of courses you will have to take several times, or at least read the material you gave us.

Amazing. One of the best courses in platzi

I learn new terms for software development.
Thank you very much.

Amazing course. Thanks a lot.

Thanks teacher. It is amazing course. It had been very useful for me. I think so that I feel like I was in the classroom with you, I feel it with your methodology.

I am grateful with you. I hope to follow in contact.

I must confess I started this course because I needed to set myself in my English level, and tarannn!! I stayed because I loved the way Carlos explains everything… Now I feel like taking the Development course (I originally wanted to study only the Bitcoin one)

Thank you Carlos. Love it! and I hope I can “see” you soon again

Amazing Carlos, one of the best courses in platzi, thanks for everything!!!

Excellent teacher, I really liked all this course.

Does anyone else want to repeat the course?
It’s amazing 🔥

Thanks, Carlos. I really enjoyed this course. I hope to see you more often in other courses that involves English and Software!

Let´s Remember:
By Caslo Zangel!!!

Great course! Thank you Carlos!

A great teacher! Thanks for everything!

Amazing course. I am studying here at Platzi to become a software developer and, I learned a lot of concepts about software in this course. Although I do not know much about agile techniques still, I was able to understand a lot. Also, the teacher is great. I love the way he explains it makes the learning process more fun.

This was the best english course in platzi so far for developers. I’m so thankfull with you Carlos and your dedication to handle the concepts. Definitely the 5-stars rate is well-deserved.

Great course Carlos!

Thanks Carlos, it was a great course, I could learn a lot about software development and also practice my English. It’s very useful for us.

Thanks for this course, Carlos. I expanded my vocabulary and learned what a developer’s job is like. I’m happy because I didn’t need subtitles, I understood you very well. Thanks!!!

thank you. great course

Amazing teacher, amazing course!!

I made a good decision when I decided to take this course👏👏

Thanks for this course! I really loved it and was a great way to reinforce my knowledge!

An extraordinary teacher and course!

It is an amazing course, you’ll be able to understand the terms in the development world, thanks a lot.

Thanks a lot. was one amazing course and an incredible good professor! Thanks and never stop learning 🐰💚

Thank you, teacher, this course was awesome

I liked this course because you explain the concepts of an easy and simple way… Thank you!!

This course is a MUST in many ways! excellent teacher and his methodology, very clear topics, good bonus materials. I really, really enjoyed it and i learned a lot. I hope to find more courses like this one. well deserved ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What a great course. Thanks a lot.

Thanks for the course, these abilities are super useful specially for me because I’m just beggining my developer journey.

Thank you so much for all.

Information very util in this course thanks you teacher

Very well explained, also the pdfs each class makes it very easy, thanks a lot!


Thanks teacher!

I would like to do networking


This course was amazing!!! You’re a awesome teacher! Thanks!