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Cómo puedo mejorar mi inglés


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OMG!!! I am in this meeting… hahaha. Good memories.

oooh, I missed this meeting…

I already asked Miss Caro about this, but want to read your opinion as well,
You see, during college, I practiced my english with one friend. She told me that one technique someone shared with her and the he shared wit me was to pretend to be someone else when you are practicing your english.
She told me that when you are learning some other language you develop another personality. So, in order to feel you more confident you have to look upon one person you identify yourself or admire and try to imitate them.
For example: If you feel comfortable with Edward Norton during his role at the club Fight, you can try to imitate him, so that will make you feel like himself, Edward Norton is cool, is the leader of a cult, he rocks, etc.
What do you think about this?

I miss the subtitles 😦

all good things must come to an end 💚

Carlos, this course is amazing and has a lot of useful concepts for software development. You are a great teacher.

Amazing course

Thank you so much!
Great course!
Excellent teacher!

Why I’m not able to see the complete list of videos from the index course neither side panel?

It’d great if he taught Japanese, just saying 😛

What a good meeting 😄

Is this course in progress? are these meetings still occurring?

Would be great to have a practice group just focused on IT topics, ping me if you are interested…