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Where do i prefer work?

  • I prefer remote work, because in mexico is a little dangerous, boring and complicated when we work in a company in CD mex, for example. CD Mex is near for me, because i live in EDO Mex, but even so i prefer the remote work.

I love working remote, I can save money, time and stress

I’m workin in the area IT
15 days remote work and 15 days en the office

Another roles are:

  • Chairman
  • VP
  • CTO

I found a good diagram

Difference between Team leader and Project manager:

Basically the team leader coordinates the people in a specific team (at least in a software company) and the Project manager defines tasks and routines to achieve defined goals.

In 2020 I worked in my house. I adapted my room for work and firstly was hard, but currently, I preferred to continue working in this way ❤️.

e.g. basic company structure

Now i work in person i can say that i have learned a lot of, but the traffic is terrible. It take me two hours to get home.

Video about what is a Public Limited Company

I prefer remote work! ❤️
I would like someday work to a Startup

CEO ⇒ Chief Executive Officer.

COO ⇒ Chief Operating Officer.

CFO ⇒ Chief Financial Officer.


Now I’m working in a company of construction sector. Here, i’m in the area like a research (the specific name is different). About where i work, now i have a remote work, but the company was searching differents strategic so we could return to office. So, it’s a one reasons of i have searched other opcions, because i prefer a remote work 😊

I prefer work at home because I have time for everything

I believe that the most important part of a company is its people.

company structure.

We have the CEO or CEO. We have the (COO), who is the chief operating officer, We have the (CFO), who is the chief financial officer, and then we have recruiters, project managers, office managers, accountants, and team leaders.

different departments. We have the production department. We have research and development often abbreviated as R&D. We have purchasing. We have Human Resources often abbreviated as HR for Human Resources and Accounting and Finance. And finally, marketing and sales.

It is important that you have a specific workspace

I’m not currently working, but I want to start.
And I would prefer to work from my house 🏠


Where do we work?

Where do we work: Normally we can work in two differents instances

Office: It is the typical place to work, there you have a desk a computer or whatever objects than help you in your activity as a worker
Remote work: For this situation everyone are working from home, but normally a freelance always was in remotework

I want to be a product manager in a future🔥

I would like to work 80% remote and 20% at home, That really sound good

I enjoy very much working from home.

I prefer remote work, in the beginning, I didn’t like it because I thought that I couldn’t be productive in my activities but now I manage my time and activities for the day also I have fewer distractions and I can decorate my workplace to feeling more comfortable.

I think the most importan in a company is people… Cause infrastructure doesn’t matter…


I want to be team leader, I love to be a leader, also I want to learn it, I think I’ll love this course

Where do I prefer work?
My pasion is working at financial sector, in fact, all my live I have worked in this sector.

i prefer remote work because here in Venezuela, the economic situation it’s bad and i need work with clients from another countries and that it’s possible thanks to the remote work

CTO, is other component in the Company structure.

I think that both ways remote work and physical work are importants and they have their advantages and disadvantages

I think both work places have advantages and disadvantages (time, money, energy, work time and work relationships).


I’m getting used to working remotely since the breakout and I’m in the point of no return 😉

I prefer remote work, obviously, but my carrer is not design for work of this way. Tourism management we are demands be present even more time than the other work

It’s wonferful

Be honest. Right now i work remote and I miss my crew, i miss hang out with them in lunch time or after work however in a normal situation i could work and travel wherever i want.

I think that is a mistake to come back to work at the office, working remotely help us to save time and stay safer at home, also we can diminish pollution levels.

I’ve never worked on a company with CEO and all that I’ve been only in traditional companies but I think it would be interesting to work in such a place

I really prefer a mix between remote work and the work in the office. 50/50

Typical organization

Company structure

Is the company the same as the people?

It would be nice to get a job where 50% of it can be done from the house. I would really love to try remote work

Remote work is perfect when you have things you need to do your work.
I know that you need your computer but, I say it is important to consider having a good chair and desk, even a camera and microhpone. Do not forget about a good internet.

I prefer remote work because it is very easy for me that work in an office

Typical Organization

Production: Producción
Research and development: Investigación y desarrollo
Purchasing: Adquisitivo
Human Resources: Recursos humanos
Accounting and Finance: Contabilidad y finanzas
Marketing and sales: Marketing y ventas

I really prefer to work at home, but mostly (even in pandemic I worked in the workplace because of the kind of work I did).

Also, we have the CTO: Chief Technology Officer.

A little office is just one desk Jaja

Whether you work remote, you should even have your own little space to work.

I prefer a little of both, I believe We only should go to the office when that is necessary (or maybe twice in the week).

Remote work came to stay!