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Mastering communication at work


La comunicaci贸n es la piedra angular de una buena relaci贸n con tu equipo de trabajo. Sin comunicaci贸n un equipo no tendr谩 un agradable futuro. Por eso es crucial trabajar en este aspecto.

Las mejores maneras de comunicarse

Existen varias maneras de comunicarse y transmitir ideas que puedes utilizar dentro de una compa帽铆a. Es importante saber cu谩ndo utilizar cada una.

Way to communicate Description
Open meeting A normal meeting with a group of people to talk about a topic.
One on one Meeting individually with a person to discuss a topic.
Email / Platforms Emails are good for communicating with external company people. Platforms (like Slack or Microsoft Teams) are good for communicating inside the company.
Presentation A visual aid to accompany your speech.
Memo Short emails or letters with a summary about a specific topic.

Comunicaci贸n efectiva

Para lograr transmitir tus ideas de la mejora manera, ten en cuenta los siguiente aspectos para lograr una comunicaci贸n efectiva.

Advice Description
Positive attitude Try to be as positive as possible when talking. The other person will receive the message a little bit better.
Active listening Ask questions to show that you are really interested in paying attention
Communicating: writing or conversation Try to make conversations with your co-workers. if you are using writing to communicate try to use emojis or exclamations to show your emotion across.
Non-verbal communication Your body language is very important. smile and stand up straight.

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Be assertive is the key

It鈥檚 not what you say but how you say

How to communicate effectively at work?
鈥 Positive attitude
鈥 Active listening
鈥 Communicating: writing or conversation.
鈥 Non-verbal communication

How we can communicate effectively at work?:

Positive attitude: Be humble, but dont be overly humble, try to understand others person and answer with a positive attitude
Active listening: Focus in their speech, dont think in your answer just focus in active listening
Communicating: Try to make conversations with your co-wokers about any topic in your company and if you are use writing to communicating try to use emojis or symbols for example " ! ", for share better yours emotions in a message
Non-verbal communication: Its about, when we smile, how we move our hand, if we are walking around, try to be friendly when you talk with a person to communicate better your ideas

This remembers me back when I used to work in a contact center 馃捇 and I had one-on-one鈥檚 馃 with my supervisor, Maguie 馃懇, and she was incredibly good, as Jess 馃槑, with non-verbal communication . No matter what was about the meeting you always liked to be there because she knew the way to behave to atract your attention and don鈥檛 cause any kind of fear.
Contrary case was my quality assurance agent 馃槓 which always had a mad face 馃槧 and basically everytime she came to see me it was to scold me 馃槗 so I hided behind the wall of my cubicle 馃檲 or even bellow the desk xD even my best friend used to do the turun turun turun from Jaws 馃 movie as an alert that it was coming. 馃槀

Work on your non-verbal communication so people can accept the message in a better way.

You need to experience bad things to learn but no matter what always keep going!

Repeat the same thing over and over all the time

I didn鈥檛 know that this topic is a book itself 馃槷 ( BTW we need an emojis button in this chat)

You just lost your job. What is your next step? Dealing with rejection. Personal brand / online image Analyzing your options / checking the market. Work on your CV / Be prepared for the interview Learn on your mistakes Losing a job is one of the most stressful events that people go through in their lives. You鈥檒l experience fear, anxiety, depression, and anger, as well as periods of positivity. But what is the best way to deal with it?

It鈥檚 not what you say, it麓s how you say it



very very good


Communication works for those who work at it (John Powell that says). That鈥檚 especially important with the home office.

  • Some different methods to improve communication at work.
  1. Open meetings or just meetings:
  2. One on one: where you can meet individually with a person to discuss a topic.
  3. Emails and platforms:
    Emails are good for communicating with external clients or other companies.
    Platforms like Slack are best for communicating internally.
  4. Presentation:
  5. Memo: that is best for communicating like performance reviews and things like that.
  • How can we communicate effectively at work?
  1. Positive attitude: try to be as positive as possible when talking to you. That helps people receive you a little better.
  2. Active listening: ask questions, show that you are really interested in paying attention. Nod your head.
  3. Communicating: you can be having a conversation with someone about: what you need to talk about, smiling gestures, things like that. If you are only writing, it is very important that you are clear and you use things like explanations or maybe emojis in order to get your emotions.
  4. Nonverbal communication: when we smile, when we stand up straight, when we move our arms. All of this is the type of communication. The message is completely different.

Contrary case was my聽quality assurance agent聽馃槓 which always had a mad face 馃槧 and basically everytime she came to see me it was to scold me 馃槗 so I hided behind the wall of my cubicle 馃檲 or even bellow the desk xD even my best friend used to do the turun turun turun from Jaws 馃 movie as an alert that it was coming. 馃槀

馃槉 Willing to communicate with someone else is obvious in the body language, that鈥檚 why we got to be careful while talking to someone.

Positive attitude, active listening, comunication and no-verbal comunication

Be assertive is the key

The communication is the most important skill you can have. Platzi can help you with the communication with Curso de Comunicaci贸n Asertiva y Audiocurso de Comunicaci贸n Efectiva.

I think the most important thing is: first to define what do you want to say, the mean objective of your conversation, and after is very important to be clear, honest and direct, always being respectful and empathetic, but witouth lost the sense of your point.





It麓s crucial to listen without thinking in our response. Many people don麓t listen carefully to others because they麓re preparing in their minds what they麓re going to reply.

master communication at work
a few different methods, open meetings or just meetings.
you can meet one-on-one with one person to discuss a topic
Emails and Platforms, Emails are good for communicating with external clients or other businesses. Platforms like Slack are the best for internal communication. Presentations.
One of the steps is: a positive attitude tries to be as positive as possible when speaking.
active listening
If you are just writing, it is very important that you be clear and use things like exclamations or maybe emojis to convey your emotion, and that will help with your communication.

non-verbal communication is one of the best ways to communicate whit other. We have to be polite with others, especially at work.

Sometimes we use words that can be considered rude, but not because they are, just because of their culture. Its complicated

The most important in your non-verbal is what are you doing when you say something.
The next important level y how do you say the message. And finally, what do you say in the message.

In platforms a disadvantage is some people have to learn to use them ( I have seen cases which people don鈥檛 know about a video call and don鈥檛 know about cloud storage, etc).






Always I have had good communication with my colleages, What about you?

<h3>Mastering communication at work</h3>

Communication works for those who work at it - John Powell

The best ways to communicate in the company

  • Open meeting
  • One on one
  • Email plartofms
  • Presentation
  • Memo


  • Positive Attitude
  • Active Listening
  • Comunicating
  • Non-verbal communication
The non-verbal comunication teacher's example was totally right, it's not the same say something with a rude voice and hard body language than say it with a normal or friendly voice and good body language. If you want to be nice and you have a bad non-verbal comunication you can be misunderstanding

I'm working on my written communication skill, we've realized how important it is noawadays

The best ways to communicate in the company

Many times, the nonverbal communication can say more than the words (verbal communication).

Communication by message could be more difficult because many times it depends on how it is read by the second person. If face to face was complicated, remote work bring us new challenges.

the body talks when mouth not

I think Slack is a good way of effectively communication, it can be asynchronous, faster and precise, I think email is more for formal communication, also we have to be nice when we鈥檙e talking with others

just a quarter of what you say is convey by words itself