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Work ethics in 21st. century


驴Qu茅 significa tener una buena 茅tica laboral en estos tiempos? Tu comportamiento habla por ti y a continuaci贸n aprender谩s cu谩les aspectos deber铆as tener en cuenta para destacarte en el trabajo.

Advice Description
Time management/Punctuality That is key in any work environment because you cannot arrive late. Sometimes, people have a very restricted schedule.
Competition There is always a little bit of competition between you and your co-workers and that is good in the work environment. Everyone grows together.
Planning It鈥檚 really important to keep a schedule and organize your priorities and tasks.
Hard work / Productivity You have to work hard and you have to be productive for your company.
Reliability / Trust You have to be reliable. If your boss asks you to do something, you have to do it.

Cuidar de estos aspectos te ayudar谩 convertir en algo m谩s ameno tus relaciones laborales con compa帽eros de trabajo para ser m谩s productivo a largo plazo.

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I use Google Calendar to manage my time, is helpful, every one have their time measured, be punctual, that鈥檚 critical in the 21st century, seriously.

reliability - \ri-藢l墨-蓹-藞bi-l蓹-t膿\

Definition of reliability
1锔忊儯 the quality or state of being reliable
2锔忊儯 the extent to which an experiment, test, or measuring procedure yields the same results on repeated trials.

Failure and success go together鈥ailure helps us on pur next try without failure success would be impossible鈥 Failure is the best teacher

i love the quotes the teacher show us at the beginning of the presentation.

  1. Time management/Punctuality
  2. Competition
  3. Planning
  4. Hard work / Productivity
  5. Reliability / Trust

Time management / Punctuality:

* Its the key in any work evironments, because you can not arrive late, some people are very strict with his time and you must have punctuality in your activities, your meetings, in anything that your think you need be punctual as possible.


* healthy competition is a good thing in eviroments when you are working because they move you foward to improve your skills and be better


* Is very important make your schedule with your task, organize your priority, you can use google calendar or something app like that to organize your time to be useful in your professional life and your personal life

Hard work / Productivity:

* You have to work hard and be productive for you company at the same time for your personal life for example if you want to get a better position in your work or get a work in other company

Reliability / trust:

* First you have to be reliabilt as a person to be reliabilt in your work, if some person need help try to help him, or if you boss tell something don't lie and be sincere with him

One classical book when we are talking about routines, rythm and constance is atomic habits.

Pomodoro technique helps a lot with the productivity in work

Another work ethics quote from Viggo Mortensen.

Try to be as punctual as possible, you only have one first impression

very good explanation in each of the classes.

buen trabajo

I have a work ethic. If I say I鈥檓 going to do something, I do it (Viggo Mortensen).

  • What things do we need to apply to have a very good work ethic?
  1. TIME MANAGEMENT / PUNCTUALITY: Sometimes people have very restricted schedules. Try to be as punctual as possible.

  2. COMPETITION: there is always a little bit of competition between you and your colleagues. Competition is a good thing in the work environment. Just make sure that it does not become unhealthy. It鈥檚 important that everyone grows together.

  3. PLANNING: It鈥檚 really important to keep a schedule to know what you have to do to organize your priorities (Google calendars, Trello, Forest, )
    HARD WORK and PRODUCTIVITY: You have to work hard and you have to be productive for your company. That鈥檚 self-explanatory.

  4. RELIABILITY and TRUST: You have to be reliable, if your boss asks you to do something you have to do it and you have to do it in the time that they asked.


I really love competition , I think it鈥檚 exactly how I work my best and try to always push forward more than I think I can do. Of course, I would recognize and respect people who do and want the same for the objective.

"I have a work ethic. If I say I am going to do something, I do it."
Viggo Mortensen

It鈥檚 very important to take care of your behavior. It will talk for you!

I use Notion for planning, but still using Google Calendar for reminders

I don鈥檛 use any app to manage my time, but I think I have to try them because now it鈥檚 difficult and I use to forget things 馃鈴

  1. Punctuality
  2. Competition
    3 . Plannig
  3. Hard work / Productivity
  4. Reliabity / trust

I鈥檓 working with time management but punctuality is not a problem for me

work ethic in the 21st century
If I say that I am going to do something, I do it 鈥漋iggo Mortensen.
time management and punctuality. That is key in any work environment because you cannot be late.
the competition.
hard work and productivity. You have to work hard and be productive for your company
and the last one is reliability and trust

Punctual like a british

Hard work / Productivity


Time management / Punctuality

Trust me. You鈥檒l get it

We should look to live with integrity, it鈥檚 all about to take responsibility for what we choose to do.

Since the interview, punctuality is vital, is your image.

<p>Works ethics in the 21th century</p>
<p> Phrase: 鈥淚f I say I am going to do something, I do it鈥
<li>Time management/ Puntuality</li>
<li>Hardwork and Productivity</li>
<li>Reliability/ Trust</li>


Would you say that you can connect the work ethics to the company鈥檚 culture?


One app for organization is notion. Here a course for that. Another planner app more aesthetic than google calendar is Any plan, is the unique app planner with a good open source version.

As a recommendation, try to manage your time with known techniques. There鈥檙e a lot of them. for example:

  • GTD. Video
  • 7 Highly effective people鈥檚 habits. Video
  • First things first. Video

Time managment is one of the best things to learn

Here鈥檚 my Cornell note

Reliability / trust

My greatest sin is planning, I鈥檓 still working to improve that skill

I think I鈥檓 a great competitor, I always do my best to win and I don鈥檛 mind sharing with others my 鈥渟ecrets鈥 at the end of the day we鈥檙e on the same boat 馃槂


When you can鈥檛 keep your word of being at someplace at an agreed time, you鈥檙e not a trustable person/collaborator

about time management you can find an interesting course about "Curso de Gestion efectiva del Tiempo" here on Platzi! :)

The Google calendar has helped me organize my time. It is a great tool.

鈥淚f I say I am going to do something, I do it.鈥 I like it.

the quality of being able to be trusted or believed because of working or behaving well

鈥淢ake a plan, stick to the plan, always deliver.鈥

鈥揌unter (Storks, the movie)

You can see the vocabulary here

Works ethics in the 21th century:

  • Time management/ Puntuality
  • Competition
  • Planning
  • Hardwork and Productivity
  • Reliability/ Trust

Take seriously your time and others time

Good advices.