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Tips for formal presentations


How to create slides and an outline to supplement them

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I鈥檇 recommend you guys to follow the 鈥淐urso de Oratoria con Freddy鈥. I think it鈥檚 a great complement for this one.

Formal Situation: Presentation
鈥 Slide Design
Make informative and clear slides
鈥 How to Make an Outline
Record the Main Points

This is important, all of us make the mistake of read the slide (and also put all information on a slide)

I learned this on primary school, you just have to put specific points of your presentation on a slide, 鈥渒eywords鈥, is just for help you to remember about what you have to talk, you have to be prepared for that presentation 馃槈

Slide Design is meant to give only key points, this should be informative and clear, so dont have to put too much information on one slide.

Try to put in your presentation just the informative key words that you need to remember what to say and record the main points.

slide design is main to give your importants points, so, it have tobe clear and informative silde.

You can use Slidescarnival; it is an excellent platform to download pre-made templates for your presentations.

key information as a support to your presentation

When we鈥檙e giving a presentation it鈥檚 important to highline the main ideas to have a guide that will help to develop the core issue

Reading the slide was a mistake that most of us did in school.


4 Tips for formal presentations:
Formal Situation: Presentation

  • Slide Design
    Make informative and clear slides

  • How to Make an Outline
    Record the Main Points

Great!, that麓s the right way to do it:
A clear slide with bullet points and a support outline in order not to forget any detail of the presentation.



slide design is main to give your importants points, so, it have tobe clear and informative silde.

This is sooo important!


Hi, mi name is Peter, i am 33 yeard old
and this is my firts time studiying ingles in platzi,
hello taecher and every people.

excellent class




Slide is the main points to grab attention and Outline is the main points to remember what you want to say in detail. Just to make sure you don麓t forget anything

I really like these classes馃槉

Excellent class

I learned this key for slide design in university, but my classmates didn鈥檛 liked it because they were the kind of students that take all in notes.

This is something I always tell my colleagues. They seem not to get the point, though. They keep including everything in one slide. 馃様

What the slides are designed for.

Great tip! I used to put lots of information in my presentations, but I realized nobody is paying attention to details and I stopped to do it

Very interesting to consider these points, I will use them in the future for sure.

Excelent recommendation! It鈥檚 a very good course.

Slides with pictures, small phrases, or statistics, so you can explain them better and use as reference!

Only put on your slides your principal ideas or main points, because if you fill your slides with a lot of text the people only is going to try to write the information that contains the presentation

I found it. Thanks.

Gaby, you are an excellent teacher!!

Nice tips

I am really enjoying this course and I like the teacher, but it is a little bit difficult to understand her accent

I really like Gaby as a teacher. Thanks for your recommendations in this class.

Very good advice, I鈥檝e been putting these tips into practice for a while and it鈥檚 very useful, I learned it in another course here at Platzi but I don鈥檛 remember the name of the course.

Formal Situation Presentation
Slide Design
Informative and clear slide.
For presentation.
How to Make an Outline
For you, have more detail about the information. For don鈥檛 forget the principal idea and understand better every point of the presentation.

This is a typical situation. I have noticed many peoples in their presentations use a lot of text in the slide and they read exactly all the text, so you think, what does she/he give us?





Always use the text on slides to be a Guide where you could explain and know the direction of your presentation

Tips for formal presentation
鈥 Slide Design (for your audience)
Make informative and clear slides.
鈥 How to make an outline (For you)
Record the main points.

I have made the mistake of adding to much information to my slides, my audience just didn't pay attention.

people wants to listen you, no read your slide

Very important, stay focused in specific topics but not in the whole presentation!