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Making small talk: vocabulary



Exchange: the act of giving something and receiving something of the same kind in return.

Lifestyle: the way a person lives.

Routines: Things you do regularly.

Social life: part of a person’s time doing enjoyable things with other people.

Traveling: going from one place to another, between distant geographical locations.

Convoluted: something complex or difficult.

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Exchange: /ɪksˈtʃeɪndʒ/
Lifestyle: /ˈlaɪf.staɪl/
Routines: /ruːˈtiːn/
Social life: /ˈsoʊ.ʃəl ˌlaɪf/
Traveling: /ˈtræv.əl.ɪŋ/
Convoluted: /ˈkɑːn.və.luː.t̬ɪd/

I’ve never seen the word “convoluted:”

Definiciones y pronunciación (Cambridge dictionary):

I love traveling every year, but this 2020 was convoluted by the COVID. Now my routines have changed, the social life went to a secondary level and a healthy lifestyle is most important.

I´ve never heard this word: “Convoluted”

An example of routines:
I ussually wake up and bruhs my teeth
Second, I clean my bed
Later I drink tea or coffe
Then I look at my calendar to see what taks I have

Every person has a different Lifestyle, some people like has routines to do things at the same time always another just feel in flow in order to do tasks when they feel it.
In my case I like so much travelling and share time with people due to me it is so essential Social life but unfortunately right now It’s convoluted due to COVID, but I hope soon It will be better. Exchange experiences Are one of the best things that you can learn about different cultures

Convoluted: [ kaan · vuh · loo · tuhd ]
A complex word to a complex meaning

I’ve been try to exchange my life and my lifestyle: I passed through years that brought me down, to days that give me better options to feel better expectations of life. The routines are the one that can make all things happen. Social life is better to examine it well, because the companion is essential. The other part is try to discover and realize your objectives: traveling, playing, reading and all kind of things that need your imagination, can be an introduction to this convoluted and fascinating world that we call life.

I have never heard convoluted.

I knew all the words except “convoluted”

New word = Convoluted

I didn´t have idea about the word convoluted. Thanks

I already know what is “Convoluted” meaning 😃

I’ve never heard or use the word convoluted

This is my first time than i see that word: “Convoluted” but i wanna make a sentece with it.

For example:

- I study programming it's convoluted for some peoples

From wordreference . com and example of convoluted:
_Your argument’s too convoluted for others to follow

There are to ways to spell “Traveling”:

  • One is the US way: Traveling
  • The other is the UK way: Travelling

Amazing vocabulary. I’m so happy with this challenge 😄


no, wait! how do I use it? (it’s my first approach to this word)

Understanding the meaning of “convoluted” is convoluted 😃

How can I say convoluted in past?

Today, I learn new word, Convoluted.

**Convoluted **is new for me ♥

A good lifestyle implies having healthy routines sharing with our friends, traveling and exchanging time for incredible adventures, without convoluted.

In my opinion, this is a good way to practice and improve our new vocabulary.

Looks like convoluted is a new word for almost all of us.

I exchange gifts with my friends in December.
My lifestyle has not been the same since the pandemic kind started.
I used to have bad routines during my teenage ages.
Social life has passed to a secondary level since were locked down at our homes.
I wish I would be traveling more this year.
Been at home locked down is convoluted for my psychological side.
Learn how to use a computer might be not as convoluted as programming.

Hi!.We need exchange money because. we will have a traveling from Argentina to Nicaragua, next year. I think, we are linving in convuleted times, the lifestyle of people changed a lot, and the routines changed too. I like talk with diferent kind of people in live, but last year the almost all meetings was by ZOOM.

Convoluted, I hadn’t heard that word before… We are going through convoluted times !!!

A new word - Convoluted

Convolucional o convoluted is related with something complex. In Machine Learning I work with convolucional networs. I thought that this word only was used in technical fields but I am surprised reading all the comments and the multiple forms to use this word

i had never listened before the word Convoluted and for me it’s a little convoluted to say this word hehehe

Good vocabulary for starting this course

Convoluted, I’ve never heard that one before, however the good thing to know is that the pronouncing tis basically as you read it in Spanish

A most common synonym for convoluted is complicated.

I never hear the world Convoluted, thanks for share that.

The Backend careerin JS on Platzi is convoluted 😁
But… I love it💖

New word to improve my vocabulary convoluted thanks.

OK, new word to learn; Convoluted


Hello Jess Harris, nice to meet you, may name is manuel, I am from Venezuela and I am living in Buenos Aires. I would like to give you an example about the subjects you write above.
For Example:

  • So when I want to exchange my time work for any payment, I need to contact an employer, so I will receive money for my work.
  • My lifestyle is so quiet, I love to be quiet, and the relaxed.
    About the routines, it is word that I remember all day in my life, I am a person that have many routines, I have workout routines and work routines and learning routines, I think that all activity that a person needs to do and to learn it needs to tronsform in a routine.
  • Social life, I think that all people around the world need to have a relationship with another person, and this relationship is know like social life, because it is an exchange betwin a couple or many people, they can exchange things, jobs, money and many other things.
  • Traveling: Well I think that it is something than all people have to do, because when they travel to another site they can to experiment many thing that it opens their mind and it gives a new sight about all.
  • Convoluted: I know for my experience that we have a moments in our life very convoluted, it needs than we develop and grow to be more powerful and we can continue our way to the goal.

Lifestyle: My lfiestyle is very happy, because I work in my home,
Routines: I wake up and start my computer and al end of day I to turn off my computer and after rest in the nigth
Social Life: Only with my friends through zoom
Traveling: I like the mountains see, and snow in the Andes Moountains
Convoluted: Learning english hahahah


Convoluted: complejo
Yo decia a todo Problem jajajaja.
Muchas gracias!

Convoluted: complejo
Yo decia a todo Problem jajajaja.
Muchas gracias!

Well, the last word is my first time I see it. Convoluted

I study Peyton is very dificult




I’ve never seen the word “convoluted” until now , so from today I’ll try to use it because it sounds more sophisticated.

Convoluted: something complex or difficult.
E.g. pronounce convoluted.

I never hear convoluted, probably I understend the word.


When we are talking about different lifestyles between different people, there is a big chance to exchange points of vue about social life, what is important for me, it is no necessary important for others. For example if you can travel a lot, maybe you can see convoluted things less than the people who can’t travel frequently. Your routines can depend on your lifestyle.


Social life: Something that I don’t have xd

Is the word: “convoluted” an adjective? Or the use could be as a subject? It’s the first time I read that word.

This is the first time I’ve ever read “convoluted “

Convoluted is an amazing word to expand English vocabulary. Thanks a lot!

Convoluted is a new for me! and it seem a little complex too

I didn’t know the word convoluted, good word

Exchange: the act of giving something and receiving something of the same kind or value in return

an example of exchange:

  • Luis: Dany I need my money
  • Dany: you must give me my gift
  • Luis: mmm, ok let´s do an exchange

When you learn something new at first seems convoluted but while you stay practicing every day eventually It will be more easy


Convuleted, new Word



Una nueva palabra aprendida : “Convoluted”

Hi, Im Elizabeth and tell you my experiences whit
Exchange: in my work for example I had a opportunity of giving my experince and the competention had very difficult but Im stay in this job whit many friends thats love me

Lifestyle: My life is very complicarte Im mother single, worked in two places I belive that the people need more dreams because is only cuestion fe

Routines: I wake up search work all days, and drink coffee, sometimes I read the book, I by back at my home and speak whit my children’s

Social life: sometimes go to my friends for a beer in the bar

Traveling: I loved going from one place for example Go the beach, or the mountain in the bus whit my boyfriend

Convoluted: all my life.

Hola Jess y demás compañeros:
Dare mis ejemplos referente al enunciado anterior sobre lo que soy y pienso:
Intercambio; Este concepto es muy interesante y de ponerlo en practica día a día ya que a nivel de conocimiento deberíamos aprovecharlo y compartirlo y no quedárnoslo para nosotros solos.
Estilo de Vida: Tengo un estilo de vida muy común, siendo padre de familia y respondiendo laboralmente para subsistir
Rutinas: A nivel laboral la mista, pero en familia si intentamos que sean siempre diferentes.
Vida Social. Es importante no perderla nunca ya que es esencial compartir con mas personas
Viajar: Podria ayudar a despejar demasiado la mente, sobre todo despues de estos confinamientos.

hi Jess, how are U ?, I´m happy to be here, learning something new

Social life

American pronunciation

  • Exchange -> uhks·cheinj
  • Lifestyle -> laif·stail
  • Routines -> roo·teenz
  • Social life -> sow·shl laif
  • Traveling -> tra·vuh·luhng
  • Convoluted -> kaan·vuh·loo·tuhd

Protip, help you with Google, type:
How to pronounce <any word>



I’ve never heard “convoluted” teacher…

Have a long conversation with someone in english is a little bit convoluted for me. I hope that this course can help me with that. Good luck to everyone


I want to use “convoluted” in some conversation. :p

_Convoluted _is a new word for me, and that’s why vocabulary is so necessary!

The word “convoluted” is new to me
And I find the word “regularly” difficult to pronounce

Exchange and Exchange is new for me

Convoluted is new for me 😮 nice word

sales are exchanges of capital by a product or service

Convoluted sounds like… something against my will.

convoluted is a new word for me… thanks !!!

Maybe convoluted is synonym of hard or complicated. I never have listened about that word

Nice, I did’nt know the word “Convoluted”, and I use it a lot in spanish.

I love the lifestyle of european´s people, most of the young people are traveling frecuently

I exchanged money to pay my debts
My lifestyle is quite simple, i enjoy with simple things, like a hiking in the mountains
One of my favourites routins is play with my lovely cat

I want to have a nomad lifestyle, I want to travel around the world:3

Convoluted? oh come on! you just made up that word 😃

how do you pronounce Covoluted?


Nueva palabra convoluted

Nueva palabra adquirida: “exchange”