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Who am I and who are you?


Presentarte y hablar brevemente acerca de ti es básico para tener una buena conversación en inglés y romper el hielo. Cuando tengas que hablar con alguien, puedes hacerlo siguiendo estos consejos:

  • Introduce yourself.
  • Exchange personal information.
  • Talk about past personal experiences.
  • Ask others about their personal information and past experiences.

Cómo iniciar una conversación en inglés

Hello! My name is Kevin. I am a software engineer and I live in Argentina. Where are you from?

I work in many teams developing software and as a freelancer developer in the last few years with people around South America. Do you like programming?

Es importante hacer preguntas a tu interlocutor para que la conversación fluya y no hablar siempre de ti. Invitar a la otra persona a hablar acerca de sus gustos y preferencias.

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More tips for the conversation 😉

Hi, My name is Elizabeth
Im from Ecuador city
I learning in Platzy
I need practica more English

My name is Daniel, I am a software developer.
I was born en Caracas-Venezuela but I live in Buenos Aires since Agust 2017, I like the winter here in Argentina
My goal is improve my english in order to get a remote job with an international company

This is my github account, feel free to check it out

Hi! My name is Jose and I am a software engineer, I have been living in Mexico City since 2002, nice to meet you!

Hi everyone, I’m Edison Suarez from Colombia, at the moment I’m learning software engineer in my first year , I’m on 30 years old and I’m driver instructor , I want to improve my English language to get better opportunities and know people , i hope you the best in the new year!!

Hi, my name’s Martin.
I am from Argentina
I’m a computer computer engineering studen and also from Platzi
I would like improve my english
I also like:
Be whit friends

Hi everyone, my name is Luis Sandoval, I am Software Developer specially in .net, I live in Costa Rica all my life, I love the culture, the rich food, the amazing natural places, that my country has, I have tried to visit a lot of places, I visited a canopy attraction in my province, wich is Cartago, also I visited a fun park in the Capital San José.

Hi everyone! I’m Clarena Rodriguez. I’m 28 years old and I’m a software Engineer. Right Now, I’m studying english for get a better job.

Hello everyone, my name is Henner Rivas Berrio, I’m from Colombia, I live in Quibdo. I’m22 years old, I am studying engineer telecommunication also I am a student at Platzi, I love to learn

Hi, my name is Marlen, I live in Costa Rica. I would like to improve my English and I am going to enjoy platzi

Hi My name is Noelia and I am a mechanical engineer, I was born in ---- but I have been living in ---- another country the last year. I love to be here is near to the beach and I can rest but it is very rainy. If you come here let me know to show you around. Bye nice to meet you.

Hi there! My name is Natalia, i’m from Santiago del Estero, Argentina, and i’m 31 years old. I need to improve my english so i’m trying now!. Hope this class works for everyone! Thaks a lot.

How wonderful

V x
Hello, my name’s Tatiana Bautista. I’m web designer and Business Administrators. I live in Colombia. And you? I hope improve my English skills. Nice to meet you!

Hello everybody,
My name is Matias
I’m from El Salvador
I´m studying english and Javascript in Platzi.
See you later.

Hi, my name is Luis Salgado, I have 22 years old and I am from Panama. I work as a Flutter Developer and I have a lot of interest in UX Design. In the future I will create my startup in the sector of Software.

Hello team! I’m so excited to be part of this awesome community.

I’m Pablo from México.
I was born in Hidalgo but right now I’m living in Monterrey. I’m a graphic designer but currently I’m moving my carrier to customer experience, thats why I’m in Platzi. Feel free to review this short introduce.

Hi everybody! I'm Andres and I am from Colombia. I'm 31 years old and my profession is Industrial engineering. I really recognize the power and influence of English language in the current moment, so. I'm studying it because I want to improve the likelihood of a better life and get to know new people around the world. Very good to greeting you!

Hi everyone! Nice to meet you,
My name is Sandra, I’m an instructional designer and I’m currently working at the AT&T México’s Call Center.
I’m beyond excited to share this experience with you.
BTW, I’m from Mexico City and I’m passionate about make up 😄

Stay safe!

hello, i am michel, i´m from colombia, exactly from bogota, i was born here, actually my job is personal trainer, but i would want complement my skills, i think that is important, keep learning .

Hi, My name is César, I’m from México, I’m very excited to stay in Platzi to learn English and Web Development, I like to learn about programming languages and make digital drawings, In my free time I use to see movies and go out to do exercise.

hi, My name is Sireya. I´m Chemistry Engineer. I´m from Peru. I´m studying in Platzy to improve my English.

Hello my name is Santiago, and Im a software development. I have been lerning a lot about technology in platzi since last year and I want to keep learning for a long more time. 😃

Hi! My name is Aimmee, I’m a graphic designer living in Mexico city. I love illustration, read books, and sing (even if I am not good at it) Glad to meet you!

Hi, my name is Dennis, I’m a employee of a factory and also I’m a student of platzi, I like to much learn new things although sometimes are very difficult to me, what about you?,it’s a pleasure to meet you

My name is Alan. I’m from México City.
I want to learn more English, mainly in the speaking skills.
I’m 25 years old. And I’m a computer systems engineer.
Nice to meet you.

Hi, my name is Diana.
Regards XD

Hi guys. My name is Carolina. I’m from Colombia. Currently, I am studying the school of Data Science in Platzi and I am involved in the #CoursePerWeek challenge. I would like to improve my english, because I would like to get a remote job. Thanks for reading. Cheers!

Hi my name is Francisco, i´m a student on Platzi. I was born in Venezuela but currently I live in Peru because my parents are peruvian. i´ve been in Peru since 2016 and the most thing I like frome here is its beautiful places to visit.

Hi, my name is Dennis, but you can call me DEMO, that´s my nickname and i love it.

I’m from Guatemala, and i had the big opportunity to travel a lot, thanks to God and my parents.

In the past i visited many countrys but my favorite is Suiza, by far.

Hi my name is Omar, currently I live in the Dominican Republic and I’m working as a Software Engineer. In my spare time I like to listen podcast about Philosophy and Social Behavior and also watch SciFi content.

What about you?

Hi! My name is Karen, I studying for be teacher of elementary school and I live in Mexico! Nice to meet u 😊

Hi, mi name is Alejandro and i’m a high school student but i love to code, actually i have 3 apps on android and iOS, and as always, i’m trying to learn something new everyday at Platzi.

Hi everyone, My name is Cuauhtémoc and I am a student of platzi. I like to learn English because I want a better job. Actually, I need more practice with my english conversation, it’s not fluent yet. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Bye 😃

Hi! everybody my name is lizeth. I’m from Perú and I live south my country in the heroic city Tacna. This is wonderful. I´m software enginier.

Hi guys, My name is Iván Rivera.
I’m from Panamá City and I’m a System Engineer.
I love to learn with Platzi English Course because I can do it Where and When I Want.

Hello, my name is Nillireth, I am from Colombia, I am a teacher, I want to learn English.

Hi Everyone, my name is Victoria im form Argentina, Im 30 Years old and Im an Accountant. Im trying to improve my english skills to get a new job, so it´s a pleasure to meet you all. Have a great week

Hi! My name is Sofía, I’m student, I live in Colombia and I want to learn advanced english. I like to study, do sports, and talk. Nice to meet you!

Hello, my name is Natalia, I am proffessional in intetnational bussines. I finished my carrer 2 years ago.

I work in a Korean company and after I worked in a hotel

HI frends im David, im a hyperrealism artist and im from Colombia… Im here rigth now because i think i can improove my english and get better on this beauty lenguage… i understand a lot of words and conversations but i dont understand during the conversation some things like small words and conection words subjects, so i want get better on comunicate and understand more.

Hi, I´m Raquel, I live in Guatemala City, I´m 37 years old and I work in the world of implementing Human Resources systems. I have 3 lovely cats, I love swimming 3 times a week. I have traveled to countries like México, El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica where I have met many people, I love the gastronomy of other countries.

Hi, I am ximena, I wa born in México, and now I study International business

Hello, my name is Valeria and I’m 20. I’m communications science s student and I live in Trujillo, a beautiful city in Perú. I hope this course can check all of my boxes because I want to get to a higher percentage of fluency in my speaking

Hi everyone, I’m Gustavo Davila, I’m a software engineer, currently, I’m working remotely since Pereira Colombia and I’m returning to this course in order to improve my conversational skill and so interact better with my colleagues in the US

mi name is catalina, i am 22, im student and in this moment im learning english

Hello My name is Adriana I’m from Colombia, I’m layer, but I have been live in Sydney since September 2022, this country is Amazing, I love the landscapes, the people is so cool too!

Hi my name is Belinda, I am civil engineer, and i live in Mexico,where are you from?
I work nine year in construction, but the last three years,im working as a teacher and know im working like psychologists.
And tell me what are you doing? do you like to teach?

Hi, I’m Nathaly. I’m venezuelan and my first career is Historian. Although my profession, I always understood that in the tecnology will be the future so… Study in Platzi is my way for get involved in the digital world.

Actually I have a entreperneurship about fragances and I’ll like empower it. My dream is generate income digitally to be able to travel for the world and meet a differents culturs and persons.

Hello, My name is Juliana
I’m from Colombia and I have 20 years old, I study in platzi for improve mi English and my fluency. How about you?

Hi, I´m Maria Caldas , I’m from Colombia. I studied journalism, and now, I work as a marketing communication leader at software company in my country.

Seven years ago, I was living in Australia, for me was an amaizing exchange experience, because I could show my culture and learned about another lifestyle in a different place. This experience changed my mind and improve my social life.

Hello, my name is Jonathan,
I am from Venezuela
I am a software engineer
I need to improve my English because I have a job at ESPN and we have meetings every day and sometimes I can not understand some words.

Hi, my name is Daniela, I´m from Colombia. I am studying English and phyton language in Platzi and I work as a Frontend developer.

Hello, I´m Priscilla form Mexico City, I´m really interested in this course because I´m online therapist and I want to work with people arround the world in their psichological process. I need improve my conversation and vocabulary. See you!!!

Hi, I'm Julio, I'm Industrial Engineer.I'm 30 years old and I like learn about people's culture, read about personal development, business and spiritual issues. Nice yo meet You!

Hi. My name is David. I´m from Colombia. I am a professional in physical activity and sports. I´m 27 years old and i like know new people and make friends.

HI, my name is Juan Esteban i’m from Colombia, and im an industrial engineer and want to practice my english in platzi.

hi, my name is Valentina, i am learning with plazy, i like learning english, i want progress in the english for a better future

Hi mi nae is Emilio. I m a economist stundt,atucally i live in jalisco. I work in a laundry, its my own bussines. i like road in bicycle, i parctice gym. I have a dog, she has one year. she is a funny and amizing dog.

Hello everyone, I am Nilda Gabriela i lived in Pueba since 2014, i am studying a master in computer science, i am trying to practice my english for take an oportunity for study in other country, get me luck my interview is on January!

Hi! I'm Elena, I'm from Guatemala. I'm 32 years old. I love listening to reggae music.


My name is Victor, i am network admin and i from Chile, i understand almost everything i hear in english, but is very difficult for me reproduce it

In the role play we talked about how to introduce yourself, exchange personal information, talk about personal experiences and ask others their personal information and past experience.
Enrique: Hello, I am Enrique, a data science student from Colombia. How about you?
John: Hello, Enrique. My name is John and I’m a software architect. I was born in Mississippi, but I have lived in Mexico City since 2015. I really like Mexico. The people here are really nice and the food is amazing. Have you ever been to Mexico City?
Enrique: Actually I have. I went there last year because of Platzi Conf, it was a really fun trip. I ate a lot of tacos too. How about you? Have you ever been to Colombia?
John: No, I haven’t. But I heard Colombia coffee is the best, and there are a lot of great places to visit.
Enrique: Well. If you ever come, let me know. I can give you tips and show you around. It would be really fun too.
John: Excellent, thank you so much. Likewise, if you come to Mexico City, let me know.
Enrique: Perfect, I will do so. It has been very nice to meet you. Goodbye.
John: Same to you, take care.

Hello, My name is Maria, I’m from Guatemala, I’m an English student ❤

Hi, my name is Ronald, I am from Bolivia. I have studied electronic engineering, but I would like to get a job as a software developer.

Hello, I'm Rogelio. I'm a scrum master inner big corporations, where I provide my knowledge in the scrum framework to several little businesses. I'm from Panama and the last February I went to Costa Rica, it's a really beautiful country. I appreciated the green and modern combination in Escazu. I hope to learn and improve my English skills through this course.

Hello, My name is Juan . I’m an Engineer. I was born in Bucaramanga. I work for a company very important in my city . I love the programming, What do you like to do?..

hello everyone, my name is Abigail and I am sixteen years old. My favorite lenguage is italian but I know english is really useful, so I’m here trying to understand english.

Hi there! I am Mateo. I am a electronic engineer and I live in Colombia. I work as a robotic teacher in Colombia. Do you like robotic?

Hello my name is Sisù, i am from Colombia, i am tirtheen years old, i live in Bogota city and i love playing videogames.

Hi, I’m Laura Barajas from Colombia. I’m an Industrial Engineering and I’m on 30 years old.
I recently arrived at Melbourne, Australia where I´ll be study english. My goal is to improve this language, make friends and build a life with my boyfriend.
I hope to learn a lot in this course.

Hi Jess and community, nice to meet you, i’m Alvaro, i’m a Colombian living in Australia, i was arrived to the past month and i’m new in platzi, i hope learn so much and develop my english skills, i’m multimedia engineering.

When i was in my country, usually i liked trip on my motorcycle and created animated videos.

Hello everyone, I'm María Fernanda, I'm from Colombia and I've been living in Bogotá during my whole life. I'm Studying English because I'd like to study a Master degree abroad.

Hello my name’s Oscar, I’m from Mexico since ever uwu, I was born in Jalisco but now I’m living in Colima. I’m on the journey to become a Software Developer, it’s a pleasure to meet everyone, remember never stop to learn

My name is Ale, I´m an logistic agent and I live in Guatemala. My main goal is to improve my English because I love to travel and I don´t want something like language hold me back.
Have you been in other countries?

Hello, my name is Ana, I’m a copywriter. Now I’m living in Barranquilla Colombia. I want to improve my english to get a better job.

Hello, my name is Johanna, I’m biology teacher and i was born in colombia,I currently live in Bogotá.
My goal is learn english and achieve a b2 level because i will travel to Canada in one year if everything goes well, i going to travel for study a specialty in biotechnology or environmental education.

Hello everybody,
My name is Matias
I’m from El Salvador
I´m studying english and Javascript in Platzi.
See you later.

Hi, I'm Emma. I'm a Math teacher who wants to change his career. I was born in Coro - Venezuela and I'm living here, actually.

Hi. My name is Perseo Sánchez. I’m a civil engineer.
I’m from Perú. Actually I’m studying English. I dont know much English but I hope to learn on this platform.


Hello everyone, my name is Victor, I’m Test Automation Engineer, I was born in Valle del Cauca but I have lived in Bogota since 2011, I like playing soccer, I like riding a bike, and like learning new things.

Hello everyone, my name´s Eduardo, I live in México city, it´s a pleaseure be here.

Helloo! I’m Sara from Lima- Peru. I’m really excited to learn with Platzi, it’s such a nice platform for education.

Hello, my name is Brando, I’m 21 years old, I live in Perú, Currently I’m studying my fourth year in System Engineering.
Well, about me, I like computers, I like technology as well, I can type a hundred words per minute in my keyboard plus I like programming languages, I’m actually good at programming.

Hi there, My name is Jesus David Sandoval and i´m from Colombia. I´m studying nutrition and and i work as a personal trainer in several gyms in medellin. I´m taking this course beacuse i want to improve my english skills to get new clients and to develop a new skills of my work in another lenguage. I know i will sounds funny but the information in my labor it´s king of limitated beacuase the best information is in english , sooo, that´s why i would like to improve it

Thanks for class 😉