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Talking about lifestyle


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If you want to know more about routines look at this 😃

My hobbies are watching movies, reading, going to jazz and classical music concerts, meeting my audiophile friends and filmmakers to watch and listen to music and movies. I love restaurants, traveling, exercising like running and riding bikes, practicing yoga and Falung Gong, going to the beach

I love to play music ❤️ I play the guitar, I play the drum too, but I don’t have one, I can buy it but I don’t have space for it xD
My routine is I study at Platzi in weekends and during the week I go to the job.
I don’t have social life, I need more friends:( want to be my friend?😦

I think my favorites hobbies are practice crossfit and play the guitar, like everyone listen music too, reading some books about personal growing and basically my routine in this quarantine is about learn every day by the internet and youtube about vet, marketing, and a lot of things, since a wake up… So… Thanks!

In last time my social life is marked by the sport. I practice MTB on weekends, I have a group of friends with whom go to different places around Popayan.

The next picture i a very beautiful place that we visited a two years ago.

Dear community

My hobbies are, ride a bicycle in the mountain and do cardio exercises, I love to do exercise.
In my daily routine, the most important thing is to learn something while I do homework.
And my social meetings are with some old friends that I have, and we practice a little English.

Let me know if you like to ride a bicycle in the mountain, that´s really clear your mind.

Best regards to everyone.

Hey there, my main hobby is cross stitching and cooking! In these weird times I have found that doing something that takes me off the digital worlds is a great way to blow up some steam of being isolated at home. My routine has been hard to shape, but I think I have finally made some progress, making time to study, work, exercise and hang out with my husband.

My hobbies are Play video games, listen music, talk with friends. My rutines are wake up at 7 am, study english a couple hours, take a breakfast and take a shower.

I think that the life has change for everybody and the answer to talk about my lifestyle is complicated, maybe the right one would be talk about what did you used to do in you life style, because my life style has changed since the beginning of the coronavirus and I hope very soon i will be traveling again, watching movies, parties, drink beer with friends and much more…

Hi Jess, my hobbies are climbing as my favorite sport, I like to play chess, watch some series and spend time with my family and friends. I’ve been practicing yoga four days per week at 5 am, after that I have to work a little bit, then I try to read something.

My hobbies are watching movies, reading mistery books and to play YouTube videos and music.

My hohobbies are listen music, play turntables and make turntblist (scratches, beat jugglin etc) I like to go to walk or hicking in great places like woods or in the streets.

Then my routine is really simple. every day I woke up in the morning at 6 am the i meditated 15 minutes then i take a shower and next I prepare my lunch and my breakfast.
The i go to my work for 9 to 6 and the monday thuesday and wednesday go to swim.

My social life is no to active I only have a few friends a someone seeya once a week and other maybe once a month.

iTs simple routine and good picture

Hello friends, my favorite pastime is listening to romantic music in English and Spanish from the seventies, eighties and nineties, I like to play soccer, and I am passionate about Olympic sports, another of my hobbies is reading and going for walks to the field and the beach

I love learning something something new, also, I love to go running every morning.

  • My main hobby is going to the gym
  • My main routines is get up at 5:00 am, I prepare breakfast and studying english every morning
  • I worl, teaching programming to children and young.
  • I have a sister and a mother.
  • I have little social life, also I have a boyfriend, who I love very much.

Hi there, one of my favorite hobbies is playing the guitar, playing the piano, reading books, watching series on Netflix, and also learning new things about technology.
My routine is different every single day, although the only thing permanently is Job, like everyone else.

my hobie is ride bicycle, is really fun and meet nuew friends

Hi! My hbbies are writting, watching movies and listening my favorite music.

My routine is i get up at 7 am, then i work from 8 am to 6pm, this in the week. at the weekends, i practice english in platzi and i share with my family.

For last, my social life is some reduced haha because of covid or sometimes, i don’t have enough time.

Hobbies: I enjoy read a book and see movies in my free time, also I like write poems and stories
Routine: I wake up at 6:30 a.m I eat my breakfast and start virtual classes at 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. then I start making my lunch I eat my lunch usually at 12:00 p.m. in the afertnoon i do my homeworks and some platzi courses, at night i eat my dinner at 8: 00p.m. with my partner and see the tv show this is us .
Social films: we like to see us every weekend, we enjoy to be in parks or in apartment

Hobbies, routines, social life My day start, when I get up, at 08:00, take a shower, I dress me, and go to the university online, but not all days, because, some days i has class at 08:30 and other at 11:30. I finish my class at 17:20 and other days at 14:30. My Hobbies: My favorite Hobbie is practice powerbuilding, that is a discipline between power lifting and bodybuilding. Other of my Hobbies is play chess, I have been playing chess since 2020 in the university and now for funny. Other of my Hobbies, is build cube rubix, I can build the 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and other more. My ultimate hobbi is programing, I love programing, and now in this ultime time am doing proyect with the clínica Santa María, and an app about excersices physical. My Social life I have a girlfriend since two years and 2 months, her name is Carolina, the love of my life, and i see all the weeks. My friends is the Sebastian, and pipeLalo, but I see them each two weeks, my life social is a little bured jajaj. Bye people.
My favorite hobby is swimming, I really enjoy doing it because in the water I feel free, without problems, in the last month I have been living in Puerto Escondido and every day I take part of my time at sea. Next week I'm going to take surf lessons. If you travel through Puerto Escondido let me know and we are going to the sea
One of my favorite hobbies is playing piano, singing songs . I also like reading some books and taking pictures and videos with my camera when i travel.

My Hobbies: Dance-cook and watch a lot movies!
My Routine: Drink coffee in the morning, take a breakfast and make the lunch for my husband, wash the dishes…
My social Life jajaja , it’s an interesting question! I don’t know. I think is talk to my mom, and talk to my dog! jaja

My favourites hobbies are: watching movies, listening podcast, playing minecraft, watching youtube, and walk in the streets just for the sake of walking, fruits, chocolates and sunshine are the best for walking

hi. I like to draw, although I don’t always have time to do it …
My routine is to get up, have breakfast, work, try to exercise.

-my hoobies are play videogames, learn anithing, see series in netflix and check my social medias
-my routines are wake up, make me a coffee, turn ON my laptop and learn on platzi
-my social life is go to my friends to the house of them and talk whatever and laught jeje

My hobbies is playing video games , play soccer , my routines is wake up , go to work , do excersice , my social life is hang out with my friends

My hobbies are the arts, like music (I play guitar and keyboard), draw, writing (Sometimes i like to write some short stories or poems).
And normally my days are just wake up early, at 6am, then I take a breakfast and get prepared for the online classes (I’m studying Technologies of information), after that, I go to work and at night study.

My hobbies are listening to music, read some books and cook. My routine I wake up 6am, after im going to work, and after the work, study in the University

My routine is, I wake up at six in the morning, then I make to breakfast whit my husbund, then I’m taking a shower and finality I’m going to work. My hobbies are to listen music or to read boooks. I don’t have social life because I don’t have many friends.


  • I like to listen music, I love programming and learn new tools in my free time. Also I love read books, mangas and see japanese animes.
  • Sometimes in the morning, my wife and I going to the beach to running and after that we swim too. We like to do exercises after work…

Well, some days I wake up early in the morning at 6:30 am to go to the beach with my wife (as I said before). After that I’m take a shower and start my work day . In the afternoon I’m tried to do exercises too.

my hobby is playing the musical keyboard

My hobbies are: traveling and meeting new places, new cultures and new food. Also, I like to listen to music and sing however I don’t play any instrument. Someday, I would like to learn playing piano or guitar. I like to watch movies and series too.

I like reading books about different topics. Also, I like to draw, paint and listening podcasts about history and science.

My hobbies are listening to music, singing with my friends and I also like to draw in different style.

Hey my hobbies are drawing all day and play some videogames like a reward, except on weekends lol 😄 my routine start at 9 a.m, go to the gym and take inspiration for all day. I found really cool and fun use discord to chat with my friends everyday, also draw together makes me happy! !

HI, I writiing about me, my favourite hobbie is playing videogames, I play Apex Legends when I can do it, I play chess and sometimes, I play soccer with my friends, I get up from monday to friday at 6:45am, I go bakery shopping for to buy breads for breakfast, I brushes my teeths then I sometimes(hehe) take a shower and I go to work. I go to the park with my friends for playing soccer every weekends 😄

My hobbies are play guitar, walk whit my pets and prepare delicious food 😃

Hobbies: Listening music, watch movies and tv series, go out with my dogs, play video games, do sports like football and tennis, play table games, watch football and soccer.
Routines: Wake up, dressed, brush my teeth, take my breakfast, walk with my dogs, start to work and when my work finish I enjoy a good time with my family.

HI!,my hobbies are listen to music,play the trombon,and play basquet,and respect with my routines,i wake up at 7 ,then i breakfast and sometimes i do exercise,after i try to study english and things about my career.
my social life ,is boring because i have few friends and i prefer to stay in my house.

my hobbie is play to with my son. (little kid)
my routine : Wake up 6:00 , take a shower, enlist my son, brush my teeth and my son’s. take it to the garden, back to home, I meditater, work in facebook ads…
I live with my husband and my son.

My hobbies is programing and learning new themes

I love read and play the music these are the principal hobbies, and respect of my personal life or social life is more relax, y don’t talk to much people and a have the few friends.
in the every day ,I wake up of 6:00 am I don’t eat nothing in this morning, I go to the school and I return of my home, I cook dinner for my brothers, and in the moment late I make my homework and I practice my english and korean

My hobbie cooking

I really like watching series. My favorite series is Skins. At the moment I watch Maid, is a good series about the a single mother.
I see with my friends twiece a week and we watch series or we play on the cellphone.

My best hobby is reading and play guitar, what about you guys?

Hello, My name si Eduin, I’m from Colombia, I like to play video games and listen to music, sometimes I walk in the country I do if for fell me in peace. Talking about my daily routines, I wake up at 6 o’clock and I get up soon, I have breakfast at 7:20 AM and then I go to work.

First, I gonna talk about my hobbies: Saturday and Sunday I play videogames and I watch movies on Netflix.
Second, My routines are inweek, first i eat breakfast while i watch my favorite serie, then i study.
Third, my work is the same every day, I work on my laptop and finish at 12 o’clock (i don’t remeber how to say mediodia).
Fouth, I live with my mom and my father but he work outside of the house, so that’s all about my lifestyle and about the social life I don’t have much because of quarentine.

Hello guys, I hope you are doing very well. First of all, abour my hobbies…ok, I like to ride mountain bike, I try to do every weekend with my friends, it’s a hard sport but it’s really very exciting. Other hobby in my life is to study, I like to read and learn about differen things, I like to know a lot things related to my proffesion. I would like to have much time but it’s impossible because I work from 8 am to 6 pm and the rest of the time day by day I try to study, practice some excercise and watch tv series and finally rest.

I have 2 routines per week. First one is from monday to friday, I wake up about 6 am, then I go to the bathroom, take a shower, brush my teeths, I do my breakfast and then I go to my job, I work from 8 am to 6 pm, after that I go to my home again and I do a lot things like doing my dinner, wash my clothes, I try to watch TV, Series by Netflix o something like that. Finally I go to my bed.

Second one is about the weekend when I have more time to do I want, I share with my friend, We go out to drink some beers, eat a great food, I try to share time with my mother, I go to ride mountain bike, and so on.

Hi, my hobbies are hiking or cycling on weekends and play video games.
My routine is wake up everyday at 7:00 am, take a shower an then have a breakfast.
I go to work, in the nigth study angular at platzi.

Hi my hobbies are playing the guitar every day, listening to music specially at quarantine and I also make shapes with paper.
My routine is I wake up in the morning and I take my clases, then i study approximately 2 or 3 hours and finally I plays the guitar.
I only have a few friends that I have calles with every day, this has helped to me a lot to cope with the quarantine

I like to thing that i have a lot of hobbies in my daily routines, for exámple, i love to play the guitar, make some drowings, see if my plants are growing okey and write, jesus i love to write.
And, talking about my routines, i use to wake up early, have some breakfast (mate and bread is the most common) clean the house a bit and i get to work right away 'till lunch. then i eat something light, self prepared and then i usually take a nap (normally we can not do anything alse because of the intense hot outside). Then, in the afterrnoon, is when my social life starts! Usually i meet my friends, have some beer o lemonade, do a little chat, laught togeter and come back home.

Hi my name is Salvador, i am form El Salvador, my favorite hobby is practice sport and whatch movie whit my family.

Hi everybody My name is Naudy Rodríguez, I am Venezuelan, but I live now in Bogotá for the situation polítics in my country. I love sing and write songs.

My hobbie’s are play videogames, specially fifa, also i like to go out with my friends, have a good time, some drinks, and lately i’ve been likely dance, salsa and bachata, is so fun!

A little bit about my daily routine is wake up at 6 am, go to the gym, come back to work, and prepare my food’s!

In my social life, the weekend is only mine! I use to have a lot of fun with my friends, family and my girl!

I like listen Music,Watch movies eat i love tacos I Wake up at eight in the morning take a breakfast then y take a shower and go to Work i usually meet With friends at night to eat something like tacos to talk about ours days New projects and thanks like that and in the weekends we regularly meet in a some house of other friends make Some BBQ drink beer seeing some fútbol games or just having a good day





well my hobbies are read books, observations of stars and astronomical events, camping in forest, talk about the biology and other sciences issues with my friends.
i like few music genres just like rock , indie, salsa, merengue, electronic, and more.
i like go out to beach with my friends or go to clubbing

my hobbies are around technology, i like to see videos about PC components, tutorials to make video games, technology news, and i like to design my own proyects about software in AR in Unity, i like to paint, draw and make 3D ilustrations

Hi, my hobbies are to read, to travel and to spend time with my family and friends. I love the simple but differents plans.

My hobbies are playing video games, reading tech articles I find on LinkedIn or Twitter, watching science fiction movies or documentaries, and playing tennis on the weekends.

My hobbie is to play videogames, but i need to left it for a bit

My hobbies are play soccer, play halo on my xbox, and draw but I think that I enjoy more playing halo, It’s a game that I play for as long as I can remember, I get up at 5 o clock and I take a shower, I have breakfast and do exercise, I read a book, at 8 o clock I go out to my job, I like to go out with my friends to the stadium or to play soccer and sometimes we go to the night club to dance and meet new girls

I love to dance and listen music, I like to watch research series.
My routine is I study at Platzi during the week and in weekends I go to make personal things
I don’t have social life, I need more friends to talk me in english

Ok, my **hobbies ** are play the drums, watch soccer games, play video games, and listen music.

My routines are wake up at six o’clock, take a shower, breakfast some fruits or cereal, brush my teeth and go to work, also when i get out of work i use to go to the gym.

and my social life is meeting my friends every weekend, eating some fast food, talk about how was our week and go to party when we can

Hi everyone,
my hobbies are, mainly, I play soccer so I train from tuesday to sunday, in other aspects on my life I spendt time with my family and friends, and I play videogames too but I’m not very good. I like listen music mainly latin songs

right now I just have a hobbie, watch anime. I feel a little freaky. anymore like me?

In my social life, I have many friends, we work together, so we talk every day on WhatsApp because we work from home. The next Friday we will to go eat pizza in a restaurant.

Hello there ! Ok , my main hobbies are jogging in the morning in my neighborhood park I also like listen to music different kind of music and in my free time I like to take pictures too . I would like to learn or start trying to paint artistic paintings.

Thank you , have a great one !

my favorite hobbie is study ajajajaj

A normal day could describe it like this:
I wake up at 7:00 am sometimes I get up early to work but I really don’t like doing it. I am a nursing assistant so when I get up early it is to cover a shift that they ask me, at home in the morning I dedicate myself to learning English, I have 2 children who are already teenagers so I also leave them organized for their day, a quick lunch towards 11:00 am and I go to work at 11:30 am I arrive at the hospital I treat a patient in the radiology area, I leave at 07:00 pm I drive a Navi honda motorcycle in which I feel free every time I drive it, with caution, Sure! I get home at 08:30 pm I have dinner with my husband and the children, then around 10:00 pm I start studying web programming my goal is to become a full-stack developer to achieve a total change in my life and the life of My family, I go to bed around 02:00 am and I continue like this every day, I rest 2 weekends a month from work but I use them to study and thus advance to achieve my goal.

I love play drums. Long time ago i used to be drummer in a funk band. It was really fun. Now i would like to play again.

I will talk about my lifestyle. I will begin to tell that I have some hobbies like watching soccer and videos about astronomy on YouTube. My routine is very simple every day I am studying English at the Platzi platform and I spend a few minutes exercising because I need to feel my body free. I work in a jewelry store and do business. My family are my parents and a brother. I have had little social life because I am home all the time but some weekends I prefer to go out with a friend and talk about life.

I play tennis every other day. I love Rock music, I know how to play the drums but it’s been a while since the last time I’ve played. I also enjoy reading and learning new things.
I sometimes meet my friends and catch up with them. But not as much as I’d like to.

Every day during the week I Wake up at 5 am o´clock, I wake up my baby girl for take a shower together, then we get dressed, comb our hair and brush our teeth. I cook the breakfast while my baby get the bag pack school and we go out the the school I laeve her there and I go to my work. I finish my work at 5 p.m. and I go to home to cook dinner and Watch some TV and at 8p.m. we fall asleep. The weekend is very funny because I speend time with my baby and family, and we do too many activities together.

My favorite hobby is gardening. I have a nice urban garden at home, so there, I spent some hours every day.
Usually, I get up at 8 in the morning, then I have breakfast and start to work. But some days, I get up at 7 and make some Pilates before work.

My hobbies are: Study English, travel and meet places, cultures, and people, besides I love to walk around nature I really appreciate the landscapes. I generally get up at 6: 30 am, I get ready to go to work and at night I usually study English and programming. Also, programming is one of the most favorites hobbies

My hobbie is playing videogames, driving

My hobbies are draw and paint usually in digital i love post my drawing in instagram, also i hear music and sometime sing.
In my routines i wake up in the morning then i make my breakfast, brush my teeth and finally i do housework.
My social life are dead, thanks quarantine.

My rutine is wake up at 7 o’clock am afor job, I work all week, the weekend usually clean my house.
My hobbies are sing, read, draw, and i like watch movies and documentaryies.

My hobbies are playing video games, studying, reading and sleep

I have a lot of hobbies, pc games and hardware, digital marketing, psicology books, watch some netflix.
My routine its: wake up at 7 am, brush the teeth, drink some tea and its study time. I studied until afternoon, platzi and youtube are my teachers, im a autodidact.
My social life is: see my friends at the gym and play whit my other friends via discord

My hobbies are whatching romantic movies and crying hahaha also iI like doing exercises. I like to watch TedTalks and read motivational books. I like to go out in the afternoons to have coffee with my friends. Finally, I really love to volunteer.

i like to listen asmr like a hobby

My hobbies are playing soccer, reading stories in English, cooking my favorite food and drawing with my daughter.

My Routine
I wake up every day at 6 in the morning, then I take a shower and I bath my daughter, then we eat a breakfast and then I go to leave my daughter to school, then I go to work.

My Social life
When I get together with my friends we enjoy speak of everything and drink some vine or play table games!

My Hobbies
I love jogging in the mornings, ride bicycle, color mandalas and do craftworks with my daughter.

Actually, I play tennis, it´s amaizng sport. Also I life crafts I make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and the macramé.

With my friends and family I play tennis and travel.

I never play any instrument in my whole live but I ever like to play soccer and practicing box. I love to see sports like soccer, football, baseball and also F1.
With my boys I go every week for a beer or a lot of beers sometimes. We go to parties and enjoy to go to the forest.

My hobbies are play guitar, paint and walk in natural place.

My name is Daniel and my favorite hobby is writte some stories about my partners work, So with these information I made some videos to made publicity spots for the place where I work.

  • Two of my hobbies are playing drums and reading books.
  • On of my daily routines is waking up at 7:00 AM and immediatly drinking a glass of water.
  • Talking about my social live it is not too busy because I recenly moved to another city, and, because of the pandemic, I haven´t had enough opportunities to meet new friends.

i have many hobbie, one of them is the photography , it is because is one of the most important arts in the present

My routine is very similar to the other persons,
i wake up at 7:30 am
i get up at 8
i drink two glasses of water
i have breakfast
later i go to take a shower
i get dressed
i start to work until the middle day
i have lunch
and then i continue working
until the 5 pm
then i can put myself in calm for 30 minutes
and later go to study

I like doing exercises, especially lifting weights, I also love cooking and preparing healthy desserts, I love playing the violin but I’m sad because lately I don’t have time to practice it.
I get up at 7 am. and I go to bed at 12 pm. In my family there are five of us, my parents, my brothers and me. I don’t have many friends, but I do have a best friend who I communicate with often.

My lifestyle, My hobby: I like climbing mountains, I feel relaxed when I climb or walk. I don´t like dancing.
My routine: I wake up at 6am every day, I thank to my God for a new day and I take a shower. I have breakfast, I go to work and I return to my house at 4pm. I watch tv. I go to sleep at 9pm.
Social life, I like to go out with my sisters to eat different kinds of food on Sundays.

My hobby Is Runing running.

My hobbies are listening music, go to gym, I love dance the ZUMBA, I enjoy cooking at home with my children.
My work is very interisting I really like what I do