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Talking about food


Hablar en ingl茅s sobre comidas es un tema importante que te ayudar谩 a comunicar lo que te gusta o no, especialmente cuando viajas.

Expresar tus preferencias por la comida, describirlas o conversar sobre las razones por las cuales disfrutas un plato te va a dar mayores posibilidades para comunicarte en un restaurante o en un caf茅.

Hablar en ingl茅s sobre tu comida favorita

Todos tenemos un platillo favorito y nos gusta hablar de 茅l. Puedes utilizar el siguiente vocabulario:

  • My favorite food is 鈥
  • It is made with 鈥
  • I like it because 鈥
  • My favorite meal is breakfast because 鈥

Ejemplo para conversar sobre comida favorita

My favorite food is Asado. I am from Argentina and here, it is a typical meal with friends on Sunday at the noon or on a birthday. We eat different kinds of meat such as cows or pigs. Also, we prepare a salad to accompany the meat.

Hablar en ingl茅s sobre comida que no te gusta

Hablar de lo que no nos gusta tambi茅n es importante. Imagina ordenar en un restaurante un platillo que no es de tu preferencia. Evitemos esas situaciones utilizando el siguiente vocabulario.

  • I have never liked 鈥
  • I don鈥檛 like to eat 鈥

Ejemplo para conversar sobre comida que no te gusta

I have never liked to eat a hot dog with mustard. I don鈥檛 like its flavor.

Hablar en ingl茅s sobre comida internacional

Todos los pa铆ses tienen comidas t铆picas. Es com煤n tratar de buscar una traducci贸n para cada una o cambiar su pronunciaci贸n al hablar en Ingl茅s. Evita hacer eso, ya que no es necesario:

Country Typical dish
Argentina Choripan
Colombia Bandeja Paisa
Venezuela Arepas
Spain Paella
Per煤 Ceviche
USA Hot dogs
Vietnam Pho
India Masala Dosa
Japan Ramen

Hablar en ingl茅s sobre sabores, temperatura y texturas

Hablemos de los diferentes tipos de sabores que existen en las comidas:

Flavors Sabores
Sweet Dulce
Savory Sabroso
Salty Salado
Sour Agrio
Bitter Amargo

Las comidas tambi茅n tienen diferentes tipos de temperaturas:

Temperature Temperatura
Cold Fr铆o
Warm C谩lido
Hot Caliente
Spicy Picante

Tambi茅n existen platillos con diferentes texturas:

Texture Texturas
Creamy Cremoso
Crispy Crujiente
Crunchy Crujiente
Chewy Masticable
Juicy Jugoso

Practica este vocabulario para expresar tus gustos por la comida. An铆mate a hablar sobre tus preferencias describiendo tus platos favoritos o lo que definitivamente no te gusta comer.

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I love the fast food, is harmful but delicious 馃槃

My favorite food is all the food!!! I love to eat, when I don麓t eat I can麓t work because I get angry鈥 If I eat I麓m happy!!! 馃槂
I like to eat Chiles en Nogada, I like this food because combined different flavors

I love Greek food because even though I was born in Panama, my whole family is Greek. There are very rich and delicious dishes such as the Greek salad that has black olives or Kalamata and feta cheese. I also like sweets like Baclav谩 and Greek yogurt

My favorite food is the CHILAQUILES saben bien ricos alchile s铆, these are warm 麓cause you pour them some tomato sauce, and cheese. They are crunchy and salty(not very salty).

I鈥檓 starving with this class

My favorite food is Buffet Food.
Because I love choose what complement I鈥檓 going to add to my meal. For example: I like meat, rice with corn, tortillas, vegatables and salad, and also baked potatoes.
Oh by the way, I want to taste that french toast, I didn鈥檛 know it and it sounds great 馃槂

Note: We don鈥檛 need to translate the name of international food. It is what it is.

  • In Honduras we eat a lot of Baleadas 馃構


  • Sweat (like candies)
  • Savory (like meat, pizza, burgers, mmm delocious)
  • Salty
  • Sour (like a green orange)
  • Bitter (like coffee without sugar)


  • Cold
  • Warm
  • Hot
  • Spicy (Hot in taste, not temperature)


  • Creamy
  • Crispy
  • Crunchy
  • Chewy
  • Juicy

I鈥檇 like to know what you eat in your country guys xdd
I just added to my list for example the Choripan Argentinian, Bnadeja paisa, the Arepas, Paella 馃槷 , Ramen 馃槏 I love it and Pho 馃

My favorite food are two, spaguetti and Mondongo (Is a Typical food of my country Colombia), i like the spaguetti because is the food to most adjust or adapt for any combination of ingredients and i like the mondo for it`s taste and i invite to try out

Carne en su jugo

I dont like seafood 馃槙

well, my favorite food is " mole negro" it麓s a typical food from Oaxaca, you should try it. The fruit that I don麓t like is the Zapote, you probably don麓t know it.

My favorite food is Cheese, this is make with milk of the couw. Cheese is delicious, prepared with everything. I dont like the onion, is so sticy.

My favorite food is Wok

my favorite food is soup .
i have vever liked is sushi
my favorite flavors is sour
my favorite temperature is cold
my favorite texture is crunchy.

My favorite Mexican food are the enfrijoladas. It鈥檚 a dish made with a dense cream bean sauce and tortillas. On top of the enfrijolada we have a thread of cream, white cheese, and some chorizo. I prefer to eat them at breakfast because it is most common to be filled with scramble eggs.

My favorite food are tacos al pastor!
I like because it is love
My favorite meal is when I eat quesadillas

My favorite food is the hamburguer with goat cheese, the combination of goat cheese with the meat is delicious, I could eat it every day. I can鈥檛 remember a dishes that doesn鈥檛 like me. I really love the food!!

Pizza is my favorite food. No like Pizza Hut o Dominos (But also, I like, Pizza is Pizza 馃槄) Is most the homemade pizza. It is flat and, crunchy in the edge.

I鈥檓 a vegetarian and I hate hot food because you can鈥檛 even taste it

Professor @Jess;

Thanks for the tip about no change names of the food in English. That is a tough part to explain to people.

sushi has been one of my favorites recipes to eat , but also , I really love mexican and spicy food, however I'm Colombian , but last year I met Venezuelan friends and I learned about Venezuelan arepas 馃い馃い馃い...I don't eat pork and seafood

My favorite food are Tlayudas, every one from outside my city should try them, those are big, whit quesillo, aciento, tasajo or rib, wow, It made my mouth water

I like a lot salty french fries with spices like oregano and pepper.
Also crispy and crunchy chicken.

My favorite food is also sushi, personally like the tempura sushi because I do not like to eat raw food. The sushi is made principally with rice, vegetables and proteins mostly seafood, avocado and cream cheese.

And my favorite food for breakfast I like the arepas because it is easy and you can filed with anything.

my favorite food is pizza because it is delicious, warm and crispy and can be of different flavors

the flavors of the food
swet: dulce
savory: sabroso
sour: agrio
the temperature of the food
spicy: picante
the texture of the food
creamy: cremoso
crunchy: crujiente
chewy: chicloso o gomoso

My favorite food is the 鈥淐hurrasco鈥 this flavor that have is fanstastic, and also I love the meat.

my favorite food is Chinese rice, it is made with flavored teriyaki rice, some vegetables like carrot, and it bring little chickens with bitterweet sauce.
i like it because it is cheap, fast and delicious, my favorite meal its lunch because i think that the food have more flavor

Well, my favorite food is roast beef, i like all meat, because is very juicy and if you mixed with something spicy is delicious, i like empanada, bandeja paisa and all colombian food, really it has a lot of flavor.

My favorite food is a hamburger, i love the savory in the meet.

My favorite food... I love tacos, enchiladas, carnitas, the Mexican food are so tasty 馃構. I also enjoy very much the sushi. the crunchy surface of the crispy ingredients plus the salmon and the Philadelphia cheese are the California roll the best of the best for me of course. I definitely don't like the vegetables, and the rare onions and all the unknown condiments from India food. I like the spicy but at a regular level, not in a god level like the Indian people, they are in the topnotch. so, and this is it.

Favorite Food:
My favorite food are burritos, a good steak, pizza, burgers. I love the burritos because it is made with meat, beans, avocado, and they are delicious, and for breakfast my favorite meal are omelet and french toast i liked it because are so delicious.
Foods you don鈥檛 like
To be honest the seafood is not my option, well not all but i can鈥檛 eat 鈥淐eviche鈥

Definitely my favorite food is my mom麓s food, I love everything she made, even when se says she麓s not a great cooker, I know she麓s wrong because al the meal she cook are incredible tasty and delicious!

I love caesar鈥檚 wrap. It鈥檚 crunchy cause it has **croutons ** and is juicy thanks to the baked chicken and the sauce. The sauce they use is really tasty and this is a really healthy dish.

My favorite food is salm贸n with rice and patac贸n. It is made with salm贸n, rice, green banana and some vegetables.
I like it because is healthy and savory, and it麓s remembers me my mother麓s town near the beach.

My favourite foods are sushi and pasta. The first because it鈥檚 fresh and has diverse flavours. The second one because I love wine too, so I can combine both.

My favorite food is the hamburger, because it is juicy and crunchy and I like to eat it with french fries and a soda

My favorite food is meat with tomato and pasta
I love pasta!
In my country, the favorite food is chuchucaras, which are potato and meat tortillas.
I can鈥檛 say that I don鈥檛 like some dish, because I love to eat
I just don鈥檛 like the cooked pepper

My favorite food is Italian food, I love lasagna because it has many ingredients that I like, such as pasta, ground beef and shredded chicken, and bechamel sauce, I also really like to make it at home.

I really like costa rican food: gallo pinto, olla de carne and rice with chicken. Is healthy and delicious. It has many vegetables and olso good meat

I love italian food, due it is creamy, crunchy and tasty! it have a lot of flavers ad textures. I love it!

I love sushi too! I love sea food, like fish or ceviche, beacuse are a lot of flavors and textures. I don鈥檛 like apio, because it鈥檚 very bitter. My favorite flavor is savory, and sour too. I like cold and spicy food. I like crunchy and chewy food too.

My favorite meal is lentils with sausage and stew, the stew is made with tomatoes and onion, and if you prefer a sauce like ketchup, I like it because the flavors together are perfect

My favorite food is also Sushi. I like so much, but I living in Patagonia, is not easy to find it.

My favorite breakfast is pancakes , the first time that I tried pancakes was when I went to Orlando with my family when I was 9, and we went to Danny鈥檚 restaurant. I loved the pancakes, hands down
Then when I came back to Peru, I learned how to cook it and now I am a master on it

My favorite food is souffle de pollo, it鈥檚 made with bread, mayonnaise, chicken, sweet pepper, spinach, and ketchup. Its flavor is a combination between sweet and salty.

My favorite food is Paella or maybe la bandeja paisa, I ate a lot of that, it came with a regular rise, bacon (chicharron), tajadas, which are something like slices of green banana, scramble eggs and beans.

My favorite food is Chuleta con Menestra and white rice. The meat is a little salty but very juicy. Menetra are beans cooked like a soup but thick. The white rice is dry and fluffy.

I like trying new flavors or cooking styles like other countries鈥 food. Also, I love to visit new restaurants in the city and rate the food.

My favorite food is salade, mean, burguers and fruits

In this moments is Christmas so, I talk about the best plate for Christmast: The venezuelan Hallaca.

The hallaca is: meat and pork stew seasoned with raisins, olives (and many other things) wrapped in a dough. It is a difficult dish to make, it is usually done by the whole family.

In addition to being delicious, in each bite you remember all the effort and love with which you and your family members joined to make it.

I love Thai cuisine, because is very tasty food which mix different kind of flavors between sweet, salty and spicy.

I tried different types of dishes, with ingridients like: rice, noodles, pork belly, fish and duck and with strong aromatic components come from garlic, coriander, lemongrass, pepper, fish sauce, and chilies.
I hope all of you have the opportunity to try this wonderful food.

My favorite food y ceviche, aji de gallina, i麓m peruvian and i llike food.

I could say that my favorite food here in Colombia is Bandeja paisa, Ajiaco, Tamales, and Frijoles in others I think that the food is the best in the world!

My partner and I have a couple of friends and we have a routine every month, we eat out and we know a new restaurant for dinner.

My favorite food is mexican green chilaquiles, with a lot of chesee and sour cream, and salsa verde like a topping. But I never like moronga and beef visors.

My favorite food is chapin tamal, it is made with corn and I like it because the flavor is amazing.

My favorite food is Lasagna! It is made in Italia, I like because is delicious and have different flavors! I Have never like Bacalao.

my favorite food is pizza in special with pepperoni , i like when is crunchy

my favorite food is the hamburger, it is made with bread, tomato, lettuce, onion, cheese and meat, i like it because have vegetals they are a good combination

My favorite food is a Hamburguer, because you have a diferent flavors in one food, you can taste the meat, chesse, the onion, you choose wathever you want in your hamburguer, i like a salty hamburguer and a meet juicy. Is the best.

My favorite flavor is umami, this flavor is in cheese and meat.

My favorite food is the enchiladas, is a tortilla filled with chicken and salsa, cheese, cream, avocado and onion in the top, is a little spicy but is delicious, usually is warm and is crispy. I dont hate a special food, but dont like the papaya, because i am alergic.

My favorite food is lasagna 馃構, I like it because it's juicy and it has a very delicious sauce 馃崫.

My favorite food is Salomon with pasta my mom makes this food in special days and it taste a little bit salty and his texture is soft, i really like the smell who leaves

My favorite food is the asado.
The asado is meat (usually of bovine origin) that is cooked due to the heat of burning charcoal.
There are different cuts of beef that can be in a asado: vacio, asado, tapa de asado, pica帽a, lomo, etc.
There may also be derivatives of meat processing such as: chorizo, morcilla y chinchul铆n.
Not everything has to be of bovine origin, we can also find: pechito de cerdo, cordero patagonico, etc.
Never start a fire with fuel. Generally, the charcoal is placed on top of paper and one match lit the paper and then the charcoal.
There are many masters to make a asado and a national championship in Argentina.

muy bueno

My favorite food is the orange chicken with Chinese rice, I like it hot because it gives the chicken a better texture and is more crunchy.

My favorite food is Aji de gallina in my country it鈥檚 one of the most popular food ever made ii, it tastes really good. It make with chicken, yellow pepper 鈥渁ji amarillo鈥, crackers, garlic oil and rice

my favorite food is the ramen because the flavor is hot

My favorite food is pique macho, is a traditional dish from Bolivia, it is made with eggs, meat, cheese, potato chips, onions, peppers, tomatoes and olives. I like it because it is a little bit spicy and it has a tasty flavour.
I have never liked fish soup, because when you eat it you have to be careful with the fish bones.

My favorite food is white rice with chicken cut into small pieces accompanied by a green salad

My favorite food is chicken chili. I am from Peru an here it is a tipical meal. It is made with chicken, chili, bread, milk, pecans and seasonings. It is served with rice and potato.

I love sushi. Here, in Argentina you can delivery always and almost everywhere, but i know the salmon you can find here ., is no real salmon rose鈥 is salmon white and later they put colour. D:

I need to ask if鈥 Juicy go everywhere( you said it so) or goes everywhere, maybe in spoken english is allowed right? thank you

My favorite food is the chiken because it is delicious and my mom dose not give me chiken so when i am with my father i love when he brings chiken but i dont like the way that the big buisness treat the chiken because is cruel.

My favorite food is Pupusa in El Salvador

When i heard the texture explication, i don鈥檛 understood what鈥檚 the difference to 鈥淐rispy鈥 and 鈥淐runchy鈥 so i started to investigate the differences and i finded this:

鈥淎 鈥渃rispy鈥 food is a dry, rigid food which, when bitten with the incisors, fractures quickly, easily, and totally, while emitting a relatively loud, high-pitched sound.

鈥淐runchy鈥 foods, on the other hand, are dense-textured foods which, when chewed with the molars, undergo a series of fractures while emitting relatively loud, low-pitched sounds.

basically it鈥檚 the same, the different it鈥檚 the height of the piece.

I hope this will help you 馃槃

I love seafood as Jess do it. There are many different dishes with sea food, you can combine it with pasta, rice or potatoes and it cold be a little sour or spicy, depending on the salsa, the flavor will be amazing as long as the ingredients be fresh.

I love tacos, quesadillas, gringas, uff I love it cuz have a powerfull mix of flavors as savory, spicy. I shouldn鈥檛 have wrote this with hungry D:

My favorite food is tacos. Are made with tortillas and filled with meat, cheese, onion and avocado.

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is pasta, I really like it because it鈥檚 made with different sauces, like bolognesa, alfredo, etc. Also I like sushi. For breakfast I like oatmeal pancakes and fried eggs. I like food a lot, so I don鈥檛 have food I don鈥檛 like.

My favorite food is the mexican food because has very variety and i like its spicy flavor


Sweat (like candies)
Savory (like meat, pizza, burgers, mmm delocious)
Sour (like a green orange)
Bitter (like coffee without sugar)

My favorite food is Chinese food, it鈥檚 made with rice and many types of meats and I like it because it is delicious.

my favorite food is a pabellon, is a typical venezuelam food, the food is with rice.beans,fried plantain and meatloaf, is verry good.


my favorite food is pizza because it is delicious, warm and crispy and can be of different flavors


My favorite food are Tacos, I really love tacos, I like tacos because the taco鈥檚 flavors and textures are very diverse, Tacos are really tasty and I love too the meat鈥檚 and chess combination with the sauce.

Hello my name is Eduardo Torres, I live in M茅xico City, the most popular food here are the tacos. My favorite food is the tacos al pastor, it is made with meat and pineapple, i like because are very deliciuous and savory. If you never eat tacos be carefull, the sauce can be really spicy.

hello my name is Isaac from Colombia
my favorite in hamburger

my favorite food is platano Maduro with some cheese because it is sweet and the cheese salty is the perfect couple.
it鈥檚 also very easy to prepare.

Hi, my favorite food is spaguetti with meatballs鈥 huuummm


my favorite food is Arabian food or Armenian food, Quibbe, falafel, tabaquitos de hoja de parra, and others.
I haven鈥檛 eaten this in a long time.
In you know where to find this food in Bogot谩, let me now, please.

I have lousy English