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Talking about changes


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You should create a podcast!!! I love your accent

Changes take you out of your comfort zone, it is uncomfortable but necessary.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

I don’t like the changes but paradoxically my life jus is changing in much aspects, so in this moment I preparing for to move another city and I believe and I trust that to the acept to move much things will be better for me, in the personal aspect, professional aspect and healt aspect too. Thanks

The teacher seems like Thor

in my personal opinion, I like changes, because the changes force you to improve, to expand your mind, and adjust to differents enviroments, also I think that chnages can improve people in personal life and professional life, for example in personal life a change can force you to adquire new customs or skills to deal with that change, and in proffesional life I think that It is the same,also in both you can learn a lot and you get experience for future similar things that you will have to deal.

I need change the way to learn and change my profesional life but more important my personal life.

“The only constant in life is change” Heráclito

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude” -Oprah Winfrey.

I love changes! Most of them have had a positive result in my live. The last big change in my life was to learn Front End professionally at Platzi Master.

“We can’t always change what’s happening around us, but we can change what happens within us.” -Andy Puddicombe, Headspace co-founder

I like changes, because its the way to improve our skills, our mind, and the person who am I. Changes are difficult, but if you have an open mind, and the desire to grow, you will grow as a person, and a human. Don’t be afraid of changes, love them, adopt that lifestyle, and you always be one step forward to other people.

You all the time change because you have to adapt to your life.

He came to the conclusion that “everything changes, nothing stays the same” because it is a basic principle of everything that surrounds us, of nature and of human beings themselves. The change, the evolution of things has been present from the beginning of everything, since, throughout the history of the world, it has always been shown through drastic changes
And if we observe the cosmos, the entire universe never remains static, it is always in constant change: it moves and expands, a part of it is created or destroyed; everything attends a life cycle; not even change, because it is never the same, it always comes with variations that obey an order. For this reason, Heraclitus associated it with fire, for its immense variations, because it is turned off or on according to what is required to maintain a balance.

Taking into consideration the philosophy of Heraclitus of Ephesus, how does the change benefit us and how have we collaborated to make it exist?

I tend to be adaptable to the differents changes, I like the changes because I think is a new opportunity to grow, both humanly and professionally, depends, but generally speaking I enjoy each change in my life, sometimes is bitter sweet, but is normal and we should to be open to the changes.





“We can’t become what we want if we remain what we are.”

Change is the best way to grow.

I like changes, i think that is a great manner of grow in a great way and faster than other people, but so many changes in a short period of time can be strange sometimes

i think that each changes that you do it, ussusaly is for look up new aways or into for them. but also I think that if you’re good you don’t need changes left still

I like changes because is the way to learn, to be more recursive, creative. The changes postives or not positives bring learnings for the life and new or diferents opportunities.

Sometimes is dificult, but is a process

What I do like about change, it’s the way your life can change in a moment.
But that it’s also the part that I don’t like either.
So, I can’t decide about how I feel about change. XD

I like the changes, because they bring new opportunities, and new thing for the life. The changes helps that the life be more exciting.

Yes, I like the changes, because you can improve your habilities and improve too many qualities and discover many more. You can know new people and new ways to do new things and have more experiencies in your life and to be every day more strong and adaptable.

for better or for worse we must be constantly changing![

I like changes because that means knowledge, I still continue living a change 'cause I love python language but I’m programming on PHP, and beginning I did not want to. but I had to do it

Yes I like changes, I think that changes help us to be better people and professionals.

this class was too inspiring

I practically finished the school and started to work, so for my has been complicated work sometimes, and this change help me to find what I want for my job my stylelife and Who want to be in the future, for this reason I want learn more

Personaly i don´t like changes but are inevitables no matter what, the best part of the changes is when they finish, you can see how their changes you and move on.

The changes sometimes are very abrupt and sometimes are slow. For me, it´s important to have a moment of meditation about what I lived. For example, last year I lost my job as a trainee in an important business here in Cancún because of the Pandemic. But, also, In 2020 I had the blessing to know my girlfriend. When I think about last year, I understood that a lot of times the bad news transform into good news.

In this pandemic I learned that the changes are part of the life, we should have the open mind for to deal this changes.
I like the changes, I think that is an oportunnity for to improve, although the cost be high.
In my case, now I love work in home office, I feel that I have more time for me and my family, I prefer work near my daughter, and I´m happy becouse I don´t need to use my car for go to my office.

Turn and face the strange
Don’t want to be a richer man
Turn and face the strange
There’s gonna have to be a different man
Time may change me
But I can’t trace time

		- David Bowie

I love this song 😄

yes, I like the changes because it is worse when you don’t accept it. so, the answer for everything is to be fluid with the circumstances that we afront. This is maybe the most important part of our growing. It has been an opportunity for me, I had never achieved all the goals that I have now without the ability of resiliency

I like changes ever time. I always say " A change is for improving" so maybe It’s hard but impossible is nothing.

My short term goal is finish this curse 🙈

Changes are the best way to growth. It takes you out of your confort zone and challenges you to improve your personal skills.

I like changes because in my opinion we have an opportunity to live new experiences… for example I like when I finished my career and then I go to work in another city, live alone, knowing new people, get a paid… but after 1 year I go to another bigger city, and I really like it! that was definitely a change that make me who I’m rigth now… I was only 8 month… then covid appears and another change… I go back to my natal city, with my family and it’s a change that I’m trying to enjoy it, I know that i’ts probably that in a few months I go to another city again and then maybe dont return to stay here more of 3 days or a week.

I think every changes give us improvements, even if the changes are negative, you choose if you learn and take the positive or negative path!

i like the changes, because are new experience and we can get opportunities

I quit my job recently because it was so monotonous, disorganized, and my boss didn’t wanna hire new people to help me, he thought I can do everything by myself. So now I haven’t a job but I’ll get one by end of the year. I’m sure about it

I like the changes, the most of time, always has a think good from revolutions as the France Revolution than get the rigths than the Ilustraiction give us, to the new tecnology than change the life of so many people on the word, obviously sometimes is not there, there are many examples about that but to me the changes is the best of the human.

Well offcourse I like changes because that’s life is all about and you need to be very smart to fase them.

“Changes” are like for example when you go to the gym to work on your legs; you know that it’s difficult at the beginning, but you feel great when you finish and succeed 💪💚

I like changes, I think that without changes life is bored.

Changes! All our live is about changes.. We born in constantly changes and adaptability to diferent situations. Do we take this new oportunity and do the best, in all stuff? Yes, I do the best Every day. I love the changes because it me feel alive! I would like to move a other City, it will be amazing.

“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one more responsive to change”. C. Darwin

Generally, I don’t like changes, I might be a little frustrated when it happens but the most important thing, is to be resilience and I try it too, right now, I’m on it, I’m immerse in a change of my professional life, I’m studying a lot of things that I’d like to work in other area that I used to.

Perhaps this has been the class that I have liked the most so far. Change: easy word, complex process. Because many times we want the results of change without paying for it in terms of effort, time or dedication. Changing the whole system called habits, hobbies, routines, life, is painful.

My bug changed I have had in my life it was when muy parents dies I did not like because ir hurt a Lot ot. The changed I like it was when I became a teacher because I really like my job.

Being an impulsive person, I have gone through several changes in my life. The most current and radical change was quitting to my job where I did what I liked and they paid me well but treated me badly, so for the sake of my mental healthy I decided to change the job to one where they don’t pay me that much, I don’t have the comfort of my previous job, but they don’t mistreat me and I’m more at peace. It was a difficult change because it was to abandon my opportunity to grow in a big company, but I hope it’s worth it. That is how I come to Platzi, and now I’m studying to get a better job.

When I make a plan for the future to get the goals, I like the changes because they are needed to achieve the goals. But when the changes control me and I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t like changes.

I think the changes are good for our life, they fight us strong sometimes and gives us fear but only there is a way and it is forward and grows like a positive person.

i like the changes because you learn many things that you before you weren’t knowing for example when i travel i learn about cultures the each country that i visit

I do like changes only if it’s beneficially, sometimes changes are hard, but I’m agree with Jess, changes makes us stronger.
I have had changes in the past, when I was 8 I move from my city to another city here in Mexico and that was pretty hard for me. Fortunately, that was only one year, I came back to my city.

I can’t say “I like change” but I’m aware that it’s indispensable. Changes allow us to improve our skills and discover new talents

My change of my life was school change wen y have move to another school.

I hope changes are necessary to grow in many life aspects. When I feel comfortable, it is hard to accept the change because I am in my comfort zone and I think if the changes come, all my progress will fall. But when I have to change my lifestyle for a better one it easier to adapt to the changes. Also, when you have a dream and it needs many sacrifices, you know that the change is for a better future.

Before I was saying not to the changes, but today I have other mindset, obviously I have afraid, fears to face, so I prefer to and launch myself at the challenges.
I know that other people could have changes more difficult, but in my life I have problems with my family, in my study but more my insecurities to think that like I’m not studied in a university I couldn’t have opportunities, although it’s fail.
And more, those months have been time of so much uncertain in my life.

In my case, in the professional life we have constant changes, for example changes of rules and standards in the electricity industry.

I like to change, because I don’ t like to keep at the same place, it’s diffecult but not imposible. Changes are part of our growth.

I like the changes because is a opportunity to learn a new experiencies, go out the confortable zone and challenge yourself . I think that all changes can bring positives things in the personal, laboral, professional life and too are neccesary for to ascend in the life and discover better things

Do you like changes, why or why not?
During the last years the changes were many. I didn’t like them at first, but I learned to adapt and be successfull.
I wouldn’t be the same person without those abrupt changes, so now I like changes because they are opportunities to improve.

I share you a quote of Socrates that I really like:

Changes could be hard to take but with time you will see that things happens for many reasons. Of course I like changes

It is true that for a new job or a promotion always come with new responsabilities.

I like changes because helps in my personal life.

Yes, I like changes, becasue the conequence is to learn and grow up

We need changes in our lives if we want to achieve greatness.

Well the human has scary to the unknown, so the changes sometimes scary to some people, but of the changes born many thing so values.

I really like the changes because i alway see like a challenge, and i really like the challenge!!1

I like when teachers explain the concepts and I love when I understand those explanations

Well, 4 months ago I had a challenge, I had to move in to Houston for a some moths to live with my sister, but I didn’t speak the language so it was a little difficult to me, but for now I have been learning with Platzi and I feel more comfortable with that.

i love changes becouse you can see other wolrd position, in this moment i think lot people have meny changes of routines, the pandemic changs every thing

I like changes, because they help to grow 😃

A of more importan changes in my life will be change my daily routing, I want have more time for study English and new technologies, I want organize my tasks of day for have time for all, included my time with my children and wife

One of the biggest changes that I lived in the last year was return to my mom’s house. This is a big experience for me because also I move to another city. Actually I live with my mom for 8 months.

Another quote that I love: “All things are difficult before they are easy”

I like changes when I’m ready for assuming responsibility and I have the attitude. I don’t like changes when they are unexpected but I try to be flexible and adapt. For example, in the quarantine, I subscribed to a lot of courses and I meet different peoples online and I found exponents and mentors.

As Lao Tzu says, the changes are life’s essence, and resist to the changes brings sorrow. I think that changes are not a question of whether you like it or not, but whether you are prepared and have no attachment to things.

I have had a lot of changes in my personal and professional life, some changes have been difficult because I was attached to people or a life of consumerism. Now I am in the process of waking up and I am happy with the changes in my life, the life flows each day.

I’ve had some changes when I moved to another country, because the weather is different, summer and winter are extreme, in my city in the other country it’s always spring I love that, but I like the changes, I had professional change too, because I had to adapt myself to the new age, that’s the technology. I am very happy with my decision. Don’t be afraid to changes.

"if you don’t change you will become extinct"
Spencer Johnson

The changes always bring new experiences, could be good or bad, personally, when I was at the university, I didn’t like programming, and I remember that I said “when I finished my degree never more I´ll have to see one line of code anymore”, but I never stayed very comfortable and little by little start to interest me in Web Design, and that was the reason due to I have been looking for getting out of my comfort zone, and I’m very happy with the result in only a few months, is really difficult, but it’s possible.

Is scary and many times is a way full of uncertainty, but the change is necessary.

I don´t like changes because I have to go out on my comfort zone, for example, in this semester I have to talk more because all days I expose my activities but I understand that is part of my growth and I have to face it 😃

All people make changes in his life, something change can be positive or negative in their life, for example new jobs, friends, move a new country. My biggest change was to move to a new place with my family. It was difficult to begin a new life.

I like changes because they afford you the opportunity to improve yourself, to know your limits and talents, to meet new people who can help you or teach you deep things about life. With changes, you can open your mind and have new perspectives on lifestyles, politics, money, travels, culture, etc.

I like changes! It helps me to improve and get flexibility and

I like changes because they’re interesting and sometimes very positives at the end, but I don’t like abrupt or negative changes, like accidents or losses, because they’re too difficult to overcome.

Thank you 2020 for teaching me the value of the routine of my life and teaching me to afront my fears of the changes 😦
Thank 2020 but… I hate you too
After covid-19 I can with all changes I am sure about that

I don’t always think that the changes are good, but if I use it to improve myself and I try so see the side positive meaby it could become good for me.

I like changes because When something is very routine I don’t like it, sometimes I get bored.
I have experimented many changes, I think the most change that I have lived, definitely was this pandemic. But I have had other changes, for example, I am a student, so every change of school and level has been a change very important for me. Changes of house is another change that I have had.
I like the changes, but I must admit some changes have been more difficult than others.

Changes are the most important in our life, the growth-mindset is a constant in this kind of situations. When you change you need to see like in different perspectives, receive different viewpoints and give opinions respectfully and neutral. In the other hand, changes are important to learn how to adapt our personality to different environments, something which happens all the time I like changes since I had to face the most import for me, it was to resign of my job and starting again, I move from a country to another county.

I don't regret it

I love the changes because they are an opportunity to learn. I have had great changes in my life, good and bad changes. Doesn’t matter, they have taught me to grow up.

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new” -Socrates

these classes are gold!!!✨

Changes are the best option to challenge yourself, I love them even if sometimes them makes me feel afraid. ❤️