Curso de Inglés para Marketing

Curso de Inglés para Marketing

Ana Karina Gonz√°lez

Ana Karina Gonz√°lez

Effective Brainstorming Sessions


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excellent tool to use when meetings are online, specially now that we work remotely.

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I am more like a visual kind of student. Hope this helps you. Hug from CR.


<Keep groups small 
<Creative Process
<Hybride Brainstorming 
<Individual Brainstorming

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Why we behave‚ÄĒand decide‚ÄĒthe way we do

 1. Fairness.
        plays a big role in decision making.
 2. Confirmation bias.
        reaching the best outcome.
 3. Framing and anchoring.
        ‚Äúby the time a loan was classified as troubled, it could be    too late to take remedial action.‚ÄĚ
 4. Overconfidence.
      People everywhere tend to see their own abilities in an unrealistically.

How group dynamics affect decisions

 < One big factor affecting the quality of decisions is whether a decision involves a group.>

Why Brainstorming Works Better Online

< We are from different countries >
< It was difficult comunicate in the past (But not now) >
< We can build a better society >


Despite = A pesar de
Although = Aunque / a pesar de que
Indeed = En efecto / de hecho
Leads = Guias
Whereas/While = Mientras
Biased = Sesgado
Wider = M√°s amplio

Devil’s advocate = A person or team charged with taking the less popular side of an issue can help guard against mindless conformity.
Diversity in decision-making meetings = People from different functions or with different backgrounds may help counter conformity and group polarization.
Advance collection of opinions = Asking for input in advance often counters the tendency of a group to reach more extreme positions.
A forum for direct communication with senior management = People who disagree with an action but are afraid to say so can use back channels to communicate their concern.
An ‚Äúat-cause‚ÄĚ attitude = A culture that fosters what we call an at-cause approach encourages everyone to assume personal responsibility for group decisions.

Establish the ground rules.
Keep groups small

As the teacher said there are no wrong or right ideas, in a brainstorming session, everything is possible.

Plaztinautas, I share my contribution.

Las Paginas complementan muy bien esta clase

Find innovative solutions
and generate new ideas!

Brainstorming sessions (Method to create marketing teams and create new ideas)
Impossible not is in the vocabulary, ALL IS POSSIBLE
Team Work----> Find a solution

  1. Define the problem and set the criteria-What can we make?

  2. Provide guidelines - Establish the ground rules

  3. Keep small groups - (10-15 persons) or having break up rooms

  4. diversity factor (People of different backgrounds)

  5. 30 - 40 minutes per meeting - However is the ideas flow KEEP IT UP (DON’T STOP THE CREATIVITY)

  • Document the results and the different advances

Hybrid brainstorming.

I share this infographic

For me, it’s amazing the following information that we saw in the class:
The brainstorm session should last between 30-40 minutes ( it depends on the session flow but this is the recommendation)

  • diversity is a paramount factor that we, as a leader, have to take into account.
  • I heard for the first time the concept of ‚Äúhybrid brainstorming‚ÄĚ I agree with this concept, everyone should have the opportunity of prepare or have a persona brainstorm before the brainstorm group session

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Trello is a good service for this


thanks for the recommended readings!

I think there¬īs an advantage to keep groups small. The brainstorming sessions that way, avoids you to overwhelm with too many ideas. And allows you to executed them faster. is a great tool for Brainstorming Sessions

Brainstorming as a team is very important

Brainstorming it’s about openness