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Curso de Inglés para Marketing

Curso de Inglés para Marketing

Ana Karina Gonz√°lez

Ana Karina Gonz√°lez

Participating in Brainstorming Sessions


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Participating in Brainstroming Sessions:

  • Stay focus: Keep in mind the main goal.
  • Embrace everyone:Encourage participation, give some compliments and motivate your team.
  • Don‚Äôt let the blockers block you: Let them hear the rest of the team and ask them how can we improve the idea.
  • Bring the divers back to the surface: Great doing analysis but ideas need to be concretized.
  • Follow up: Remember the guidelines you want to incorporate in the next brainstorming session (it‚Äôs like a call to action ūüėČ)

Steps before brainstorming ūüėÉ

A summary:

  1. Put the objectives for each brainstorming session.
  2. There are shy people. Invite them by calling their names and they will feel involved and important. Also comfortable to participate in.
  3. Blockers: They don¬īt accept any ideas and interrupt conversations. To counteract this, we should ask opinions from the other ones until the blocker feels like getting involved again.
  4. Divers: Deep into analysis by questions to try to find an item action.
  5. Follow Up: A survey, by email, attend the next session, summarizing the item actions discussed and recap everything from the mentioned previous options.


- Call a person by name and invite them to share
- Appreciate the participation

-------------Two main behaviors -----------------

1. Blockers
        We need to go deep into analysis with them to move forward.
2. Divers
        We need to bring them up to the surface.

Plan for follow-Up.
Do not stop thinking.


strenghts = Fortalezas
surface = Superficie

You are a great Professor! I love the way you teach!

Keep in mind the session’s main goal, it seems like a obvious phrase but so many times I’ve been in a sessions and after hours I ask myself, why are we here? What was the main topic? Why are we still here if this session should comes to an end many hours ago? Or Said " so many wasted hours,for this?"

I hate blockers haha

I used to have a lot of questions about how to behave during a Branistorming Session. Glad to take this course!

goal : be leader
stay focus

Stay focus and encourage participation!

I share with you this resume.