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Curso de Inglés para Marketing

Curso de Inglés para Marketing

Ana Karina González

Ana Karina González

Group Dynamics and Roles


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Negative roles:

  1. Blocking: Someone disagreeing with any idea and not allowing to make the ideas flow.
  2. Dominating: Someone that talks too much, not allowing else one to make a point.
  3. Clowning: Adding humor to conversations, discouraging people with their ideas.
  4. Withdrawing: Too tired to collaborate. Also, being blocked by a blocker, being dominated, and being clowned.

Positive roles:
1. Task-based: Do tasks for the benefits of others.
1.1. Seeking and giving information from the expertise.
1.2. Energizing the team: Encouraging people.
1.3. Taking/sharing notes: About ideas and important aspects for everyone later on.
1.4. Expanding on other´s ideas: Listen a little bit more from everyone.
1.5. Initiating conversations: To add more ideas.
1.6. Offering new ideas: To conduct and keep brainstorming conversations up.

2. Maintenance:
2.1. Encouraging participation: Kudos for people ideas, giving compliments to keep giving ideas.
2.2. Finding opportunities for compromise: "Can you give us an example?"
2.3 Seeking harmony during conflict: Making everything work the best way for everyone.

Positive Roles: (Aid in accomplishing tasks, build positive relationships)

  • Task-based / maintenance
    Negative Roles: (Impede progress)
  • Blocking / Dominating / Clowning / Withdrawing

Here is an amazing quote "it’s not only the individual who is influencing group, it’s the group making an influence in the individual "

Great class!! I hope I won’t never assume a negative role

thank you!! you’re very clear in the information