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Curso de Inglés para Marketing

Curso de Inglés para Marketing

Ana Karina González

Ana Karina González

Perception in Visual Communication


Make marketing materials meaningful and memorable using the proper graphic designs, understand the perception, and incorporate concise language during the beginning stages of the designing process in a focus group. Recognize good design principles.

Challenge: Review marketing materials and create a new graphic proposal utilizing the same information. Review effective powerpoint presentation samples to gather and collect best practices communicating messages using visuals, arts, graphics, and charts. Prepare a personal Marketing Presentations/Market Analysis portfolio.

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Another tip here.
Keep the same type of colors on your slides but when you want to grab attention again change the color of one slide and write a word using big letters. Just use this in order to impact with something really important to say during your presentation 😃

Your presentation —> The start is the information that contains your presentation

Rules of thumbs: Basic principle to improve a professional communications with the client

  1. Keep it simple -->Transitions, colors (simplicity speaks with clarity to our client)
  2. Use one point per slide --> Make with clarity (For the people can understand)
  3. Use high quality graphics -->Create a difference, the picture speaks with small details
  4. Understand negative space (White space) --> Give the eye space to breath
  5. Use visual sentences instead of words --> Your mind work in a different way
  6. Consistency --> the presentation flows (different transitions, animations)
  7. Review your slides -->Overall how the presentation looks

Branding initiatives

  1. Strategy
  2. Management
  3. Performance

Advices for our visual presentation:

  1. Don’t use too much colours, transitions, effects.
    2.One point per slice.
  2. Use high quality graphics.
  3. Understand negative space.
  4. Use visual sentences instead of words.
  5. Consistency in your design.
  6. Review your slides.

Keep it simple–one point per slide

Please use palette colors for your presentation

  1. Keep it simple: We don’t have to put it all in a presentation. Simplicity speaks with clarity to our clients
  2. Use one point per slide: Communicate with clarity. Short text
  3. Use high-quality graphics: It’s important the resolution and the quality.
  4. Use virtual sentences instead of words: GRaphs and charts speak better. Short words, try to combine text with graphs.
  5. Consistency: Same fonts, transitions, these provide concentration on the message.
  6. Review your slides: How looks the presentation, check if you were consistent.

One of my favorite classes so far, presentations are a day to day tool used in my workplace and these tips have been very helpful!

great tips, keep the attention is always a challenge

Nothing better than a presentation well developed