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Curso de Inglés para Marketing

Curso de Inglés para Marketing

Ana Karina Gonz√°lez

Ana Karina Gonz√°lez

Preparing your presentation: Guidelines and Recommendations


Build up confidence and knowledge to successfully formal management presentations, pitches, impromptu speeches, sales scripts and consultative sales presentations that will give your confidence a boost and your words more energy and excitement.

Challenge: Record a 5 minute sales video. Use the materials prepared during your class challenges and readapt the information according you each lesson.

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Preparing your presentation: Guidelines and Recommendations

    - Context
    - Speak Relax
    - Audience
    - Purpose

--------  Part of your presentation --------

     - Introduction
          1 StoryTelling
          2 Ask a question
          3 Use a quote
     - Benefits
          1 What is in it to me?
     - Key Point
          1 The fisrt step
          2 Next
          3 For example
          4 To illustrate
     - Closing
          1 Use a transition phrase
          2 Call for action
          3 Use eye contact


        Purpose = Propósito 
  1. Context:
  • To be prepared and on top of your game
  • Think about the place, distance from the audience
  • Go before the presentation and know the place
  1. Audience:
  • The number of people you‚Äôre speaking
  • Preparation and reduce surprise elements
  • You need to know your audience, understand the audience
  1. Purpose:
  • Why are you presenting to these people?
  • Why in that specific place?
  • The purpose is important to your audience, also establish an order.
    Walkthrough your outline
  • Storytelling: Prepare your audience, tell a story
  • Ask question: Catchy question, break the ice
  • Use a quote: From people that are smart
    Key points
  • The first step
  • Next
  • For instance
  • Finally
    Prepare your audience for conclusion
    Use a transition phrase, call for action, use eye contact, control your voice.

¬°Thanks!, I liked so much this course.

Really good guidelines!