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Curso de Inglés para Marketing

Curso de Inglés para Marketing

Ana Karina Gonz√°lez

Ana Karina Gonz√°lez



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Thank you for this amazing course. I have a presentation next month at the University of Calgary, Canada. A 2 hours virtual lecture, and this course helped me a lot to focus my presentations.

Excellent course. Excellent teacher !, I hope to watch another course with her. ūüėÉ

I hope to be taugth again by miss Ana Karina, she is so charismatic and energetic. Great coure

Excellent course! Great methodology and teacher, was great to learn marketing in English, I know I will use most of this lessons in the future! Thnx @Ana ūüíö

Wonderful course, thank you!

Loved it! Thank you Ana Karina!

Amazing course and teacher!

it was a great course! thank you , I hope I can use what I¬īve learned soon ūüėÉ

I can‚Äôt wait to use my marketing english. Thank you so much for the course ūüėÉ

Improve = mejorar

super interesting the course

Great course. Thanks a lot.

This course surpassed my expectiations! I had a lot of questios during my progress to become a better profesional in marketing and I didn’t knew that I could find some of the answers here. Thank you for all those tips!

What and incredible professional , and a teacher ana is you guys lucky to have this kind of , human resources talents working for you … waaaooo

Hi there everyone;

Marketing is not my area of work. However, I learned many good soft skills, new tools, and a new vocabulary to use at work, thanks to this course.

@Ana, thank you for it. Right now, I can see pretty clear everything. Marketing is everywhere.