Curso de Inglés para Marketing

Curso de Inglés para Marketing

Ana Karina González

Ana Karina González

Welcome/ Introduction


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🛑I have left my course notes in the tutorial area:
It is just course notes in a format for placing a summary and keywords per video. Greetings 🖖🏿

Excelente, muuy importante.

Gracias por esta iniciativa,

Hi, there guys;

What a Funny video about that kind of Gladiator. My philosophy in English is, try to communicate yourself as well as you can. However, about the jokes, do not try to push yourself when you can’t understand them. That is another kind of English level.

I’m super excited about this course!. It’s been so long since my last English class, but I love it. Good Luck for everyone!! Pura Vida!!

hi, mi name is Kevin Ernesto

I loved the Marketing video in the resources section jajajjaa


Mention in the video .

  • Schedule : calendar
  • Meeting status : are periodically scheduled events at different levels in which information relating to a project is shared . When it is executed correctly can create unity among teammates based on shared goals
  • review : is an opinion about a product or service made by the clients
  • branding : it refers to the process of make and construct a brand ( values , business , etc )
  • top of management : high direction of a company
  • concerns : some troubles or worry
  • awareness : brand awareness
  • top of mind : it refers to the condition of a brand that appears firstly in the mind of the audience when ask them about a product or service
  • approach : focus on a new proposal
  • appeal : try to make attractive for the audience
  • engagement : to denominate the level of commitment between the brand and the public
  • trendy : say that something is trendy means that it is becoming a tendency
  • kick off : term that means have a meeting to start a project
  • check of the budget : check the amount of money to spend in marketing

I’m very excited to start this course

I really like your accent. I studied english in a Britain Institute circa 10 years ago. Nowadays I can’t speak english so fluently but i can understand and write with no problems, well i think so.

if this course is full english experience i will learn more than i spected. well, i’ll do my best 💚

I am excited to do this course. Let’s start

Hi, My name is Jonathan, I have been taking this course until the end…

I Really Enjoy the Course

Hi, I do like your accent!

I didn´t know how much I need this! Bring it on! 😃

I’m very happy for still practice my skills in other language like English. It’s very important to me because it’s a challenge with myself.

Success for all team!

Let’s go for it !!

Great ! I’m very excited to start this course !

I am excited to start!!!

Great! Let’s learn

Really exited to start this new course!! success for all!!

Excellent, I would like to improve my english and my marketing skills. This course sounds great.

All documentation of marketing i learned was in spanish now in english, perfect 😃

😆 the marketing terminology video, from links an files, was so funny!!! 😃

I’m very excited too!

Since today, I’m going to begin the Marketing School, so, at the same time I’m going to be in this course.