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Yeeei! I was waiting this one. Jess is the best!

El curso es para gente que habla inglés y que quiere aprender inglés ?porque yo hablo español y no entiendo nada de inglés ,justamente por eso quiero hacer el curso. Cómo se hace ?

Different ways to say For Example
This is illustrated…
As an example being…
In a similar case…
As a case in point…
Note well…
Such as…

Yo habla español como puedo aprender

Nice to meet you Jess! Very excited to walk down this path 😄

Excellent, other course 😃

Nice to meet you Jess! This course looks so interesting! 😄

I hope to learn a lot ! Thank you

Amazing introduction!

Feeling great to start this new challenge!!

Amazing Introduction, Let’s go to learn with this great professor! 😎🐊

Whoa, I think this course will be hard for me:( I took the other courses but I’m still thinking my listening isn’t good xc

YEAH!! Leet’s g!!1

Thank you for this course!

Hola, No puedo ver los videos! Me dice que la red o servidor están fallando o que no soporta el formato, tengo actualizado mi iPad

buen video

omg, amazing!


Wow, with the little i have seen i have loved

The conversation is more than proving a point should be the delight of knowing other’s view experiences and expose ours. Like social beings, interact with others is fundamental and helps us to get more complex networks. Our tools will be vocabulary, grammar, and functional languages.

Hello, I did the level exam and I got an ‘advanced level’, but honestly I feel kind of insecure about that, speaking and writting are the hardest to me, so I decided to write something in the comment section for each video to improve my writting, if you find some mistakes in my comments please let me know, that would be great 😃

Thanks teacher , I hope that i could improve my speaking with this course.

Oh my god! The intro! I am currently in a Job with almost full english environment but I have this issue:

Even though all the information and some meetings are in English, I struggle at the moment of speaking casually, informally. So I truly believe this curse is for me. I thinking about taking the intermediate level too. 😄



I’m excited to take this course. When I listen to Jess teacher I feel like a native speaker.

Great Jess! come on!

“Conversation isn’t about proving a point; true conversation is about going on a journey with the people you are speaking with”.

  • Ricky Maye

Que formato usan? no puedo acceder a los videos porque me sale este mensaje “The media could not be loaded, either because the server or network failed or because the format is not supported.” ¿?

is amazing this curse


Let’s go!

AHHH! I just finished the intro class and wow. I feel so exciting!!
This teacher has the vibes required for good learning🤗.
Love it💥

I´m excited to start this amazing curse!

Thank you for this course!



Describing hypothetical situation. Talking about problems. Expressing your experiences. Talking about future.

What will we learn? Comparing information. Share Information. Give / asking for an advice. Pros / Cons of the idea.

It seems this will be a great course. ✨

Here we go again! I hope to learn a lot.

Conversation is going on a journey

Begining the last challenge of the course per week 2.0! I’m so excited to learn again with Mr. Harris!

I’m glad to continue with you as your student, thanks jess

Here we go Jess! It will be a great course. 🚀

oh s*it, here we go again, haha just kidding I just finished the intermediate course and now here I am, ready to keep learning, practicing my listening/speaking with theses classes c:

This professor is awesome!

I agree, he is the best!!

"going on a journey with the people you're speaking with" great quote! I love it and I'm so excited about this course 💚👏💫