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What will the future of the education look like?


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In 20 Years education will be 70% online, for the actual situation, makes that the normal center of educacion Starts to practice the online education and this make that people preferís this type of education because hace more time to make whatever they want apart of study. it may be that being virtually has a personalized approach and teachers going to be like our coaches.

Two branches: Immersive VR teaching and face-to-face education as always.

  • Immersive VR teaching: Cheaper and haptic VR headset allows being in a virtual room with students and teacher, with the help of haptic response to at least get feedback of touches.
  • Common education but we improvements of technology. Hope to see Intelligent classrooms with good IoT adapted to learning.

the pandemic advanced the plans of a future virtual education and honest education focused on skills and not on cardboard

Ok, here I go:
I think that the education will change, not in 10 or 20 years, in my opinion, it’ll change in maybe 3-5 years, due to the corona, we learned that the education and the workplaces must change, we learned that our society must be based on technology, not on the old school way.
In those 3-5 years, the education in the universities and schools could change positively, changing to 60-80% virtual education and the rest of the percentage must be focus on development of skills of the students. Europe and the USA are changing the mood, because they noticed that education must be connected with industry, for instance, in Germany, the dual mode for learning is great for engineering, science, pharmacy, car’s industries, and I guess that learning everything must follow the natural process, as Platzi does it for us, with Platzi Master, as an example.

PLEASE, correct me


I think that education will be online, not all will adopt this culture but it will be a big percent who do it.

In 5 years education will have a big change in its structure, we will have many courses and platforms to study and it will change the way of learning at the world
In 20 years there will be free education platform to learn and it will be the best form to educate people.
##What happens in the year 2076?
I read a book from Isaac Asimov in which he talks about the education in the year 2076 and he talks about the perspective of the education at society: Most people think that education is only for youngs this causes that older people thinks that education is not important for them, as a result older people is ignorant, in the future this will be different because technology will replace repetitive jobs and people only have to work on things where they need knowledge and imagination, in this future you have to never stop learning

I’m sure education has changed to something more informal, more specificated with new careers. everything will be online with less theory and more practice. This change is now where everybody should adapt it. Our new life will be exposited to new viruses or different risks where the unique refuge is the internet and its huge content.

in ten years everything including education will be definitely 80% online as we are starting now to see the changes

I think in 10 or 20 years education will be totally online with a new structure where you can select a type of education focus on skills or personalized with coaches. Probably the student will decide what want to learn and then the coaches define a personal plan for that! This means that education will be as good as Platzi right now, this kind of educational platform is the future and effective learning.

In the next ten years. Education will be more inclusive. Thanks to online education this will be possible. Many university offer online career and also, the schools will have online course. The methodology to teach change and the teachers will be as coach in the education path.

I only wish teachers stoped reading slides, it would make me happy

I think that the education will be a mix 70% online and 30% presential. Its better for me online, because i can work and study at the same time. But during the high scholl or university are neccesary the laboratories, in this case , it will be presential. With my experience the companies are looking for persons with experience and when we start working with a early age, we can gain experience, and we can learn at the same time. Too, the educuation will be cheaper because the expenses for Schools and the universities will be reduce without all the infrastructure, that they need today.

I think after 20 years in Latam the education of the people searching more and more information is being online 70%, but for people to go on a school or a university also for get a certificate is the same system from today because don´t search get out from that calm place.

I think education in ten years likely will be more focusing on skills that people are looking for your own interests and I believe that is good because we can leave aside the unnecessary information.
I would not like that teachers will become coaches but I’m certain that virtual modality will play an important role in this future change.

I think that education in 10 years it will so different because we could be inserting devices as memory flash in our brain (something like Neuralink, initially it might expensive, but with during on time, it will be cheaper. in 30 years… maybe the new humanity might be like product, that the new fathers might to choose and buy the new humans parts,… for example as the computers. “pls give me a boy with memory to do a new singer of KPOP music at mart” lol lol

In 10 years education will be almost 100% virtual because the fear for the pandemic of this years.
I think however that 20 years from now the people will figure out that personal interaction is very importan por human development and consequently presential education will mostly return.
30 years later, as a consecuence of science research and thecnological “gadgets”, we will have a mixture of presential and virtual edutacion depending on the type of knowledge each person is looking for.

In my opinion, I think it will be mostly online, but there are some things that need to be face to face like medicine, mechanics, etc. I also agree with Jess, the teaches should be more like coaches more than teachers, probably theoretical classes should be online, and practice ones face to face.

I think that, for sure, in the future education will incorporate an online education to a greater extend, without completely leaving the presenciality method.
And I believe that pesenciality will be destinated to practicing and experimenting, more than theoretical teaching, as happens nowadays

Well i belive that the educaiton in the word will be better in countries called the first world because with the news tecnologies, the new thinks about the actual education and the think that the kids will be the future of one country. But in the countries poorer in the world the education will change a little with a little changes but nothing more the sistem will be the same.

I think that the education in 20 - 30 years will be more online, because we already see with the actual situation that we can learn and study efficiently in our houses, and that way we can have more time to develop other capacities and realice other personal activities.

I believe there’s already been demonstrated for the way things are going on last years, that tendency is to go online for getting specialized and personalized education. This indeed is a whole new paradigm for education that works best for many people.

I think education In ten years is going to be about skills, also will be online and offline as an unique experience, I mean, you will have online class, also offline class in the same program.

In my opinion, in the next 10 years, education will be totally different like we know. Pandemic has changed our mind, we have to get new skills by ourselves. The companies have to change the way to communicate and lead the workers. Schools have to develop a new way to transmit knowledge.
Now, we know that there are many ways to learn, and most of the ways will be accessible and cheap than before. Most of the education will be online 24 hours a day.

System Education as it is, it’s more likely to disappear. Consider that younger teachers are taking place all over the world. They brought with them their learning experiences and will know that the world isn’t the same and System Education should not remain the same either.

I think that education wiil be more inclusive, free and greatful but no so recurrent in the society because people that cares for his education might be dissapearing.

Probably in 10 years , the education on my country will with Meta, is a new name of de Facebook, . this platform recently was anounched by Marck creator of facebook, is a very intersting platform becouse we can interact with other people by reality virtual, so hope that solutions can be implemented soon, for know new people or maybe learn new things.

I think the future of the education will look like very personalized and experiential and it will be adapted to each individual.

I believe education has started to change since the pandemic, we realized that the way we currently learn and job need to be more flexible to gain efficiency and results. Companies and educational institutions have to open their door to new ways that let people develop within them. The answer is clear, human is the best and the most important “resource” of any organization, so if people grow personal and professionally, also the organization will do. Countries like Germany have begun new ways and tecniques to connect companies with educational institutes, and they have proved all the benefits that it brings to both sides.

I think that the education in 20 years will be 100% online, remote. The teachers will be like coaches at students level, so the class will be more confortable.

I imagine education in the future as a completely different experience, considering that the technology everyday change and the developers are looking the manner to make the user experience better: I think online education is the future, but trying to do the experience better and that the people can feel closer to each other.

I think that in 10 years, education will be online in a large percentage, but in a personalized way. That is to say, the basic elements of an education such as the interaction between people and the learning of specific topics will continue to exist, but with the small detail that the methodology of these actions will be implemented with technological elements such as the metaverse

It hard to certainly know how o where the future of education its going. Now , with this pandemic , education find his way trought tecnologies… and i think there is a no return pass in all that, because tecnology is constantly evolving, and all that comes with it also evolves.

In 30 years the education will be different, if today it’s more presencial in the future I think that going to have a great component online, and the books, homeworks, other materials and activities will be enmarqued in Internet platform and focused to digital revolution that will come …

I think in 30 years the education will have a great changes. Starting with less class in a classroom and more online class. With the covid, almost all the schools tried with this and the results were pretty cool. If is a true that the childrens needa live togheter for personal growing we need to find a middle point and with the internet growing I agree the education needs to move to online way.

Education has been changing globally, I think it is due to the interconnectivity that exists today. So, I believe that the education of the future will be one where teachers and students are from different parts and there will also be platforms with online education that help these abrupt changes.

Education will be virtual and the traditional institutions will disappear like we know them, and they will be more oriented to things that people would like to learn

I think education in the future will be more flexible. The platforms on internet like platzi will be more presents in the education, but i think too that formal education will not disappear.

I think that education in 30 years will be very different from now. Boys and girls will learn with virtual reality, new approaches will be discovered. I don’t know which learning methods will appear, but I am pretty sure that it will be 100% different.

likely-smt will probably happen will-no specific plan, life prediction i´m going to-plan/ intention

I think that education in 20 years, will be more efficient for self taught learners because the internet will give them more options. But, in the case of public education system, I’m not sure that it can change a lot, the main reason will be that the system is old and not accept changes in its structure

  • I’m pretty sure that if the public education system doesn’t adapt more quickly to the rapidly changing environment, in 30 years having a bachelor’s degree and going to school would even be irrelevant.

  • For example, speaking of the time to finish a degree, maybe 3 to 5 years on average, when in the same period you could learn 3 to 5 skills that pay you high salaries in the market, even higher than with a university degree, isn´t it crazy?

I believe in 20 years the education will be more democratized by technological developments, more people will have ways to choose and access to personalized education platforms, there will be a population with increased awareness of what they want to learn.

Hi platzinauts.

I belive the education will be shacked in the next ten years with all the new plataforms and all the new ways to learn something. We can see the process today. If you want to know how to write in other language, how to cook a cake, just need open the browser in the celphone (not neccesary in one computer) or go to YouTube’s app and Bingo! There you have it. Thousands of videos that show you all the things you nedd to know to do that task.

Yes. May be isn’t the best way, yet. But soon the process of teach will be more focus on the things that are more relevant and all the skills you need to master an activity, than they are today.

In twenty years, something like the movie Matrix would be great, where someone will download the knowledge you need, directly into the chip in your brain and it won’t take five years to teach you something.

Yes I know it sound so sci-fi, and bring new kind of troubles and put new dilemmas on the table. But until then, I hope we can do something similar.

In 10 years education will be mostly online and for very specific situations like courses in careers such as medicine or civil engineering will be in person. Also with the technologies advances there will be other method of learning more fast and efficient than We have now.

I think that the future of education will be a personalized approach focused on specific skills.

Talking about future

I think that education in the next years will be online; These days with the global pandemic we learn that many of our activities studying or working could be done at home, we adapted to this new reality, so I believe that from this moment and in the next year this would be improve and many things will be adapted to the internet.

I think that in the future Education will be more online than offline. Since more people around the world are getting access to the internet this will make easier access to online Education.

I guess within ten years the skills will be most important than the degrees or a certificate but also is possible the employers wants we have a degree in something or ask for diplomas and certificates.
In my opinion we need to prepare ourselves and improve our skills for the future

I think in ten years education will be different, technology is breaking down old systems, I believe in the future, a lot of careers will disappear, but there will be new others.
I guess, in the future, skills will be more important than degrees.


In 10 years we will have a lot of careers that doesn’t have now. In 30 years maybe the teachers will be IA that produce online classes. I think that in 3 years online education arise the quantity of students.

I think education will be more horizontal process, putting attention on how students learn. It will be hybrid, not just online or face-to-face, especially after the experience gained on this pandemic. And finally I think that education is approaching to be more transversal, not so delimited by subjects.

I think that in 30 years the traditional educational will die for forever and the educational will more flexible and have mnay cultures, without obstacles and restriccions for any people.

I think it would be like hybrid, from home and still going to the school. I do not imagine how the student-teacher relationship would be (I hope better than now) but what I’d like them to add are other things to study about, like finance or mental health because I personally think that we should get more into these, at least here in MX.

In my honest opinion the classroom that we are used to used will disappeared and the money that colleges and universities have been spent in buildings must be invest in technology. Also, teachers won´t need a lot of degrees to be hired because would be more important their accomplishments and values.

In the future, the virtual education will be standard, VR will be used to practice or to be in the classroom. Teachers are going to be coaches, not only to teach but to motivate the students. The careers are going to be more specialized and people are going to finish it in 1-2 years.

I think education will be face to face but students and teachers will have modern tools to develop a class like virtual animation, AI real-time information, and others.

In my opinion, in 10 years the education will become 100% online. The education platform will be in state-of-art of IA models. With all info of students on these platforms and all his behavior modeling, the education going to be personalized to reach each goal of each person focusing on which skills the peoples wants to get. The teacher will assume a role as coach to guide in macro decisions

In the future the education will be online and personal, as in the time of Leonardo Davinchi

In 10 years, I’m sure Education will be totally different as it is now and I’m expectant to see all the upcoming changes:

Student at the center
More valuable (and cheaper)
Innovative teachers
Skills focused
Online (for sure)

i think the education in 30 year be very different with new teachers, the class online while the students maybe be more smarter than now

I think, in 10 years, educational system in México will be directed towards an hybrid system with a mayority percent of online education and a minor percent of presential classes. Also there’s going to be online resources that complements the education by promoting the self-taught

I think the future of education in 10- 20 years will be more accessible to other people, added to this I think the actual model will have a change because the pandemic shows us the actual model not is enough to teach to other persons, and that is proved because many people don’t have access to the internet or the people only enter a class and don’t participate, I think the professor going to develop new ways to teach and learn better. Added to this the groups of students will be smaller and there will exist more groups for giving more options for the people can study.

In ten years, with 5G mobile technology people will have more Internet Access, so the universities must be to change their methods and build all technological infrastructure to be more competitive and get great online courses.
In twenty years, my daughter will study with digital books in his tablet in the park, and maybe she can study more than one carrier in the same time that I could finish mine.
In thirty years, I hope to insert some chips in my brain to learn faster … I guess all possible class of education will be on Internet and with artificial intelligent we can be a very smarter people.


During pandemic, all people understand that education will be like online, because is easier to get access, is more flexible and give more tools to understand and learn faster. That’s the reason I bought Plazi English course. I won’t come back to presencial expensive class at the university.

In 10 years Education in El salvador will be 100% virtual, because our students are receiving computers to continues their studies.

big percentage of the population will be working in online mode because it is easier, cheaper and more autonomous, also the learning methods will be developed an excellent way to learn easily and fast.

In my opinion, in 10 years, 20 or any time, the traditional education will be the most important way to educate professionals, these places, furthermore to educate they make research and help to the world developt. On the other hand, online platforms will have a principal role in the rural places.

As many people said in the comment section, in the future, education will be online, I don’t sure about in what percent but it will be like that, I’m in tech and I don’t really like the idea of everything online, it’s more confortable but I don’t like too much.

Nowadays, students are learning with specific platforms and some presencial classes.
In ten years, education will be online and will change the way of teaching and learning. Why? Because people will have the oportunity to learn at home and they will choose a schedule.

Well im pretty sure that in 10 years we will have an IA that will make a learning path studying your opportunity areas, with VR teachers and practices.

In Mexico there education is one of the biggest problems and right now in pandemic time it causes that many children lost their educational year, because they only have classes online or by tv but the economic resources arent enough to pay a mobile or internet to take their classes.

In my opinion, education hadn’t changed a lot. After the pandemic, we saw how online education could be something more useful and I think in 10 years we are going to have more hybrid classes in Universities and schools. I hope in 20 years as we learned in the class, we have an education with a personal approach, focused on skills and having teachers as a coach, but I think probably that is going to be possible in 30 years. There are so many things that we have to change in our educational systems, but this is just the beginning. I think that Platzi, has an effective way to learn, they motivate the students to be better every day and offer so many possibilities online! I hope the future becomes more like that!

In 20 years the top ranking schools and universities will have dominated the digital world and the presencial world, so, the degrees will be more accesible and practical, the presencial education will continue be a privilege of few people.

The digital reality may allow to have more interactive classes and the technology will help the students with their tasks in order to interiorise the knowledge.

In 20 years I think the internet shall be declared as a right for people, so almost everyone should have access to internet and with this, the education will be restructured. People in a early age could have learn a lot of skills, they will start to create things online, so the remote work and remote education will be normal. Teachers will be like youtubers or something, and poor countries will be no more

I think in the future education will happen in Virtual Reality.

I think education in 10 years will be mucho more focused on skills, and will be very personalized to each individual. It’s likely the the future teachers will be IA programs accesible to everyone.

Within a couple of years personally, I think that education will be changing a lot, every year the technology that supports the school is better, due to this some things will change, for instance, maybe one day the students need to go once or twice, and the rest of the classes they could take them from their house.

I strongly believe that education will change a lot in some aspects but will be the same in others. For example, I am certain that tests are going to be done but they might be very different from today.
I also believe that there will be more teachers that are able to use more pedagogy methodologies. It is also likely that children will learn to make online research at a young age and they also might be more autodidacts.
On the other hand, the role of parents and tutors will still have the same weight as today and technology will still be unreachable for the poorest.

" Education’s Purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

i love that quote

In 20 years, there will be a change in high shool, in the way that students could decide what skills do they want to improve for the University or Tecnichal Career. Also, Tecnical Careers will be online in most of the cases.

I foresee that in the future education go from one size fits all model to a tailor-made model. Also education will be something that all of us will be doing across all our life, not something that we do during a certain period of time as it is right now. In the future, education will be different because alums will learn in home and will go to classes, which most of them will be remote, to clear doubts or share insights and experiences with classmates and teachers. The role of teacher will be more like coaches or mentors rather than the role they play today, where give information more than stimulate students to search and research, try and error in order to discover things instead of memorizing. In the future education will be available for more people than today, and students will be able to study at their own pace and not like nowadays when classes are at the same rhythm for everybody and teaching not take into account the particularities of every individual in the learning process. That is how I imagine education will be in the future

In the future, the education will be fully online-only, only the careers that need a face to face learning like medicine or carpentry will require a traditional learning

In my opinion I think that the future education its going to be more better than this times because the technologies that will we have in the future its going to be amazing, actually in my opinion the educations goes in the same hand with the technology, and I hope that we can to take advantage of the future technology that we will have. Otherwise the technology can be a distractor for us, so in the future and the futures kids that can be a cons because they will can grown up with the fact that they can spend a lot of time in the tv, seeing videos, much time in their phone, and if we don’t have conscience about that little line it will be wrong.

I think the evolution of education will be more personalized and spesific about the skills you choose or you are mor apt.

I think that the future of education has been acelerated by the pandemic, studying in a virtual way show us that we can learning better that the physical classes.

in 10 years you will download knowledge in a chip on your head, free.

since the observation of the current trends in education I would say that the future education wont be anything as we know now as formal education, it would be more personalized and oriented by the self goals and dreams.

I supouse that the education in 20 years will be like in matrix, so we can will download any kind of information directly to our brains through: usb cable? bluetooth? or maybe we´ll be using the neuralink. in my opinion it´s a very exciting future. i´m happytobe here for you.

In 30 years Education wil be mainly online because knowledge it’s not mean to be restricted in any place. In my personal opinion Universities are starting to support their common courses with online platforms such as platzi, course or EDX.

Ithink that education in 20 years will alway be online , because people are already getting used to that lifestyle, and for the situation that is being lived with many diseases and other things that may occur in the future

I believe in 10 years the education will different because the mind of people have change for example now thanks to the pandemic the education is virtual and is mandatory now to move on the internet, then in 10 yeas maybe everyone will have online class and learn by themselves.

In my opinion, the future of educations is depend of the level. For example, high school will continue in a big infrastructure , presencial but focusing on skills. But, the university will change forever. Every day fewer students enrolled in university and they prefer online platform like PLATZI because they have a formation in their passions, talents and business necessity.

I believe that in 10 or 20 years, the students are going to complement his learning with online education, learning about topics of his interest. So they can be more prepared for the technological future that we have.

I agree with Jess that education should focus on teaching skills and not much on knowledge (that is also important). Something that I would like is that in the future education gives the option of studying online or something hybrid with presence and online classes.

I think education in the future will be like in avengers movies, you can become an expert in thermonuclear astrophysics in just one night…

In my opinion, in 20 years approximately 80% of the classes will be online and the students shall have the possibility to customize your curriculum.

I think in 20 years classroom education will be optional and the people may choose how they learn. The results will be the only important thing and not the process.

Well, I think in 10 years the duration of professional careers will be shorter because education is going to focus on soft skill, not necessary to learn a lot of things that we never use it in the real life and get out of touch with what really is important to the professional life.