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Curso de Inglés Avanzado: Trabajo

Curso de Inglés Avanzado: Trabajo

Teresa González Pacheco

Teresa González Pacheco

Effective listening


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To be a good listener
-Don’t think about what you are going to say while the other person is talking
-Don’t speak about what you do not knowledge
-Don’t speak from your own autobiography

To be a good listener, do:
-Be authentic
-Be in the moment
-Accept opinions different from your own
-Ask open-ended questions
-Go with the flow
-Think about the other person first
-Be empathetic
-When you do speak, be brief

Listen to the TED Talk and jot down the main points, then write three open-ended questions to expand on the topic.

The TED talk it’s very intersting.I had already heard and read about grit and how we can achieve our goals. Also I think then the “growth mindset” is “nunca parar de aprender”, always be willing to learn new things and topics

The Ted Talk was so interesting!
The main points are:
1. Grit is passion and perseverance for very long-term goals.
2. Grit is living life like it’s a marathon, not a sprint.
3. Growth mindset: the ability to learn is not fixed, it can change with your effort.

I would ask:

  1. How can we install grit in children if the parents don’t know about the grit?
  2. Where, with whom, and with what should we start?
  3. Could adults stick to this grit? What could involve?

Yes I agree with you, when you said to be a good listener, do, Accept opinions different from you own.


Effective communication:

  • Effective Listening
    Don’t think about what you are going to say while the other person is talking.
    Don’t speak about what you don’t know.
    Don’t speak from your own autobiography.
    To be a good listener:
  • Be authentic.
  • Be in the moment.
  • Accept different opinions from your own.
  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Go with the flow.
  • Think about the other person first.
  • Be empathic.
  • When you speak, be brief.

If you pay close attention…you may see Isis doing a Cameo in this class.

If i can resume this class with one word i would use humbleness, because sometimes it can be really hard to let go our ego and be patient to listen, but it´s worth it when you learn it.

The first step to be a good leader, or even a good co-worker, it´s to be a good listener.

How was the transition from manage consulting to teaching?
How was the reception of the students at beginning?
You think this motivational approach(grit) for students can highlight a new way of teaching?

I know if I want to be a good listener, I should practice and pay attention the points i would have to improve!!!

Good advices !! thank you

  1. ¿What oo you consider is the main skill to start getting a Grit attitude?

  2. ¿Why some people can´t develop a Grit thought model?

  3. ¿Grit focus is something that you can learn at any time or is something to learn in school?

My three questions:

  1. I am a teacher, I believe in friendship and I need to connect with the students’ hearts, what do you think? Could this kind of thinking strengthen the gritty future kids?
  2. The most important aspect of Education is Students must be strong in cognitive skills but, why does Emotional Intelligence isn’t important? Why do feelings are not included?
  3. Friendship, Emotional Intelligence, and Resilience are important in the development of a student’s personality, What is your opinion about this? Should MINED include them like subjects inside the topics of each Educational Level?

I decided to listen the Emili Wapnick´s ted talk called: Why some of us don’t have one true calling. And my three questions for her would be:

  • In what situation she faced first time with the multipotentialist framework?

  • What does she consider the most important super power of a multipotentialist: Idea synthesis, rapid learning, or adaptability?

  • How a not-multipotentialist can use these three skills to survive out side the comfort zone?

  • What we need in education?
  • What means “Grit”?
  • What about “Growth mindset”?

TED Talk
Grit: The power of passion and perseverance
Main point: The speaker Angela Lee aims to explain the reason why the people reach to be successful in education and life.

1- Is grit the only reason why the people gets succesful in life?
2- Success in life depends on doing the things that we are more atracted to, are easier to do for us, or we love the most?
3- Is success the result of the union of grit and do what we love the most to do?

For me is the union of both, grit and do what we love most to do with discipline, intuition and doing what is rewarding.


Open ended questions about the TED Talk:

  • How can we measure the grit level in a person?
  • What is the relation between grit and happiness?
  • What book do you recommend to learn more about growing grit in children?

New vocabulary:

  • Jot down (to take notes)

Best ted talk for the course, all the speech i was thinking “how do you produce grit for someone else?” and the answer of see life as a marathon is precise, not only fot overcome the failure but to not let the succes slow your growth

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

― Kevin Durant

According to Ted`s video and related to the topics of this course. My only question is:
Why is the important to include in Latin American education topics related to emotional intelligence?
-Thanks for your answers.

I would ask her:
Is it possible to size grit?
Do you know if is possible to build grit by yourself?
what do you have to avoid in order to improve grit?

The TED talk is excellent and show the important to know the power of the long term to develop a grit mindset.

Question for the panelist in the video

For how long you´re working in this tests?
Do you have rated the stress level of the kids during the polls?
What is more important for the kid at the moment they make try outs for school grades. Past the exam or learn ?

Wow! I hadn’t heard about the word “Grit” before in this context. Now I’m very interested in it. I’d ask Angela if she found any correlation between degrees of grit and academic results. Also, I’d ask her if there were any other personality traits involved in the people with a higher grit. Finally, I’d ask her how to make workshops in schools and companies to enhance this feature.





I watched the video and these are my questions:

  • Do you think a life plan is important for grit?

  • As you said, we need to do more to improve “grit education” or an education fucused on motivation and perseverance, how do you think we should start?

  • I really like to remark the importance of communication in getting children grittier, would you say is the most important thing?

Hey, what an interesting TED talk, my questions for the speaker are:

How would you apply grit to adults?
Did you leave your job as a consultant because you were tired to do it or just because you love teaching?
How to find out what are my long-term goals?

Most people don’t listen, they are just waiting their time to talk.

How do you define your grit?
How to increase your grit?
How to influence others to have grit?

  • Grit is passion and perseverance for long-term goals
  • Grit is living life like a marathon, not a sprint
  • The ability to learn is not fixed and can change with your effort

Our task

As I was watching the class, I just noticed how many mistakes I’ve been doing and that I haven’t been a good listener most of the times 😦

What a good listener should do

Good listeners do not give unnecessary details

Good listeners do not repeat thing more than necessary

Good listeners do not speak from their own autobiography

Good listeners do not brag

Good listeners do not speak about what they do not know

What we should not do when we're trying to listen to a message?

The first element of communication is effective listening

Why we have problems with communication?

What is communication?

If you know how to properly listen then you won’t ty hard to find the answer

When you listen, close and pay attention, you can improve your skill.

I would like to ask her (TED) just a question.

  1. Bearing in mind, the awful situation of educational system in must countries in Latinamerica, which would be your advice to teachers and learners to remain stamina, among economic crisis, violence and corruption?

I loved the Power of passion and preseverance this video is amazing

Thanks for the advices Mrs Teresa. I think,we are accustomed to be listened by people but we don’t dedicate our efforts to do the same with who is speaking.

is simple but no easy

I share my notes

Communication: The act of transfer information from one person, group or place to a receiver

The communication involves a sender, a receiver and a message

  • We want to leave a mark, we want to leave a mark, we need to listen, we have to be able to listen
  • The first element of communication is effective listen
  • “Most of the people don’t listen to understand, listen to reply”
  • To be a good listener
    • Don’t think about you are going to say while the another person is talking
    • Don’t speak about you don’t know
    • Don’t speak from your own autobiography.
    • Don’t brag
    • Don’t repeat yourself
    • Don’t give unnecessarily details
    • Be authentic
    • Be in the moment
    • Accept opinions different from your own
    • Ask open-ended questions
    • Go with the flow
    • Think about the another person first
    • Be empathetic
    • When do you speak, be brief
  • Glosary
    • Brag: Jactarse
    • Empathetic: Empatico/empatica
    • Brief: Breve
    • Flow: Fluir

Be honest, talk with empathy, try to understand what your partner is trying to tell you, this is gonna really help you to be a good communicator.