Virtual reality: Transportation and giving directions



Get your VR viewer to watch this virtual reality class.

After watching the class practice reading the dialogues below out loud:

Cesar: Welcome to New York City! Buckle your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.
Cesar: Where shall I take you?
James: I’m sorry, can you repeat please?
Cesar: Sure! Welcome! And, Where shall we go?
Julia: I have an address…
Cesar: That works! Can I have it, please?
Julia: 78 Garner street
Cesar: Oh I know the place! Let’s go! First time in NY?
James: I’m sorry?
Cesar: Is this your first time in New York?
James: Yes, first time in the USA. we came for tourism and to practice English
Julia: It is also my first time here
Cesar: That’s awesome. You’ll practice a lot here!
James: I hope. My English is not great
Julia: Don’t worry. We’ll be fine

Cesar: Well… I think you are doing a pretty good job! How long are you staying?
James: We are staying for one week
Cesar: That’s great, do you have any plans?
James: We do. I really want to visit the statue of liberty
Cesar: Oh you should definitely do that, yes. Make sure to include a visit to the Empire state building and a stroll in central park in your plans.
Julia: Sure. We’ll visit those too
Cesar: Oh you see? Your English is pretty good. You just need to relax
James: Thank you. Can I ask you a question?
Cesar: Sure. Go ahead
James: How do you recommend we move around the city?
Cesar: Public transportation is the best option. From where you’re staying, you can easily get to a bus stop or to a metro station. You can always get a cab as well.
James: A cab?
Cesar: yes, a taxi.
James: Oh I see. Can you tell us more? Where can we get the tickets for the metro?

Cesar: Sure, it is not complicated, you will always find automatic machines in the metro stations. As for the bus, you can pay once you get on it. Do you have any acquaintances in NY?
James: I’m sorry?
Cesar: Are you staying with someone you know?
Julia: Ah ok, yes, we have a friend here but we are staying at an Airbnb
Cesar: Oh I see
Cesar: I’ll give you my number, if there’s anything you need feel free to reach out.
James: Reach out?
Cesar: Yes, it means that you can call me in case you need anything.
Julia: Thank you, you have been very kind.
Cesar: No problem at all. Enjoy your stay in NY

Julia: Are you ready to take a cab in the United States?

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Go ahead - ¡Adelante!
Acquaintances - Conocidos
Kind - Amable

Buckle your seatbelts - Abróchate los cinturones de seguridad.
to reach out - comuníquese con nosotros.

Congratulations, the idea of ​​the VR video was impressive, actually the insertion in the dialogue is very Real Jejejeje

I just realized that the voice of the taxi driver is from Cesar 😅😂

Very good class. We can use shall instead will but only with we or I.