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All you will learn about descriptions and comparisons


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Hi, My name is Marcela, I´m thirty years old. I gratuated in Finance and Business four years ago, I didn´t practice my english skills, so, i forgot a lot of knowdlegde that i learned before. I want to study english now because i want to improve myself , i want to do more eassly my life when i study economics, the best books are in English. I became interested in data science, i wish get up of my fears.
No more, thanks for reading me

Yujuuu, finally is available this course. I am very excited to be here! I am Paula, and my purpose is improve my english and complete all english school. Who else?

Hey! My name is Jaime Durán. I’m from Colombia. I’m very happy to read everyone’s introductions and expectations.
My expectation is to be able to support each one of you in your learning process.
I really hope you complete the course until the end and proudly share your certificates 🙂!

Hey. I am Elsa, I am studying from Mexico City and I have enjoyed reviewing my English as a foreign language with the English School. Good luck and don’t give up, never stop learning!

Don’t forget the question.

How many differences did you find?

I will be enjoying this course, Sounds very interesting.
😎 Awesome Jaime.

Hi ! My name is Jael. I’m ffrom Bolivia. I’m very excited about this course. I hope to learn new things about English.

Hi, I’m Iliana from beautiful México. I’m taking this course because I would like to learn English. My expectation of this course is to learn to describe and to compare things, people, places, situations, weather, feelings, etc.

Hello everyone! I’m Dulce. I’m from Mexico. I finish to study Biology and I am very happy to be here with you.

OMG! Great !! I´m Victoria, and I´m UX/UI Designer & Content Creator, I´m very happy to learning new english vocabulary !!

Hello everyone!
My name is Joel.
I take this course because I’m learning this beautiful language.
But I’m very bad D:
My expectations for this course are to understand English more and improve my listening.
Greetings teacher 😃

Hi there, i’m Naomi and i live in Chile.
I really like english so wanna improve it to speak more fluid this 😃

Hi everyone! I’m Angelo, i’m Peruvian and I have 18 years old and pretty soon 19. I study administration and marketing, I’m in my fifth cycle. I learned English in a academy, but I leaved it, it doesn’t mean I leaved to pratice. So now, I returned and this time I will finish. Good luck to all of you.

Hi, I’m Roberto, I’m from Venezuela. I was waiting by this course, because I’ve problem with basic grammar including Comparative and superlatives sentences. I hope that I could improve my skill.✌️

Hy my name is Emanuel, I am twenty three years old, i am a web developer in a Argentinian company.
I Expect getting better in english and have a cause to study every day english

Hello everyone, my name is Luis and i’m from of the middle of Chile, i’m taking this course because i want to travel to any english speaker country to get married with an old and rich lady. I don’t know if this redaction is good. Thanks for your time.

Hi, my name is Laura, iam a voiceover talent. I am from Pereira, Colombia but i lives in Bogotá right now.
Well, i want to learn a lot with this course.

hi teacher, I made the course whit my little brother, we want to improve our english level, we exited and love the class in platzi, are so dinamic.
We from colombia

Hi, my name is Alina, i’m 21. Now, i’m student in Platzi of develop web and english.
I hope to get better my english and learn new things about of english

i’m Camila, i am from Colombia, i live in Medellín, i am Audiovisual Communicator, i have two cats, i want learn English because i want read harry potter and watch movies in their langue original, also for my professional profile.

I’m Sofia, i’m from Colombia and I’m 33 year old. I need and want to improve my English because I will to study a degree in English.

In this video, I can’t understand everything the teacher talk about. I will need practice more my listen. I can, I know that can.

Hi ! My name is Lauren. I’m from Cali, Colombia. I’m 31 years old, and I’m very excited about this course. I hope to learn new things about English.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself.
I’m Camilo, I want to do all the courses at the English school in Platzi. I proud to be able his student at Platzi.
I did find five differences:
The left plant on the window.
The differences color in cushions.
The frame above the chest of drawers.
The drawer handles.
The time on the clock.

In this course I want to improve more mi english skills, to be able to watch series and movies in english without lirycs.

Hello everyone, my name is Diandra Rosas, I'm from panama my expectation of this course is improve my skills speaking english and finish all the course succesfully.

Hello, I introduce myself, I am Robinson Aguilar and I want to learn English for that I’m taking this course of description and comparatives

Hi every one, I’m David, and I’m twenty-seven years old. I work as a customer service agent. In my free time, I play video games, I like to read, I study with Platzi and Duolingo, I go out with my girlfriend and play the guitar with my band of metal.

My expectation of this course is that I learn how to describe some things, any place or people in the best way to improve my speak and write in English.

Excellent introduction.

Hi to everyone, I’m Juan and I’m so glad to be here sharing this course with you. I’m 25 years old, I’m from Colombia, now i’m living in Bogotá D.C, I studied Business Management.

ok teacher

Hi, mi name is Renata. I’m from Peru. I hope to learn English.

Hi everyone! My name is Gerardo and I’m from República de Berazategui in Argentina. I would like to improve my speaking and writing. It’s important to me to be able to have a fluid conversation with another person in english.

Hello! I’m Alejandro Sanchez. I live in Bogota D.C. I hope to learn the basics of English correctly in this course.

Hello everyone, my name is Betty, I am twenty eight years old, I want to improve my english and learning new things. let’s go!

Hi, my name is Pedro (Peter). I´m from Guatemala, my expectation is to learn a lot and ehhhh good, I´ll keep watching the course…

My name is Giovanny Jimenez, I am thirty years old I am taking the course from Colombia. I am Enginner Sistem and I want to learn english because I want to get a best job as developer.

Hello, my name is Concepción Orellana, I’m 23 years old and I’m from El Salvador. I’m currently in my 5th and last year of Informatic System engineering and I like practice speak, read and listen to anythings in english, as well I’m here in this course to learn more and finally my expectation is improve myself in this language. 😄

Hello everyone, My name is Diego Alexander Corchuelo Ayala and I’m seventeen years old. I’m from colombia and I’m very exciting for this course, Good luck to everyone.

Heey Platzinauters! My name is Angelica, I’m from Nicaragua, I’m studying graphic design, I’m really so excited to learn english because I have plans to live in Canada in 5 years… I really enjoy how Platzi teaches the classes…

In this course I want to learn how to describe everything wich is around me, also learn a lot of vocabulary and improve my ability of speak english.

Hello Everyone, My name is Gabriel and this is my first course in the English School of Platzi. I’m taking this class because I need to improve my English and my level is very basic. I hope learn with you.

Hi everyone!! My name es Yeraldine, I was born in Venezuela but currently I'm living in Peru. I'm Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant at Globant. I decided take the Platzi English Career to review and improve my English skills/knowledges :)

Hi, I´m Enzo and i´m from Perú. I want to improve my english and this course can help me to make it happen

  • hi every one, my name is Cristian, and my expectation with this class is improve my level and never stop learn.

Howdy fellas, my name is Daniel, I am 20 years, the reason to take this course it’s to practice concepts and grammar rules that I’ve forgot with the pass of time, my expectations are enjoy and pass a comfy time with all of you, and if i am able to help someone else, you are very welcome.

Hi, my mane is Brayam Mamani, I’m 22 years old. I graduate in Engineering in electronics and telecommunications two years ago. Sinse then I have focused on my personal growth, including in my skills, for example, to learn English.

Hi, my name is Paul Realpe, I’m twenty five. Right now I work as Software Developer and I would like to have a fully fluent english because I want to travel abroad.

Could you help me review this contribution and give me your feedback?

I’m looking this course from Chile 👀 About my expectations, I want to reach a fluid level in speaking, listening and writing, so, one inch at the time 👍

Hello Mates, I’m Aaron and I’m a student, I like to speak english and I’m learning english, so I’m ready for practice with you, Cheers!

Hi, my name is Ivan Uribe. I was born in Colombia, I live in Bucaramanga, Santander.
I am 39 years old and I am a computer engineer. I take the course everyday early in the morning at my studio. Well, i really want learn to talk english, because is very importante for my goals. I hope give the better from myself

Hello everyone, my name is Claudia. I am taking this class because speaks the world, to meet the Master’s requirements and be able to travel around the world and don’t have difficulty due to the language.
#NeverStopLearning 💚 🚀

Hello my name is Abner, I’m from Guatemala. I am system engineer and i work as a QA analyst. My expectations for this course is improve my english because i would like to get a job in USA.

My name is Emmanuel Tabares Ortiz I’am Colombian that live in Medellin city and
I’am 21 years old and work in a engineer design company how designer of light sistems
I really want learning english and practice every day because need a better job xD
I envy my friends when speak english in their jobs

I’m Yeison, i have 14 years old and live here in Villavicencio Colombia. I am very excited about all that we will learn

Hi, I’m Fabian, my purpose is to complete English school, I feel a little scared but I hope I can keep up the pace throughout the race 😃

Hi, my name is Alejandra, I’m from Bolivia, I hope I can reinforce what I am learning and improve more and more.

hi, my name is andres Alzate, i am from colombia , my expectation about this course is improve my skills in english, those skills are important for my goals. and i am excited with this course

Incredible I understood many words that the teacher said!!!
Let’s start with the whole attitude. Gracias Platzi

my name is Agustin and I what to improve my english to get a better job and to read books in English too.

My name is Enrique Geraldino, I’m from Colombia, I’m 24 years old. I’d like to learn as much as I can from this curse, but especially the speaking of our teacher and vocabulary.

Hi teacher Jaime, my name is Carime and my expectations of this course is to learn English until I can speak it as fluently as Spanish.

Hi, I’m Camilo, I live in Valparaiso Chile. I work in the field of logistics in the port of my city. I got to know platzi and I am happy learning web development, English and other subjects offered by the platform

I'm victor ,I live on Cancún,I'm will expect learn with u👍

Hi!!! My name is Jacki, Im from Peru, Im a lawyer. what I want is make a connection between law and technology in order to improve the justice system in Peru.

Hi, i’m Manuel and i hope to learn in this course how to describe myself better than now, to improve my presentations on the work interviews.

Hello everyone! My name is Maribel, I’m 34 years old, I decided to start this course because I want to improve my English. There’s a long time since I use it.

Hi every one, my name is Andres Felipe Rios, my friends and family call me Felipe or pipe. I’m psychology and I’m 28 years old. I’m from Bucaramanga - Colombia. And I’m here because I want to improve my English skill.

Hello, my name is Jhordy. I’m sixteen years old. I’m Peruvian. I would to learn English in different way, for example, the dynamics applied in this first class I like.

Hi, i’m Cristina, i’m from colombia. currently study web development and inbound marketing. I’m 28 years old. I live with my parents and my pet. it’s name is sherazade. Nice to meet you ♥

Hello, my name is Juan, i’m 24, i’m studying system engineering, i love english and i would like to speak natively that language, i love travel, learning and i believe that we all achieve our goal

Hi everyone!
My name is Andrés, I’m 19 years old, and I’m from Colombia. I like Science, Technology, Rock and reading books. Actually, I’m studying Data Science and English. I want to work as Data Engineer the next year.

hello, I´m Sahara Ortiz, I´m from Mexico, I want to learn and speak English, but I belive that is very dificult

Hi everyone, my name is Juan Pablo, I’m a mechanical agricultural enginer and I want study english because i love it and is very important for my job, I’m so excited for learn and growing up.

I’m Javier from Guatemala, I’m 19 and what I expect of this course is learn as much as I can.

Hi! My name is Rosemarie Lazo, I’m from Perú and i’m civil engenieer at University of Piura. I have worked in the construction sector for three years and I’m hery happy to practice my english again, becouse my goal is to speak it more fluently to be able to work and study abroad.

hello everyone, my name is Fredy Gonzalez , i’m 33 years old, i’m student in platzi of development web, and my expetation is learn english, is very important learn english seeing that open very dor !

My practice:
-My name is Jose Luis Rodriguez, i have 37 years old, I´m Software Engineer and y prepare my turn tu chance to job on the future, improving my skills on english to take better labors oportunity , because my work expierence is on infrastructure and I wish to take place like a development tester or QA software tester.

Hello! My name is Graciela, I'm from Merida, Yucatan. In this course I'd like to learn and practice my English. I wish you all enjoy the course as I do.

Hi, my name is Alexandra, I’m 30 years old, in I live in Argentina. I’m here in these course because I have, and I want, to learn English for the world, talk with people around the world, and also, much technology information is in English. This language is an important skill in the development world. My expectations are that I will speak with more naturally, and forget the scares.

I’m missing some differences, could you help me to find them?

The differences:

  • Clocks are not at the same time.
  • There are clouds in the left picture through the window and not in the other.
  • The purple book in the library has a label in the left picture and not in the other.
  • One pillow on furniture has a different color in each picture.
  • Handle’s file cabinets are not the same dimensions.
  • There are three little bushes on the window’s left picture and only one in the right picture.
  • The figure on top of the windows finishes with a circle in the left picture, and in the right does not.

Hi everyone.
I’m Andres, I’m twenty-six years old, I’m a system engineer. I live in Colombia. Also, I want to improve my English. With this course I expect to learn more about adjectives and comparatives. I want to be confident when speaking.

Hi, I’m Grethel, I’m from Mexico and I live in Querétaro, and my expectations from this course are to complete all the challenges, learn new vocabulary, review things that sometimes I forget.

I want to practice my daily english and try to consolidate many concepts.

Hello, my name y kathya. I am economist, I like to learn new things. I know the best books, news, blogs, videos and courses are in english language, so, for this reason I want to study english. I wish this course I got closer to my goal.
Thank you.

My name is Shanny Glaston. I’m from Costa Rica. I am forty five years old. I like to learn new things, and also develop new skills that may open a gateways to other profesional opportunities.

Hi, my name is Nicolas. I’m a peruvian college student, I’m very excited about improve my english this year because I really wanted to take the TOEFL test on December and make a great score.

Hi my name is Giovani, I´m 21 years old. Actually i´m study information technologies at Universidad de Londres in México,
i´m taking this coruse because i would like to what i already know, and i would like to practice my skeech and whish that when i finish de course my spech has improved

Hi, I’m Jesús Romero, and my expectations with this course are to learn and practice my professional English because this is an important part of my reskilling plan.

Hello everyone! I’m Alberto and I’m 30 years old. I’m from México and I live in Yucatán. I studied Marketing and now I’m working at digital marketing. I’m exciting with this course and learn about descriptions and comparatives.

Hi, I’m Felipe and I’m 25 years old. I studied Advertising in Palmira, Valle, I’m from that city, but I live in Bogotá 3 years ago. I’m taking this course because I want to improve my english, so I’m waking up early everyday to take 1 hour of class and learning more.

Hello, my name is Arthur Chávez. I´m twenty one years old, I’m study System engineering, my expetation for this course is that I can to use the correct form the language.

Hi! My name is Rosendo I´m studing banking and finace at university. I´m intesting in this course.

Hi everyone I’m very happy to be here! My name is Juan Manuel. I’m thirty-one years old. I’m cadastral and geodesy engineer, and I’m from Colombia.

Hi! I hope to improve my English level by continue practice taking this and the rest of the courses in the School!

Hi everybody my name is Jesús, I´m from Ecuador. This year I´m turning 25, I´m a petroleum engineering that loves learning English and Web development.

  • With this course I hope to learn new things that help me to improove my English skills. Thanks for reading - Any feedback fell free to share it.! 💚

My spectations for this course are to be able to talk about the places, the weather, other people and of couse myself with an excellent fluency, to be able to describe them to share my opinion and compare them to exchange ideas.

hello. my name is Florence. I am participating on this course because I want to talk English more fluid and learn more vocabulary for job interviews. I know that it is a course for that but my English level is poor. so I hope to learn a lot from this course. thank you profesor

Hi guys!! My name is Nathaly Rodriguez, I´m system engineer, I’m twenty-eight years old. I want to improve my profile professional and is my personal goal, because the English is the universal language and we can to communicate with other people from whatever country.