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People - guessing game


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Is a man, is very smart, he created a plataform for study, his face is square

He live in a pineapple under the sea, is square, yellow and very funny.

I failed all .___.
i only was right at Steve Jobs question.

I´m thinking about a woman, she is very special to me, she has a big heart, people love her. She is thin and short. She taught me all about the give the best to other people. I love her.

I´m thinking about my mom.

The person I’m thinking of is a man. He is rich, intelligent, is controversial. He have three famous companies about technology.

The person I am thinking of is a woman. She has long red hair. She is short tempered and has the ability to control minds and the reality. She is a fictional character of several movies and a tv series. Any guesses?

When you start to describe things it is easy but when you do it with a person it is difficult because of the new vocabulary. All day we need to learn new words.

He’s a historic colombian soccer player, he is blond, he is curly, he has mustache, he says “todo bien”. Who is he? 😉

The person I want to describe is a man. He is:
English teacher on the best platform for online courses in Latinoamerica.

the person i am thinking of is a man. He is CR7

She is an Aerospace engineer, inspirational, intelligent, influential, Colombian…
( Diana Trujillo).

The person I am going to describe is a woman. She is beautiful. She is from England. Also, She participated in one of the most important sagas of the history. This movie is about magicians.

The person i am thinking of is not exactly a person. He has a body and was created by an iron superhero. On his forehead he has a stone with a lot of power and it is yellow. He can fly and we could say that he is connected to the internet. He is very strong.

The person I am thinking of is a men. He was president of the United States of America. He has blonde hair. It’s very controversial and his social media accounts were closed.

This man is not a man, is the rencarnation of Jesus. He is friendly, very humble and introvert. He has a long black hair, and doesn’t age. But the most important thing… he is breathtaking!

this person is young boy, must drive a giant robot to fight with monsters named angels, but he is not alone, that guy have a team with other 2 girls

I am thinking of a famous person, he is a man, he is very big, he is nice and generally he is very friendly, but when he gets angry he is green and very dangerous.

It’s no longer alive unfortunately, I was an American singer, songwriter, and actor. I identify with him because I have depression but well I feel good I am really optimistic.

He is competing with Elon Musk in the actual Space race, He is bald and he isn¨t cool and funny at all

The person I am thinking of is a man. He was american, he was good looking because he’s no longer alive, he was blonde and blue eyes, he was singer, died in 1994. 😁

This person is a man, he is a ceo of a startup. He is from Colombia. He immigrated to the US at a very young age. His first startup was about recording voices in a marketplace. Curently He has two children and He lives in USA.

The person I am thinking of is a woman. She was a teacher, currently she is retired for all the time that she worked. She is short, curly and her hair is short, she use glasses, she likes travel, read and share with her family, she is my favorite person in the world…my mom

He is an American politician and businessman, he has blond hair, he is tall. He is a charismatic and controversial person. Loved by some and hated by others. He was president of the United States. For me he is a funny person.

Who is he?

The person I’m thinking is a men, He is a very strong and muscular. He wears blue, white and red, has a shield
He´s a leader, he is always correct and also he´s America’s butt :3

She was a writer of gothic fiction and horror novels. Born in New Orleans in 1941, she recently passed away. She was a happy woman, she liked to write. One of his novels was made into a movie in 1994, starring Kirsten Dunst, Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas.

Guess who it is?

She is American singer, songwriter, and actres, she is short and is currently measures 1,53 cm, she has many tattoos and good style. She is friendly and a diva. Her last name is Grande.

I disagree with Mario’s description, I don’t believe that he is nice and friendly. Watch this video people, open the eyes! UwU

He is ex-president of EEUU He born in(Honolulu, Hawaii, 1961) studied American lawyer and politician

He deathed for we, hir is the man more powerful of the world. thanks to he, we be here

I thought in Michael Jackson :v

There’s anyone doing the course in x2 speed?
I’m doing that

i thinks in a american actor, who gave life to the most dangerous gangster in the century. And he interpret the father of superman. this man had brown hair and eyes too same colors.

It’s a fishers family, and he searches for his son in whole the ocean.

  • I’m thinking about someone who was a writer in the east, and he has a very famous book, it is ancient, and he is dead, he was a general, and this book its very useful in many areas of our lives.

  • I’m thinking in a greek man, he is dead, and all of us know her name for a film, he was born in sparta an he dead in the battle of thermopilas

  • I’m thinking in a woman who is the chanchellor in Germany, she is blonde and short hair, she is a incredibly and smartest woman in politik nowadays, she is the head of european union and has a incredibly career

I’m thinkg about a friendly and chubby man like me (no ofense please haha) that has taught me about the cryptocurrency world. He likes to name that world as “crypto little things”. I thinks he also is very smart on the logistic and office/administrative world. I guess that because he’s a CTO of a really big Latin American company.

I think you all know who I am talking about!

My notes:
index - first part. words I listen - second part. assignment
first part: words I listen.
No violent
Red cap
Blue eyes

R: Mario Bros

An american singer
pioneer in the music
The king of rock and Roll

R: Elvis Presley

Tv producer

R: OPra


R: Steve jobs x


R: J.K Rowling

Assignment: Play the guessing game with your Family and friends.

R: He’s an actor and producer. He’s bald. He’s an American. Has famous character say “but not as strong as family”. Who is he?

The person that I am thinking about is an Argentine basketball player. He is not very tall, but due to his tenacity and intelligence, he became one of the most important players in the European leagues. In 2021 he began to play in the NBA. He had to change his way of playing a lot to be important in his team. He added great defense to his game. In his first year in the NBA, he had three of the best ten assists of the season. One journalist nicknames him “the bandido” for his ball stealing.

He is an old man, he became famous when he won the presidential elections of his country using a classic blue VW beetle. This guy is full of wisdom, social conscience, and political theory.

Who I am talking about?

Is a man, Austrian, he was neurologist, he is considering the father of psychoanalysis.

The person I’m thinking of is a man. He is rich, intelligent. He founded the maximum enterprise of technology. Now he and his wife is philanthropic.
Any guess?


  1. He was a soccer player, he is curly and blonde. he is colombian.
  2. she is a Black woman, she is colombian and she won a gols medal in Olimpics Games of Rio 2016.

I’m thinking in a woman who is very famous, she lived along time ago and she was inmortalized in a picture. She is shy but has an interesting smile.

I’m thinking of in a Man who wears a technologic green suit who fought againts an alien army and saved the universe species from being vanished

he has long ears and eat carrots, he always gets his objetives

Is a woman, is very smart, she discover the element number 88 in the periodic table, and she was the firs woman in be a techaer at the Univeristy of paris.

Hello, i thing you must be use character instead of person for mario bros , grettings

the person i’m thinking of is a man. He is a sports player, ids controversial, good player, loved by some and hated by other. He is portuguese

I’m in a man, he’s Mexican, is an excellent guitarist, and he created a spectacular song named like a continent.

And he has the same aged what other guitarist, very famous and loved by all, guitarist of a super famous British band, and this other man is British and astrophysicist.

In this guessing game, there are 2x1.

He is an actor so famous. Her character more famous is a pirate, he love the Ron, he have a dark bark and a compass.

He is the best player the soccer… Who is he?

I only failed at first one, thought in Chuck Norris!

is a man, he is a famous player of soccer in spain but don´t is a front player, he is very tall, with a blue eyes and he is merried with a famous colombian singer.

My character is a man, he identifies as a human but theoretically, he is an alien.
Is one of the noblest person the earth ever saw and has the strength to survive a cosmic explosion.

My character is a singer of Canada. He’s 22 and is a pop singer. He is very famous, and he started his career in Vine. His girlfriend is Camila Cabello.

I am going to think of a woman.
She is a American singer and actress.
She is knowing as the "Goddess of pop"
She is a fashion Icon
Name: CHER

In the first question, I thought in Forest Gum jajjajajaja

He is a little boy that mainly life in the sea but also can live in the land. Although when is in the sea he becomes in monster and when go in the land he becomes in human.
He has curly hair and brown eyes.
Who is?

wow, I really like it the way that to teach it´s very interesting and funny.

It’s no longer alive unfortunately, He was an American singer, songwriter, and actor. I identify with him because I have depression but well I feel good I am really optimistic.

we remember him as the king of pop. he were singer-songwriter, and he was a good dancer

Hi there!

I’m thinking of a man. He is very strong and has two swords.
His eyes are yellow and very unique. The iris on his eyes are similar to a cat. He has a white middle long hair and actually, the people called him “white wolf”.
He has a lot of scars on his body and one cross around his right eye.
He is a simple man and travel to the work search jobs and killing terrible beast and other malignant creatures for money.
P.D. He is not from Rivia.

He is a fiction character, he is strong and purple; he always says the truth and he snapped his fingers to delete the life of half of the universe…

I’m thinking of a man, he’s really talented, creative and Irreverent. He’s a musician and have a bi-colored mustache

The person who I am thinking is:

  • genius
  • billionaire
  • playboy
  • philanthropist

hey Try to guess who it is.
It is a man, he is black, leader, and the first person black to get it america. He is inspirational and influential.

She is a famous personality in the world. Nowdays, she is older than the average woman who has a political role. Her clothes are sofisticaded and also too expensive.

She was the wife of a former president of Panama. Some years later, she was President of Panama. She is a coffee producer and is the honorary president of her party. Who is it about?

This young boy is from an animated series for kids and adults, it’s bald and has many tattooes, he’s very powerful but at the same time he’s peaceful and kind.
He has a enormous responsabilty and has many friend around the world.

He is from England, he is a singer and songwriter, he has a rock band and he has one eye smaller than the other eye 😃

Mario is not violent, he is tryng to survive in a wordl dominated by mushrooms!

The person I am thinking of is a woman. She has long red hair








Is a man, is very smart, he created a plataform for study, his face is square

I am thinking about a man. He was american but he is no longer with us, he died at 87 years. He was a very important singer and actor too. He was controversial,


Excellent classes


very good


i am going to think of a person that isn’t longer alive.
he was a singer and he was very VERY GOOD in that, he was thin ,very optimistic ,friendly and for many people he was good looking
he had a mustache , short hair,and sang in the best rock band …QUEEN!!!


  • Is a man
  • He is not real, he’s a anime character
  • He is an alien
  • He is very friendly and bubbly
  • He is very strong and powerful
  • He likes fight but he’s not violent, he fights only for fun
  • He has fought even against gods
  • He can transform and also merge
  • He has two sons and one granddaughter
  • He is muscular and has black hair
  • He killed his grandfather accidentaly
  • He has saved the world many times
  • He always wants to be stronger

She is a beautiful and intelligent woman, she is blonde. She is a singer, a songwriter, and a dancer. She has a famous foundation. She is considered a philanthropist for her contribution to educational programs for children in Colombia. She is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador.

I’m going to describe a person:
He is a soccer player, he speak spanish, he is from latam and the last clue, he is the one of the best soccer player in the world

I got 4/5.

  • Mario Bros
  • Elvis Presly
  • Opra
  • Steve Jobs
  • JK. Rowling

Is a nice man with brown eyes and a mustache. He is an inspirational person and creative. She is thin and short.

1- Mario Bros (popular, nice, not violent, friendly, blu eyes and mustache, chubby)
2- Elvis Presley (goog looking, singer and actor, pioneer, shy, charismatic, the king)
3- Oprah (american, curly, producer, actress, writer, controversial, inspirational, motivational)
4- Steve Jobs (inspirational, irreverent, influential, creative, passionate)
5- J.K. Rowling (woman, friendly, blond, philanthropist, creative)

He is an actor and singer specially rock… his movies are pirates and factory chocolate.

Mario was difficult.

The person I´m thinking of is someone older, he is 71 years old. When he was young he was a bodybuilder and one of the best. He was also a politician and is currently an actor and businessman. He has achieved almost everythinf he has set out to do.


Ok guys, I think in a better person of the world, he can love you to the extreme, and he gave his live for you and me. Every day I have to talk with him, because it is a necessity.