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Describing with idioms


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  1. As empty as Transmilenio
  2. As complex as looking for a job.
  3. As relax as a mom.
  4. This room as organized as my life.
  5. As busy as me On Sundays.
  6. As efficient as to be on Facebook.
  7. As free as living with the Internet.
  8. As calm as Gollum.
  9. As quiet as a kid.
  10. As fun as me in quarantine.
  • As free as the wind, tiro al blanco.

He is as welcome at our house as covid.
Time is as relative as the end of quarantine

This course was as clear as a glass of water 😃

The quarantine left us locked as lab mice

As fun as traffic jam

  • As exciting as working 9 to 5 😂
  • This day is as hot as hell! 🔥
  • The weather is as crazy as the mad hatter! 🎩🤪
  • Bad news come as fast as a bullet.

As fast as Internet Explorer.
As punctual as vaccines in Colombia.
As cool as a lettuce.
As crazy as Steve Jobs.

  • As easy as the table of one.
  • As clear as the water.
  • As quite as a kinder garden.
  • As soft as shark skin.
  • As fast as light.
  • As complex as an quantum physic book.
  • As retro as disk telephone.
  • As spacious as an clown car.
  • As colorful as a rainbow.
  • As clear as the day.

-Your makeup highlighter shines brighter than my future
-More lost than a mole on a black ass
-More cunning than the fox
-More faithful than a dog
-Braver than a mouse
-More expensive than my eye
-Clearer than water
-More crying than a baby
-Colder than an iceberd
-More fun than a rock

as yummy as a broccoli
as happy as bug
as fast as turtle
as strong as mouse
as brave as a cabbage
as intelligent as a rock
as sincere as a thief
as rich as a pensioner
as tall as a broom
as handsome as a trafic light

As white as a cloud

As intelligent as a dolphin

As comfy as an expensive bed

  • Be what you want be without afraid: Se lo que quieres ser sin miedo
  1. As famous as Michael Jackson.
  2. As fun as Franco Escamilla.
  3. You are as smart as a rock.
  4. This course have been as amazing as a concert.
  5. It’s is as exciting as a rocket launch.
  6. Elon Musk is as cool as Hank Scorpio.
  7. My phone is as hot as the sun.
  8. She is as beautiful as the Sunset.
  9. As loyal as a dog.
  10. As powerful as the RTX 3090.

-Juan is as cold as ice.
-Jaime has been as clear as water.
-My sister is as tall as me.
-My brother is as bright as the sun.
-It was as easy as walking.

1. you are as soft as a monkey ass.
2. it is as easy as string theory.
3. it's as preatty as a more ugly monter.
4. as young as a mummy
5. as chubby as a stick
6. as cloudy as a sun
7. as so ancient as a baby
8. as lively as a dead
9. as noisy as a rocket 
10. as quiet as a cascade
  • As clear as water.
  • As easy as eat.
  • As cold as ice.
  • As quiet as a child.
  • As difficult as smiling.
  • As clean as your room.
  • As funny as doing homework.
  • As amazing as a eclipse.
  • As fast as a turtle.
  • As noisy as a library.
  1. As heavy as a feather
  2. As empty as space
  3. As colorful as an old movie
  4. As fast as a beam of light
  5. As beautiful as the dawn
  6. As efficient as a colony of ants
  7. As quiet as an owl
  8. As expensive as a pen
  9. As cautious as a cat
  10. As bright as the stars

As clear as the water of Bogotá river
As secure as travel in transmilenio.
As transparent as the government of Colombia
As a comfortable as a wooden chair
As honest as the politician

That birthday party was as quiet as a construction site!

As natural as yellow number 5

He feels as useless as the Chamber of Deputies. 😛

As blank as a paper sheet.
As cold as a frog.
As hard as a rock.
As quiet as a pantheon.
As hard-working as an ant.
As fresh as a lettuce.
As clear as water.
As fast as a rocket.
As red as a tomato.
As short as a dwarf.

  1. You are as fast as a turtle.
  2. As dangerous as a puppy.
  3. As clear as a foggy day.
  4. As easy as learning metabolic pathways.
  5. As beautiful as a star.
  6. As organized as chaos.
  7. As warm as the winter.
  8. As comfortable as a cactus.
  9. As real as a utopia.
  10. As quiet as a concert.

As honest as a Alvaro Uribe
As cold as a my ex girlfriend´s heart
As quick as a flash
As fast as a turtle
My salary on weekend lasts as long as a sigh
As deep as the ocean
As sweet as my girlfriend´s lips
As tall as a musroom
As exciting as a pregnancy test
As careful as a earthquake

  1. as dry as a desert
  2. as blond as the sun
  3. as rude as the sea
  4. as fresh as a glass of cold water
  5. as freee as a bird
  6. as happy as a dog
  7. as lazy as a slothful
  8. as active as a squirrel
  9. as big as a bear
  10. as small as an ant

My hopes are as dead as my father.

This lockdown is funny as Mondays 😄
As brave as a mice
As happy as a clown
He is tall as Shaquille o’neal
Beatiful as Billie Eilish
As cold as ice
Being fresh as lettuce
Awake as a zombie
As interesting as a museum
As curly as curly(Fernafloo’s pet)
As intelligent as Einstein

As blind as a mole.
As white as the snow.
As hot as the Sun.

My Idioms:

  • As angry as a bossy.

  • As bad as slow internet.

  • As big as the “Cotopaxi” volcano.

  • As bright as your phone at night.

  • As busy as customer support.

  • As calm as the water.

  • As clever as politicians.

  • As crunchy as potato snacks.

  • As dumb as people that do not use protection mask.

  • As hard as get a job.

Platzi is as expensive as a bread and has as many course as grains of sand on the beach

My dog as slow as a tortoise

As bored as a read
As crazy as dream
As loyal as a dog

This lesson was as clear as water. 😎

Your heart, as black as a coal.

  • As brave as a lion. (My mom )

  • As black as a coal. (My hair)

  • As red as blood.(the shirt)

  • As funny as a clown. (My friend)

  • As hot as hell. (The weather)

  • As fat as a bear. (My uncle)

The baby is as beautiful as a flower
The dog is as dangerous as a snake
The music is as cooing as the sea
My sister is as aggressive as a puma

“As wet as a lake”
“As quiet as one cup of wine”
“My stomach is as deep as a black hole”
“I have as patience as my grandmother Flor” (pai-chens)”
“My friend is as sweet as lemon”
“As intense as insurance sellers”
“As intense as fiance ugly”
“As sensitive as a torm”
“This is as soft as a face of baby”
“As happy as a lion with meat”

  • As red as cherry
    -As shine as sun
    -As fresh as water
    -As dirty as mud
    -As big as elephant
    -As tall as giraffe
    -As hardworking as ant
    -As colorful as rainbow
    -As clever as cat
    -As friendly as dog

-As hot as Pluto.
-As fresh as a lettuce.
-As smooth as a stone.
-As hard as cookie.
-As weak as King Kong.
-As talktive as Mr. Bean.
-As agile as an elephant.
-As light as a brick.
-As cold as my ex-girlfriend.
-As exciting as a museum.

  • The kid is as angelical as lucifer

  • As active as a machine

  • As funny as a scientific

Awesome class

as fast as a roadrunner.

As beautiful as Cristy there is not.

As fun as my video games, there is no entertainment like it.

I wanna to be free as a tiger
as funniest as a clown

as white as milk
as noisy as a chiken farms
as sweet as a cinnamon roll
as lucky as to get bird poop (in Colombia if a bird poops on you is a good lucky 😂😂)
as delicated as a rose petal
as esay as look a needle in a haystack
as rude as an elephant with a mouse

  • Your teeth as bright as a mirror
  • The moon as further as your darling
  • I am as chubby as a panda
  • She is as beautiful as a moon
  • Your gaze is as penetrating as an Halcón
  • the sky as blue as sea
  • The Ant is as strong as elephant
  • she is as sweet as candy
  • My dog is as noisy as a cicada
  • Her bed is as soft as a cloud

as expensive as a laptop.
as tall as a Giraffe.
as fast as a mouse

Others examples
as agile as turtle
as strong as a mouse
as tender as a lettuce
as fast as a mouse

his shield is a heart.

  • As tall as a pine tree.
  • As short as a puppy.
  • As a Delicious as a onion.
  • This is as a dangerous as cutting my nails.
  • As easy as to sleep.
  • As hard as to walk.
  • As ugly as the butterflies.
  • As expensive as diamond.
  • As cheap as the rice.
  • As beautiful as a mud.
  1. As expensive as a hause
  2. As tall as a freezer
  3. As stranger as a spider
  4. as strong as hulk
  5. as intelligent as Elon Musk
  6. I have been study as a a Dr.
  7. I have eat as a pig
  8. I have sleep as a sloth
  9. I have read as a Einstein
  10. I have happy as a Childres with cadys

As white as cotton

  1. As idiot as a politician.
  2. As white as Michael Jackson.
  3. As intelligent as Alan Turing.
  4. As big as a plane.
  5. As small as Chucky.
  6. As fast as a Ferrari.
  7. As thin as a paper.
  8. As expensive as a mercedes.
  9. As great as Platzi.
  10. As beautiful as a Sofia.

As good as Duque’s government

In my country we said:
1 As cool as a lettuce! or other;
2. As Hollow as a walnut!


  1. As mad as a hatter.
  2. As red as a beetroot.
  3. As different as day and night.
  4. It’s raining cats and dogs.
  5. Better late than never.
  6. No pain, no gain.
  7. So far, so good.
  8. There are other fish in the sea.
  9. As right as rain.
  10. Run like the wind.

The english test was “papita”

  • As cheap as a fly to USA
  • As quiet as a NY city
  • As fast as a Usain Bolt
  • As wet as the desert
  • As funny as a wall
  • As tall as a mouse
  • As delicious as a table
  • As thin as a hippo
  • As dry as the rain
  • As intelligent as a smartphone
  • As silent a Rooster
  • As basic as a algoritm
  • As big as an ant

As fresh as a lettuce.
My idioms Spanish is as difficult as a dance salsa
( It´s a lie, dance salsa it´s too easy)

  • The test as easy as a play cuphead
  • Her eyes as brown as a hazelnuts
  • Jym is as cute as a baby bear
  • As astute as a wolf
  • The reunion begun as very fast as mi ex

Five because I don’t remember more comparatives and sarcasm:

1- As hot as hell.
2- The exam has been as easy as entangled hair.
3- My driving class is easier than walk around the park.
4- This car is clean as a mecanic’s clothes.
5- That Cloud is blacker than my soul.

  1. The milk is as white as a cloud.
  2. Your eyes is as big as moon.
  3. As strong as an elephant.
  4. As slow as a turtle.
  5. As soft as cotton.
  6. He is as tall as a giraffe.
  7. She is as happy as earthworm.
  8. As difficult as a matematic class.
  9. As sticky as a frog.
    10 As little as a chihuahua.

As beautiful as life

  • As clean as the Bogotá river

She is as cold as a winter.
your hair is as black as a coal.
his lips is as red as a apple.
that lamp is as brigth as a tire.
the car is as fast as a turtle.
the toy is as tender as a dinosaur
your hugs is as warm as a spring.
her heart is as cold as a fall 😦
I am as funny as a rock.
he is as secretive as a cat

As fast as the light.
He is as intelligent as Homer.
Our friendship is as fragile as wet paper.
Your mind is as changing as the chameleon.
I have been as asleep as a Koala.
As cheap as the air.
As nerd as a Krelboyne.
The house is as clean as a piggery.
The city is as big as a country.
As funny as a fly in the soup.

Hi everyone!
This is my assignment:

  • As tall as a palm.
  • As beautiful as an angel.
  • As fast as a gazelle.
  • As big as an elephant.
  • As young as a baby.
  • As cold as a block of ice.
  • As funny as a clown.
  • As thin as spaghetti.
  • As expensive as gold.
  • As bright as a sun.

As brillant as the Sun

As tall as The Salto Ángel
As white as coal
This city as lonely as Pekin

Ihave been as buy as a bee.
Carol is as cool as a cucumber.
My laptop is as light as a feather.
This lesson has been as clear as mud.
It is as exciting as watching paint dry.

As brave as a lion.
As black as a coal.

I am very happy to stay in this course.

  • My city is as boiling as a good soup.
  • My mom’s skin is as white as snow.

As exciting as a get lottery.
The tacos as tasty as sleep for many hours
Learn in Platzi as difficult as cut apple
As exiting as a kid with new toys

go go tacubaya if you don’t know better don’t go

  • As expensive as an Apple product.
  • As expected as the COVID vaccine.
  • As exciting as launch a new project.
  • As boring as a Star Warzz film.
  • As stable as the weather of Medellín.
  • As crowded as the Metro at 6:00 p.m.

Activity 1:

  1. I have been as  busy as a bee.
  2. Nelly is as cool as a rainbow.
  3. My celular is as fast as a wind.

Activity 2:

  1. As brave as a lion.
  2. As black as a coal.
  • It is as fast as a turtle
  • As furry as a monkey
  • As tall as a Dobby
  • As harmonious as a goldfinch
  • As light as an elephant
  • As easy as ABC
  • He is as chubby as a ballon.
  • It is as exciting as present a geometry test.
  • You are as brilliant as the sun.
  • She is as beautiful as the star shining.
  • She is as brown as the coffee.
  • As delicious as the cake.
  • He is as intelligent as Stan Lee.
  • She is as tall as the fungus.
  • He is as easy as the one table.
  • She is as bossy as the boss.

This expierence has been as bad as a flood water - off.
Their behaviours are worst than mouse plague.

She is as cold as the wind and is as dangerous as the sea.

As fresh as a lettuce
_(‾◡◝ )>

I am as good as a cup of coffe in the morning.
she is as easy as an algebra test.
Police comes as fast as a trip to the moon.
As hard as stone.

as chubby as ball
as small as mouse
as expensive as a car of the formula 1

He’s as tall as Michael Jordan

Create your own idioms:

  • The course was as clear as water.
  • Usain Bolt is as fast as a cheetah.
  • Rolex watches are as expensive as cars.
  • She is as sweet as a candy.
  • Mushrooms are as heath as vegetables.
  • The TV image is as good as a cinema.
  • They are as tall as basquetball players.
  • Goverment is as efficient as a broken steam engine. (sarcasm idiom)
  • The movie was as exciting as watching grass grow. (sarcasm idiom)
  • Chabelo is as young as Latam history. (sarcasm idiom and a innocent joke)

1- Yours eyes are as green as grass
2- The Eiffel Tower is as tall as Dubai buildings
3- Eating dessert is as delicious as as watching your favorite movie
4- Losing weight is as hard as military training
5- Eating fruits is as satisfying as taking as a nap
6- Walking is as healthy as eating salad
7- Listening music is as relaxing as reading a book
8-The amusement park is as crowded as a honeycomb
9- The shoes are as exp4ensive as a smartphone
10-Your smile is as bright as the sun

this class is as exciting as a rollercoaster!

  1. Class is as clear as a glass of water.
  2. Couse as easy as borrowing a pencil.
  3. Panther as black as coal.
  4. The coin as expensive as a paper sheet.
  5. This picture as new as a museum.
  6. The jacket is as warm as a bikini.
  7. A pillow as soft as a block.
  8. Her computer is as fast as a jaguar.
  9. The physical wallet is as necessary as a piece of cake.
  10. A pen isn’t as useful as a notebook.

Usually I’m become as energetic as a sloth 🦥

It’s as delicious as a cold cup of soup🥶

It is as interesting as a swimming class on audio 🙄

The President is as intelligent as a mule🥱😯

This is as easier as a Colombia’s situation😪

As near as the antartica.

  1. As beautiful as a rose.
  2. As transparent as water.
  3. As loving as a cat.
  4. As bright as the sun.
  5. As high as the sky.
  6. As expensive as gold.
  7. As small as the ant.
  8. As strong as my mother.
  9. As intelligent as Albert Einstein.
  10. As pretty as Grandma.

my inteligent as a importan as the museum


  1. Your explain as clear as night
  2. The clouds as soft as cotton candy
  3. As rude as bark dog.
  4. The actor “The Rock” as hard as a stone.
  5. I have been as sad as soap opera actress
  6. She is timely than He as a cup coffe in winter.
  7. as black as a dark night
  8. He is friendly as a kitten
  9. Pedro is smaller both, Richard and Sarah. They are as tall as basketball player
  10. The Intel proccesor as speed as light ray
  • as clean as dump
  • as beautiful as the sun
  • Fresh as lettuce
  • As clear as the water
  • As intelligent as the smartphone
    -You are as faster as the airplane

As sell as hotcakes
As light as a quill