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We do it guys, nice.
And you know.
Never stop learning.

Great course 😃 Let me tell you that this course has been so interesting for me because push me to think and interact with all the examples and challenges that you put in each class, I really enjoy it.

I hope I can see you in the mentoring 😉

This was a really good course really love it, because here we practice a lot and have interactive class, i think this course was a big upgrade in Platzi’s english school

This course was great. It was very interactive.
jajaja: I think the test will be as easy as 123
Jaime is an excellent teacher. Congratulations on him.

The course was very well-structured and the teacher was very clear!

it was great, is very good methodology

thanks, is very good methodology

  1. as very funny as Jim Carrey
  2. as very old as the bible

great course, this teacher should teach the last course of basic

Thanks for this course was very practice and and quite dynamic

maybe this course can be one of my favorites i watched, thanks teacher Jaime, see you later

Awesome course! I learned more about descriptions and comparatives and I got understand the rules of comparatives. Also, I liked the challenges!


this course was great

You’re the best teacher!

Great teacher, great course.
It has tools and skills great to improve in English.

I love the couse, the best teacher. Thank you!

I liked this course, it was very interesting and funny and also the teacher is good teaching.

If you came to this point, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re just a step away from fighting the final boss and conquer this course 👍!
You must be proud of yourself 👏👏👏!

This course was very quickly and exciting. I did learn too much.

This course is as great as all the Platzi´s schools.

Thanks Jaime and all my mates here Well done. Keep it up! 💚

Thank you so much Jaime!
I loved this course!

thank you ! I never learn this before, I needed this piece of information

An excellent course, very dynamic and ordered, always staying active.
Thanks to be a great teacher!

This has been a great course. I liked this new way of teaching courses about an specific module of the language, it’s a lot of more fun and we practice more.

Great course! I can understand everything ! So really exciting.

thanks a lot for this course, i really enjoyed it!

Thank you Jaime!

I really enjoyed this course. It’s good when you learn and at the same time you are practicing with the activities and the games.
Thanks Mr Durán. 👏🏻

The Idioms class was really helpful!

Thanks! See you in the next English course.

Thank you so much, this course has helped me so much, I thought I already had a good English level but I just realized that there were some things and structures that I forgot or I didn’t know and of course, I’m grateful for all the knowledge that I learned throughout this course thank you so much.

🎏 This course was amazing. It’s effective with the topic. If you need to recapitulate it. I share with you my personal summary of this course with extra tools and examples.
See you soon! 🤗

tanks this course was super cool i got a lot of fun

thanks, great job.

You are my favorite teacher so far<3


excelent class

We do it guys, nice.
And you know.
Never stop learning.

We do it guys, nice.
And you know.
Never stop learning


Excellent classes



we do it guys, nice.
And you know.
Never stop learning


We do it guys, nice.
And you know.
Never stop learning



Don’t forget you always learn about English and also Spanish because the languages changes in the long term.

Don’t forget you always learn about English and also Spanish because the languages changes in the long term

Thank you very much for this magnificent course

I have learned a lot, now my next step is practice, practice and practice !

Gracias por su aprendizaje aprendo cada día más gracias por eso

thank you, for everything !

Thanks for this course.
It was very useful.

Thank you teacher.

This course are as value as gold

Very good course I learn more things I haven´t learned.

Great Course, a lot of things that I was unaware of.

Thanks teacher ... The classes are interactive and help me learn much more.

This has been a really good course, I love it.


Your lessons has been as pleasant as a sunny afternoon in the park. I really love it. Thanks

Nice! We learned a lot of ways for describe and compare things! This course was as interesting as a good book!
I hope i’ll see Jaime in another course.

thank you very much teacher

It was great!

Excellent course!

great course teacher Jaime, many thanks

Thanks, I really enjoy this course. I liked the description activity with pictures

I learn a lot of useful things in this course, I really recommend it

Great course!!

Thank you teacher!

Never stop learning guys,
and go for more.

This course was as productive as learn to cook.

The cuourse was a fantastic! He Teacher is cool, and funny, also he be see knows very nice of theme and more important, knows how to explain the best form.
Thank you Teacher Jaime Duran
and thanks to team platzi for so nice courses, they’re extraordynaris

“Never stop learning”

Nice course

Thank you teacher, I learned very a lot in this course

thank you so much

Thanks, I learn a lot in this course

Nice course :3

Thank you for this course, I learned a lot!

Thanks Jaime. You have been very clear!

This course was as fun as playing soccer¡¡

Thank you, Teacher!

This course is my favorite so far ❤️

I forgot a lot of adjetives and some structures for this course, and I rewiew it right now

thanks Msr. Very good class!!

Congratulations you are a great teacher! I love this course!

I learned new things, and so useful! 😃

Thanks teacher Jaime Duran.

Love this course, thank teacher 😄 I enjoy at the begin to finish.

Excellent course, it is very interactive and practice, the teacher is as clear as water. Thank you very much!

I like this course was so interactive and easy to understand.

Thanks, I love this class so much

Thanks, teacher, so let’s go to take the 1, 2, 3. test.

Jaime is an excellent teacher, He is funnier than other teachers, he does interactive and dinamic classes.

we can do it!!!

Nice course!

Thank you teacher!

I love te methodology in this course.

Great teacher, great course! 💚

The metodology was amazing!