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¿Qué tan importante es el servicio al cliente?


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it is funny because today was my first day at Dell 😊

I agree! Indeed, before I buy something, I look at the opinion for that good or service and, if it receives one or more negative critics, I discard almost immediately.

Nowadays socials networks are part of customer service too, due to companies receive the request of clients through this media .

It happens all the time when you buy products at Amazon. The bad reviews are the most detailed XD

In Hotel Management and Hospitality Services we handle an idea «when we lost a client, we can lose 3 potential clients».

86% of customers are willing to pay uo to 25% more to companies that offer better customer service. O.o!

Amazon is based on good and bad reviews to sell. If the product has good reviews will be sold a lot, but if they are bad reviews the sales of the product are reduced, the customer’s opinion is very important there

It’s true, I always look at the reviews of any product that am interested in

We have to learn about our service mistakes, It is a bible law

How important is customer service?

It’s estimated that by 2020, 85% of customer service interactions will be automated.

reviews or bad reviews are everything when it comes to purchasing and any digital business or stores in general.

Good lecture.

When I went to a center of relaxation, a termal water spa. I did first it went to look the reviews, many were good but there was one that had many negative reviews, it was well situated and it was economic but the people spoke ill of the hygiene of the place and for that reason I discarded it.

Actually not because if we dont give a great service to our custumers, probably they never back to us…

I totally agree and it happens until with small things, I mean like T-shirts or anything, however I rather to ask someone that had brought in that app or plattform.

I think to have a customer service from a bot is the worst kind for clients. They are losing lots of clients for that reason. That includes to me.


Yes,I have seen reviews on the internet before spending my money. Also, I got carried away by the people´s reviews
about delivery service of some sport stores.

for sure ! indeed, I always check on previous comments on services such as electricians, plumbers along with anyother domestic service I may required …
any review on those kind of services are always helpful!

I always read the reviews on webs like Amazon, I think is the perfect way to know more about the product quality.

I can assure you that the first thing that i do after meeting a new brand or service is to go search reviews and based on it, i´ll decide to buy or disregard the service. And now i know the importance of reviews for my projects.

I don’t think he is saying that in a literal way, he is not saying that because he wants us to laugh about it. Maybe this course came out at the same time he got a customer service job at Dell so he finds it funny and he is sharing that little happy coincidence with us.

I can assure you that the first thing that i do after meeting a new brand or service is to go search reviews and based on it, i´ll decide to buy or disregard the service. And now i know the importance of reviews for my projects.

Thank you
excelente clases
me gusta mucho
tank you

I agree! Indeed, before I buy something, I look at the opinion for that good or service and, if it receives one or more negative critics, I discard almost immediately.

it is funny because today was my first day at Dell 😊

  • Good feedback is good but bad feedback is REALLY bad.
  • Customers with bad experiences will talk about it with up to 20 other people.
  • “your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”

In my opinion the reviews of other users is really important to make a decision.

Definitely. A bad customer service it's a factor of refusal to make the purchase

people stop being loyal to their brands because of a bad customer service

Why Customer Service is Important: 10 Reasons to Prioritize It
If you’re serious about building a thriving ecommerce business, you’ll have to dedicate time and attention to customer service.
If you’re serious about building a thriving ecommerce business, you’ll have to dedicate time and attention to customer service.

After all, customer service teams interact with customers every day. They’re on the front lines, representing your brand, fixing problems, and building positive relationships.

When customer service is prioritized, companies enjoy a ton of benefits: more loyal customers, more positive reviews, and more revenue. That’s why focusing on customer service is so important.

Providing customer support can take up a lot of time and energy, which is why traditional customer service is often seen as a cost center. Company leaders know they need to provide service, but they see this as a “cost of doing business” rather than an opportunity to delight customers, make connections, and ultimately increase revenue.

Customer service is not just a cost of doing a business. It’s an important part of the overall customer experience. In fact, it can make or break your online store.

Need more proof? Today, we’re sharing 10 reasons why customer service is so important.

How important is customer service?
Word of mouth Good service: 12 people Bad service: 20 people
Willingness to pay more 86% of customers are willing to pay up to 25% more to companies that offer better customer service.
Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

good days excellent class

- You most unhappy costumers are your greatest source of learning
- Every review is important
- The worst reviews are the ones who are more important.  

Yes, comments on the service received by other people has kept me away from making business with a company.

In response to those questions I say:

Yes, I have searched opinions and rankings of products or services before to buy or acquire them.

If I find bad comments about the product or even the customer service, I get away to take a buying decision.

Of course, There are some comments which not respond to the reality. Maybe there are people who want to express fake comments or experiences.

Anyway, finding bad comments about an enterprise in general, it could be a warning to the current and possible new clients of that firm.

I have cancelled purchases due to bad reviews. It really saved my money

Excellent class

Willingness… I always forget the meaning of it, because I am not used to mention it in my daily speech

Yes, I always check reviews on items ir services before buying an item.

When I need to buy something, first, I read the comments or opinions of other people, for me, it’s necessary “googlear” first and after making a decision about the product or service.

I’m one of those People who look for comments before buying something, and if there are bad ones I don’t trust the bussiness or don’t feel comfortable with their products.

It’s true. We pay a lot of attention to reviews. Most times when we are about to buy a product if we read something bad about it, we tend to stop our purchase just because of that.

Good to know this piece of news.

Well normaly when I going to do a purchase I look for information in all the places as I can in order to build a big idea about the product, so, sometimes I find bad reviews about if i find lot of good comments I just ignore the bad feedbacks.

yes i decline working for a company for a bad review


  • Commonly I try to see and learn more about the company, about the client experiences, as Cesar said, we make decisions based on the experience of the other, for that it is too important to maintain a certain level of quality at the moment of help clients.
  • Success of a company is based on two important things:
  1. Quality product
  2. The final attention to your clients, solve their problems
    As Cesar said, continue support to create positive experiences.

it is true that most of the time, if we are interested in some service, we ask for the opinion of people who used that service before deciding to use it. Positive customers experiences provide new potencial custumers and increase the good imagen of the bussines

Nowadays a good customer service is a big bussiness because it means saving time for clients and making more money for companies…

Yeah, most of the time when I’m going to buy something through the internet, I read the comments and opinions from other customers and if I read some bad comments I decline the purchase.

  1. Have you ever searched on internet reviews about a certain product or service before spending your money?
    I always look for a review about everything where I wanna put my money just in case.

  2. How do you kept your money due to a bad review that you read?
    When I saw that the product arrived damaged, the product is not as it looked like on the pictures, the people never got their service active and when the product itself is not as useful as I thought.

My answer to those 2 questions is yes, it´s true that one single bad review can drive you away of buying or using the service.

By 2021, 15% of all customer service interactions will be completely handled by AI, an increase of 400% from 2017.

This happens very often to me when it comes to ordering food.
I usually search the brand on google and look at their reviews.

Just one bad review is enough to make me consider buying in somewhere else.

Customer satisfaction is a MUST have.


Hardly ever there is a site asking for feedback in service, only bis companies.
I always read bad reviews on Google play store

Exam Question:

  • How much money is a customer willing to pay to companies that offer better customer service?
    Up to 25% more.

I usually look up the reviews before spending on something. The better explained the review is, the better to have in consideration.

I agree that we all see reviews before buying. I always go to the comment section in Amazon and almost all platforms I usually buy. Because since some products don´t have any advertising the comments help me to know more about the use of the product and the results. But if I see a negative comment I also want to make my own personal opinion, I try not to be influenced by it so depending on the product I buy it despite the negative comments.
And I think it´s generalizing to everything we buy.

Yes, I always search for reviews about the things I’m considering to spend money on.

it is true, always when I go to buy something, I chek first the coments about de product or service, and from there I make a decision

Yes, indeed. Yesterday I wanted to eat so I took an iFood service for chicken. But Before taking the decision of “what restaurant?”, I’ve watched a video in Youtube called “Frisbi or KenFCh?, which is best, which has more potato, which has more chicken?” and then decided that I would take the restaurant that gives the most. Then I realized how an emotional decision based on nostalgia turned into rational when thinking in weight and quantity related to the price.





Before visiting a place like a restaurant, I always check for google maps reviews, if I find a place rated with less than 4 stars I reconsider that place as an option.

For example, I have a very bad poor customer service with MOVII. Thereafter, since that moment I never use this debit card again. I change of company, nowadays I have a debit card of NEQUI, and I feel much better than the last one I mentioned.

I’m constantly sharing my reviews on the internet. For each app that I use or I used, maybe it has a review.

Yes I did when I bought my bed at Mercado Libre I checked all the reviews in order to take the decision.

Always leave a good impression on your clients

Hi team, remember, you have to train every day to be able to provide excellent service to our client.

Yes, I always check the reviews before buy something online and also watch videos about it

Reviews are very important, I always take them into account before buying anything online. But, as It’s well known, good reviews can be done by the same owners, I check if there are bad reviews otherwise I buy the product.

Yes, I usually search on internet some reviews before buying something. The last time I did that was when I changed my smartphone. That helped a lot because the smartphone that I like the most from the store had poorest reviews due to its OS.

Basically, well-delivered customer service will attract more clients to the company and viceversa.

At this social distance moment, i think most ir us, are using Amazon page. In than page any product has comments. I checket the commenst and if more than three were Bad, i chanche for an other product, even if the bad commenst were about a bad delivery or package, and not about the product in did.

Before buying something in internet I always read the review or comment below at page. or the traditional way is asking someone that already bought.

I always review before of stay in some hotel if has a good rating and positive feedback

When I’m about to buy something from Amazon or Mercado Libre, right after reading the product description I browse the reviews to check if there may be something wrong with the quality, the delivery or the product functionality. Other people’s reviews have a truly impact in my final decision.

Yes, that’s also why so many review videos and articles appear on the web everytime a new product launches, specially with tech.

When I want to but something, before to buy I look for reviews on internet. If I bought something new and I like or I don't like, I always write down on differents social media the review of the product.

There are sites online where customers write bad reviews of products and services. As the review can be anonymous, customers are more open to give details of their experience, and it is worth looking to learn from previous errors.