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In these sessions you will put into practice everything you are learning in the courses.


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hi guys i glad to share this link: … is a game for impruve our vocabulary … is so funny!!

😎 Happy to be one of the first ones, of this new dynamics

Time to work

This is a great opportunity for us, let’s do this!

Really happy with these sessions, the teacher Gina is amazing 😄

santo cielooo!!! esto si que motiva!!!
muchas gracias por pensar en nosotros 🤗

A big hurrah for this incredible initiative! Talk is essential, and you take it very seriously; so glad for it! 😄

Now it’s time to practice and improve our English!

amazing meet


No puedo ingresar a las reuniones

im very exited to learn in group and practice more

Let’s go for this knowledge! Happy to be here.


I love Platzi and English Academy

I love it! I did suscribe in all practice sessions of my level

This will be great !

This is great! I’m so excicted to participate.

Lets start!!


I’d like you to launch more zoom meeting at 7 pm - COL or 8 pm - COL

I am from El Salvador and I don’t know what is the schedule

The Schedule is not intended for workers in America latina, theese activities are just in laboral schedule.

hello everybody any wanna talk in telegram for practice??
my number phone 5510049816

Hi! everyone, i’m new at this place! Nice to meet you.

Tuesday, June 21st at 7:30 pm 🇨🇴 | 10:30 pm 🇦🇷 | 3:30 am 🇪🇸 Click here to join.

Creo que esa hora está mal… no es a las 9:30 ar?

Hi! 🖐🏽
As an introvert, I really appreciate you created these spaces (practice sessions) 🤩

Smaller groups + staying on task = the perfect combination to feel comfortable enough to practice a lot 🎉

Its a great help have a calendar with this sessions, before I have to ask for the schedule of this sessions, thanks!

Thank you for doing this.


thanks for the infromation!

Congrats for thisnew dynamics! Sounds very cool and we appreaciate it a lot.

Maravillosos Recursos!

Let’s get down to business!!!

Please create a telegram group for the news of this challenge

Esto esta genial, me sumo a unirme para ir practicando mi Inglés