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Support communication and feedback


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This test helped me a lot to realize why I behave the way I do (I learned from the Course of Productivity).
The first step is to know ourselves.

Hola, lamento no poder escribir en inglés. En relación al desafío, la última vez que recibí retroalimentación, sí estaba bien envuelta, es sobre una opinión respecto de mi trabajo, donde resaltaban lo bueno, y sugerían otros aspectos a considerar. Lo usaré de ejemplo cuando deba hablar con alguien. Saludos!

I think talking about the activity as the main topic is really better than pointing someone. Check this video which Freddy made about feedback.

Feedback goes hand in hand with social-emotional intelligence, and the whole aspect of introspection must be carried out by both the giver and the gifted.

When we are not prepared to receive information we have to take two positions, the first is anger and the second justification.
To talk about an area of opportunity, you have to take 3 considerations

  1. Verifiable
  2. Controllable
  3. Predictable
    we all need a time of introspection and reflection, to accept and modify an area of opportunity

I haven’t had feedback in a long time because I’m working in projects on my own, but I’m taking this course to train myself to work with a team. This team is kind of difficult because they have their own ways to get the job done that I can’t supervise in real-time, I only have a couple of notes of what they are doing with the clients and, of course, the results sometimes are not what we are looking for.

Hoping this course helped me to develop o a way to work this problem out. Looks pretty good so far.

I think that the feedback is a great part of the day !

i think that, the honesty is so important in all relatioship, becaus is the way for a better person

I think that feedback has a direct relationship with openness. If the person you are giving feedback to is not open-minded, their feedback will not be effective feedback.

I would also ask the person what can (s)he do to fix the issue and, depending on the situation, propose some measures myself with the intention to help. A follow up in the following days/weeks would also be recommended.

I loved that definition of a Coach: a professional feedback giver. Great!
When I give feedback to someone, as Miguel said, I try to start remarking the positive points of behavior or presentation, or whatever I give feedback. Also, I focused on the actions and not on the individual. And I try to make feel him o her comfortable. I learned that feedback is a contributive judgment, not a destructive criticism.

This is gold… and should be seen by all the people prior to a meeting

And yes, somebody gave me feedback but for sure, it wasn’t wrapping as a gift haha, it was more like throwing a stone, and … interestingly it was by the Platzi Team… soo again…
and yes, we need time to digest it hehe, sometimes it upset the stomach, but, at least, if you want, you can get the positive message and try to do something about it, internal reflection as Miguel said.
Again this course should be seen by all the world hehe

El feed back, me encanto el concepto del regalo y su envoltura, no podemos entregar palabras duras para retroalimentar y lograr una transformacion incluisve la nuestra.

Que poderoso es aprender y tener presente que cada retro es la oportunidad de dar un regalo al otro y si lo entregamos adecuadamente será de contribución y no un juicio o reproche más, no será la acostumbrada cantaleta de siempre. Fantástico, muchas gracias.

Ok, I will try to write all on English, It’s the perfect moment to practice this language.
The last feedback that I receive was full of critics and It wasn’t evolved. I think that we need to have much emotional intelligence to be a coach and to know how give the feedback.
¡I like the first class!

I’ve always thought that the way we say things, how, and when, do matter. I try to think about the outcome of my words before I say them. Where do I want the conversation to go? That always makes me think twice what I am about to say.

The last time I received feedback it was not well wrapped. It also made me quit my job, they always told me what I was doing wrong but not the progress I was and we were achieving as a new group. In another case I was not good communicating too, I should improve the way I wrap my comments to my couple

The last time I had feedback was in my home with my family, and it was awful
But actually I have the fortune of working as an basketball coach assistent, and its amazing how coaching goes further than I though

A coach is a professional feedback giver

I´ll have that in mind on my classes

Here I am, trying to change the world through sports, kids and technology, with you guys platzination by my hand ❤️

Sensitive line

Or you get defensive or you attack the one who gives the feedback

  • specific
  • descriptive
  • bidirectional
  • oriented to the challenge