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Coaching versus other learning experiences


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I’m being part of a coaching program in my company. The idea is to help the coachee to choose his career path and help him to create a plan to reach his targets. I know that we have to create a trust relationship, make powerful questioning, give feedback, and design actions. However I don’t have a clear methodology to do that, so I hope this course help me with that.

I’m currently coaching people to develop conversational English skills, hoping to get some “hard skills” to be inspired lol.

Coaching is the path of an expert who is very well prepared to accompany you on this path (deep training and many years of experience) in the different areas of life, professional life, or knowledge of the self ontologically speaking.

I am currently running an entrepreneurship programe for students and one of the things we offer is personalized mentoring sessions at least twice a month. Four months ago I didn´t know anything about it, but through the interaction with my students I am learning more about it and I am really happy about this course since I want to improve the skill to improve other people’s skills 😃)

Yes, I was coach course, life coaching because they were 4 months, with different activities in different areas, that help me for better meet me, was a really good experience

Desde hace años mis amistades me han calificado como una persona con una vibra positiva que ayuda a que los demás se sientan mejor, por ello pensaban que yo tenía la habilidad para convertirme en coach. Ciertamente hacer eso me gusta mucho e intento capacitarme en esto de poder ayudar a los demás a mejorar en varios aspectos de su vida. Me gusta mucho.

I myself studying to being a professional ontological Coach. So, yes, I know very well the master coaches of my Coaching School. Besides, as part of my training, I’ve been coached many times and now I’m coaching my classmates. Nevertheless, I want to amplify the scope of my coaching training… I feel myself closer to Life Coaching…

In particular for me technical skills are soft, but personal skills are hard.
Nobody likes to be corrected, but it is necessary to grow.
For the development of soft skills

  • It is practiced with critical esenarios
  • With role play
  • Coaching
    A couching in synthesis is someone who helps you improve an area of your life.

For me, Coaching is the art of improve the life of other person amending some of their abilities or teaching them new abilities (social, life, finance, etc.).

Though I haven’t been part of a coaching program I have found some people in Social Networks that I follow as they tend to give some kind of coaching to their followers. For example, Freddy is a great Coach to me. He gives a lot of professional advise based on his experience.

I certified as a Coach by the ICI almost 3 years ago and gave some sessions but mostly use the knowlegde on my sales team. With this course actually want to lead myself to be Coach for other companies or entrepreneurs.

The last time I got coaching was the last year. It was an amazing coaching. He taught me that in every aspect of my life is going to have fear. It is not going to disappear. I’m handling with it.

Coaching is an excelent way to manage human resource, looks like a smart method to achieve our personal goals.

When I was coursing my last semester I had a teacher who is a professional couching focused in soft skills. He helps to the students to discover their passion, hard and soft skills in order to find a fit job

the coaching is the art of one-to-one!!!

What I know about coaching is that it is a skill for developing the system believes of the person. so the person can improve his life or his skills.

Well i don´t have a good opinion about coaching, maybe it´s because in social media you could found all of this guys that come with the story of success and work hard and all of that. I don´t consider that they are wrong saying that in life you need to work hard, but i really see very stupid to say things like “it´s all in your mind”, or “Everything is attitude”.I really hope that this course change my mind about coaching.

Es acompañar y facilitar el proceso de transformación que el consultante requiere en cualquier aspecto de la vida, a través de herramientas que ayudan a que los cambios se hagan con facilidad y compromiso. Esto permite que haya un reconocimiento de una situación, aprendizaje y por último integración y/o transformación para generar bienestar y plenitud en la vida del consultante.
Me consideró un coach de vida y acompaño a las personas que desean procesar alguna situación en su vida para comprender, integrar y transformar sus vidas con total facilidad, gozo y gloria.

I had a teacher and he was a coach, the first coach that I knew. My teacher was a soft skills coach and he makes me want to be a professional coach.
A year ago I knew an ontological coach, I see him a few times and talk with him was too nice, I’m was enjoy it.
I think that the coaching is very interesting.

I’m copywriter but I want to be a professional coach.

Today I had my first ever professional coaching, I decided that I wanted to start with path in my career, because I can help others and give them advise.

My primary focus for the specific program is software development, I am really passionate about this, I would make a tiny step every day to become better at it.

Me ha parecido realmente súper interesante el hecho de dar una retroalimentación positiva y una para mejorar, en definitiva creo que es una muy buena manera de abordar lo que es casi una crítica constructiva, por lo que no se sentirá atacado, sino que seguro se tomará su tiempo para analizarlo y empezará a dar pasos en función del cambio.

en particular, he estado en varias capacitaciones por mi trabajo, y en algunas, el expositor, dentro de su curriculum, menciona o es presentado como coaching, lo que comenzó a llamar mi atención, y despertó en mí el poder mejorar como persona y ayudar a otros, con los conocimientos que ellos me aportaron en esas ocasiones.

I don’t know much about the theory of coaching. That’s why I’m taking this course. However, I do have some experience with the practice. I’m a teacher, so part of my job is to help others to grow professionally and stay motivated during the courses I impart.

In my life I have heard the term “coach” many times, but at the same time I feel that I have not acquired knowledge about what coaching is. The closest subject that I know of coaching is about Agile Coach within the world of agility. So far I feel that the course is being very clear with explaining what coaching is and what types exist.

Great presentation!!

I took ontological coaching sessions last, year and it was a very spiritual experience. I thought that there was one only type of coaches but now i know that is not the case.