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Taller de Oratoria

Ana Karina González

Ana Karina González

Start your public speaking journey here


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Just preparing me to be ready to Road to Conf 2021!! Happy to be from the very first students to take your course, Ana!! 👏 :D

day 5 #EnglishChallenge here we go

Hi!, Great phrase. I am very excited to take this course

I’m very shy when I have to speak in English


Hola, esta version en espanol seria Fantastica

Oh my god!!!!!

I needed this

I am so exciting about these classes. Let’s do it now!!! ❤️

  • I realize the importance of public speaking, we need it to sell ourselves when we are looking for a job when we want to raise money for our entrepreneurship, we are always interacting with people so we need to improve this skill.

I am so excited to start this course! 🔥

I need this course! I need to learn how to talk to people 🤓💚🤩

Yeah! I’m ready too and excited to start this new course with you Ana. I’ll do my best to complete all activites and exercises.

I’m very excited about this course 😄

Great! I’m ready!

I love the initial phrases.
Thanks for give me that boost to my Ignite.