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Taller de Oratoria

Ana Karina Gonz谩lez

Ana Karina Gonz谩lez

The medium of speech


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This is a video I recorded for an application to Microsoft Student Learn Ambassador program based on a topic that I鈥檓 interested in.
I look forward to receiving feedback on things to improve

it will be awesome if the platform has the tool of recording. So we as students can make the homework fastly in courses like this. 馃槂

A friendly reminder: its really common to feel nervous, anxious or fear right after you need to start a public speaking but right after you start it just flow to go away from you because you are sharing the best of you 馃挋

Hello people! here is my second project!. Hope you like it and share with me any feedback I鈥檒l be waiting.
馃敽 Watch it now by clicking the following link 馃憠 Module 1 project

Here is my firs draw for this project
Happy to share with you.

HI everyone. Here鈥檚 my video.

I鈥檓 always looking to improve, so thank you for your feedback.

Hi everyone. This is my recording haha:
I hope it is possible to hear it.
Topic: Importance of learning a language and some tips about it
(It is shorter than 3 mins)

Hello everyone! (I really wanted to record it in a better place but didn鈥檛 have the time) I hope you enjoy it and let me know any suggestions and critics for improvement. [(] Thank you馃檹馃徎

4 basic elements of public speaking:

  • Communicator
  • Message
  • Medium
  • Audience

I think that a good ability of public speaking is really connected to self-esteem.
If I believe in myself and I have something important to say.
Why should I be insecure?

Improve your self-esteem, improve your communication skills.

Hi everyone, this is my recording and I hope you can enjoy this short reflection about the concept of happiness in my point of view.

I鈥檒l be waiting for some feedback or comments. Thank you.

Public speaking is so incredible that we can use different vehicles or media to not only make our message stronger, but we can also do something that we are all looking for, which would be to have an impact and influence others.

six main categories, conversation, Messages, documents and publications, images and music

The means of expression. In public discourse, we have many different elements, but we are going to talk about the four basic ones the communicator; message, medium, audience.

This is a video I recorded for my YouTube channel talking about Belief Systems. I hope you find it enjoyable! <>
<> Hi there, I hope you enjoy this speech as I have enjoyed yours
\[\_-KL/view?usp=sharing]\(Mi opini贸n sobre las herramientas, el bien y el mal, desde un punto de vista de la construccion y la destruccion) Las herramientas como el conocimiento, conocimiento como bioingenier铆a, inteligencia artificial, entre otras, que poderosos son, pero toda poderosa herramienta aunque su fin inicial fuera construir, me entristece sus otros fines, me entristece tanto como las personas usan las herramientas para destruir e imponerse sobre otros, esto me recuerda a un bucle donde todo se repite una y otra vez, tanto como la noche y el dia. En fin, creo que no es anormal entristecerse con tal paradoja, que quiz谩s nunca tenga un fin.. y se mantenga como la noche y el dia.

Thank you


Here鈥檚 my video about Public speaking. This feels to me like a low-motion version of myself so it took me lots of effort and attempts, so I鈥檇 appreciate every piece of well-intended feedback 鉂わ笍

Here is my speech 鈥淩ookie Time鈥. I鈥檓 so excited about reading your feedback 馃槂

I create this video, i spoke about dangerous behaivors and how to prevent it.

It was very difficult to me this exercise and to record myself but I did it. I tried didn鈥檛 read my script. I hope feedback to improve.

here my first speech

o can shared my speech. bye

The most important is to go out of the comfort zone
My recording

Practice is the most important part in public speaking, for sure!