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Taller de Oratoria

Taller de Oratoria

Ana Karina Gonz√°lez

Ana Karina Gonz√°lez

The 5-step process to prepare your speech


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The 5-step process to prepare your speech Illustrating and delivering your ideas

  • Invention: Decide what the audience needs to hear to understand the topic.
  • Arrangement: Structure the flow of your message.
  • Style: Make it your own.
  • Memory: Mental maps that help you understand a own a topic.
  • Delivery: Organization and conceptualization of a topics generates structure and understanding.
  • Invention
  • Arrangement
  • Style
  • Memory
  • Delivery

As you master the key point speech overview, you will have a reliable model to deliver clear and concise speeches anywhere, any time.

  • Invention: To identify and keep the information that you really want to convey.

  • Arrangement: To structure the flow or way that will develop your message.

  • Style: Put yourself in your message in order to make it your own.

  • **Memory: **Mental maps to flow with your speech.

  • **Delivery: **Addressing the audience in ways that generate structure and understanding.

  • Agree to memorize the whole script is not a good idea, because if you forget one world, you are going to forget everything.
  • Mental maps are the best way you can share your topic using different words but remaining the main message.

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